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101 Best Free Google Docs Templates on the Internet

Team Superside
Team Superside15 min read
101 Best Free Google Docs Templates on the Internet [2023]

Google has revolutionized collaborative work for companies and schools worldwide with their suite of products including Google Docs. Google docs is a great product as there are a ton of templates that have been created for many different reasons by many different people, for free. We have done the heavy lifting for you and collated some of the best templates to suit whatever need your are looking for.

In the following list, you’ll find excellent google docs templates that you can use absolutely free:

When you’re done reading this list, peruse the 50+ Sources for Free PowerPoint Templates to present your ideas.

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Free Google Docs Resume Templates

When you do job searches, your resume is "you" on paper. Your work experience, education, and everything you offer are in black and white (or purple or pink or blue) for a hiring manager to read.

You could use any old resume builder to create a simple draft, but you won’t stand out from the crowd. Instead, consider using one of these resume templates to put your personality on paper.

1. Graphic designer CV template


Use this template

This free resume template isn’t just suitable for graphic designers. It can be used in any profession as long as displaying a creative personality is an important part of it.

2. Professional resume template


Use this template

This resume template can be used for any job, from creative to tech and programming while looking professional and modern.

3. Light dark resume


Use this template

4. The clean CV


Use this template

5. Smart and modern resume


Use this template

Free Google Docs Infographic Resume Templates

Resumes aren’t only about words on paper anymore. In today’s digital world, visual resumes are gaining traction as a relevant, hip way to display your personality and experience. Knowing exactly where to start with a visual resume can be tricky.

You don’t want to overwhelm the recruiter with visuals. And you don’t want so many elements that the hiring manager can’t focus on what you can bring to the company. So to get started, check out these visual resume templates for Google Docs that are simple and stunning.

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1. Infographic resume


Use this template

2. Circles resume


Use this template

3. Professional visual resume


Use this template

4. Minimalist infographic resume


Use this template

Free Google Docs Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are a fun way to deliver information to clients, stakeholders, and employees. You can even write one up in your personal life to update your loved ones.

Creating a newsletter template on your own is time-consuming. So look through these best of the best designs for your next information share.And don't hesitate to approach a professional to design your custom newsletter if you want something more personalized.

1. Restaurant menu newsletter


Use this template

A very aesthetic way to showcase the weekly menu to your email subscribers as well as use it as a poster menu for your restaurant.

2. Newsletter executive


Use this template

A professional and modern newsletter template that can be used for any business, especially in the B2B niche.

3. Restaurant newsletter


Use this template

A simple Restaurant newsletter template that can serve (pun intended) as a regular reminder to your subscribers about the newest recipes.

4. School Newsletter


Use this template

A very premium-looking newsletter template for school projects or courses you teach online. While the style is casual, it clearly shows you care about your pupils or readers.

5. Nutrition Blog newsletter template


Use this template

To stand out in a world of nutrition and food bloggers, you definitely need to push your personality forward. That’s also the case for email. Thankfully, adding a picture of you might be enough in this case.

Free Google Docs Flyer Templates

Graphic design on a flyer can be daunting, but with a template, it is easier. There are a great many options on the web, but these standouts are worth the look.

1. Book club flyer


Use this template

This flyer can be a good way to draw people to your book club and showcase a highly artistic design. It’s suitable for any type of book event as the text itself is editable.

2. Animals/Pets Flyer template


Use this template

The intense stare of the subject in cause (in this case a cat) can draw the attention of people in an instant. It can be applied to any event/charity or business that deals with animals.

3. Nature Flyer


Use this template

If your advertisement needs a fresh, minty look or if you’re just advertising a gardening or nature event, this design might just be it. It embeds the color green without overwhelming the composition and leaves plenty of white space for your descriptions.

4. Pizza/restaurant/food flyer template


Use this template

If you’re looking for a modern flyer to advertise your restaurant delivery campaign and want to do it fast, slightly editing this template is probably all you need.

5. Book launch


Use this template

For a more professional book launch, this artistic template provides a minimalistic approach with its geometric display of items. It’s perfect because it looks a lot like the actual cover of a book.

6. Digital marketing


Use this template

A simple, yet to the point flyer for promoting your agency as well as give contact information for anyone interested in collaborating with you.

7. Simple marketing


Use this template

Free Google Docs Brochure Templates

Google Docs brochure templates abound, but we’ve found some of the best customizable options online. No need to scroll through template gallery after template gallery with this list.

Simply find one you like, open it in Docs and add your company’s branding and content. You’ll be ready for display at any trade show or conference or simply prepared to pass out information to prospective clients. Also, check out these 25+ Best Places to Get Free Brochure Templates.

1. Colorful trifold brochure


Use this template

A colorful trifold brochure with playful geometric shapes that underline the main message you want to convey to your readers.

2. Modern event trifold brochure


Use this template

3. Real Estate Trifold Brochure


Use this template

4. Modern brochure


Use this template

5. Cars brochure


Use this template

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6. Food-menu brochure


Use this template

7. Business conference brochure


Use this template

8. Company brochure


Use this template

Free Google Docs Invoice Templates

Invoices are necessary for any business, but you don’t have to buy stale, boring packs of them. In fact, they are a great way to further your branding and give your customers one last thank you. So, check out these straightforward but vibrant invoice options to boost your goodbye to clients.

1. Simple professional invoice


Use this template

2. Colored Invoice template (that stands out)


Use this template

Invoices don’t have to be bland and boring. Show your customers you care about them by sending them a modern and uniquely colored invoice. You can add your signature, as well as change the colors in the google document for even more personalization. While this looks like a premium Google Docs template, it’s completely free to use.

3. Dark Elegant invoice template


Use this template

Another great way to stand out as a company is to use a black background invoice. The contrast between the yellow highlights and the black and grey background makes the important data stand out. However, if your logo has any other color in it, you can of course edit the highlight colors to match it in the free google document provided.

4. Real Estate Invoice template


Use this template

If you’re a real estate agent or rental company, it would be a good idea to seem professional, yet a bit playful when invoicing clients. It can be a pleasant surprise in an industry filled with black and white invoices.

5. Restaurant Invoice


Use this template

If your restaurant branding is important for you (and it should), choose an invoice that stands out, and is personalized for the topic of your business. The elegant nature of this invoice makes it suitable for any food-related company, also leaving room for a good amount of personalization.

6. Flowers and leaves cute invoice


Use this template

If your business concept matches a more feminine or delicate niche, then using a more delicate template with natural elements can pleasantly surprise your buyers. Why not give them a fresh and natural approach from beginning to end?

7. Delivery invoice


Use this template

If you’re looking for a straightforward approach to your delivery invoices, this template makes it easy for you.

Free Google Docs Newspaper Templates

Whether you need a template for a school newspaper or want to deliver information to employees or shareholders in a fun way, check out these Google Docs newspaper templates.

1. Simple news template


Use this template

Looking to get a minimalist first-page template for your news article? This one features 3 columns at the bottom, a headline with the main image as well as an attention-grabbing middle section.

2. Vintage Newspaper


Use this template

If you’re looking for a vintage or classical theme for your newspaper or magazine, there’s no better way to stand out than this. With an aged look and purposely chosen sepia color scheme, the vintage newspaper is sure to grab the attention of any veritable hipster in your audience.

3. Old times newspaper


Use this template

If the previous template seems too vintage for you, and you’re looking for a more classy approach, the Old Times newspaper template is an elegant choice. The template also contains inside pages with text already aligned, so you only need to fill in the blanks with your photos and content.

4. Creative Magazine


Use this template

This creative magazine template has a premium feel to it, making it suitable for more than just presenting the lives of foxes. It’s more than suitable for any luxury brand or exquisite event presentation.

Free Google Docs Cover Letter Templates

Before a potential employer looks at your resume, they see your cover letter. A boring cover letter lands in File 13 (the trash!) instead of attracting the attention you want, and likely deserve. So before you write something basic in Microsoft Word, check out one of these template options. Then, hop on your Google Drive and get started on Docs.

1. Crisp and clean cover letter


Use this template

A simple yet effective cover letter template, with an emphasis on your objectives. A great way to quickly deliver the main points in your career.

2. Contemporary cover letter


Use this template

A colorful and minimalist approach to a cover letter that is personalized with your phone as well as leaving plenty of space for things you want to show off.

3. Minimalist cover letter


Use this template

A truly minimalist cover letter should never be underestimated, but make sure you split up the large chunk of text into paragraphs so it’s actually readable.

4. Dental assistant cover letter


Use this template

One of my favorite cover letters that clearly differentiate through the use of two columns between your main strong points and the actual letter.

Free Google Docs Business Card Templates

You don’t need to buy generic business cards from a big company to have beautiful business cards. These little reminders of your company are important for networking and branding, so you have to get them right. The following templates help ensure you do just that.

1. Modern Business Card


Use this template

A minimalist and modern business card can fit most types of businesses, being simple enough to pinpoint important stuff, while not compromising on style. This is a google slides template that can be copied and edited.

2. Elegant Premium Business Card Template


Use this template

An elegant business card template is suitable more for premium services, doctors, hotel staff, etc. This is however remarkably adaptable to all kinds of businesses or services in general. The logo is also abstract enough to leave it there in case you don’t have your own.

3. Square business card


Use this template

In the world of business cards, thinking outside the box can sometimes mean turning your card into one. This unique approach of a square-shaped business card can definitely help people remember you better.

4. Construction company/ Architecture Business card


Use this template

If you’re in the business of anything related to buildings, from real estate to construction or architecture, this business card covers it perfectly. With a subtle shade outline of a city, it blends in very well with the rest of the design and makes it really easy to just change the main color into whatever you prefer.

5. Photography Business Card


Use this template

As a photographer, you probably have to hand out more business cards than anybody out there, especially if you’re out at an event. A clear yet aesthetically pleasing design is all you need to deliver to the expectations of potential clients.

6 Basic business card


Use this template

While one of the simplest designs you can use, the basic business card can be a powerful tool to deliver the message straight home. Using a more premium material will make it stand out more than you can imagine.

7. Corporate business card


Use this template

Free Google Docs Certificate Templates

Creating a certificate for an achievement is a special task because will likely be framed and displayed proudly. So you want a unique, beautiful certificate that you are proud to give. We’ve found some really stunning choices that will make the receiver of your award feel exceptional.

1. Employee appreciation


Use this template

2. Project manager certificate


Use this template

3. Business certificate


Use this template

4. Company experience


Use this template

5. Graduation Certificate


Use this template

A very classy graduation certificate that looks premium and definitely stands out from the old boring black text on white paper ones.

6. Professional experience certificate


Use this template

A professional-looking certificate that looks as genuine as possible thanks to the double signature fields as well as the carefully placed badge.

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7. Marriage certificate


Use this template

An elegant and fresh approach to a marriage certificate that’s worth cherishing and putting in a visible place to remember that special moment.

Free Google Docs Menu Templates

You can save money and still provide your guests with striking menus they will enjoy ordering from with these templates:

1. Vintage trifold restaurant menu


Use this template

A premium-looking menu for any restaurant that owns an elegant and premium brand. It contains the entire menu structure, including the main dishes and drinks inside the folded area.

2. Burger and fast food menu


Use this template

A light and fresh design that emphasizes the actual images of your dishes for a more impactful presentation on any hungry customer.

3. Stylish classic newspaper cafe menu


Use this template

A simple design that brings in mind the classic newspapers of forgotten times and the nostalgia of our childhood meals.

4. Coffee menu


Use this template

5. Pizza menu


Use this template

6. Christmas bakery menu


Use this template

7. Chalkboard menu


Use this template

Great menu for a more modern and hipster restaurant that also reminds of childhood and summons nostalgia.

Free Google Docs Book Templates

Your book is a labor of love, and now that it’s done, it needs the perfect cover that engages readers. This is an important step in the process of publication. So you should use a tried-and-true template to make it easier.

Check out our 100 Things No One Will Tell You about outsourcing e-book writing. Then, look through this list of book cover templates for Google Docs.

1. Marketing book cover


Use this template

2. Photo cookbook cover


Use this template

3. Business management book cover


Use this template

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Free Google Docs Travel Itinerary Templates

For those of us who want to have control around our travel plans and are afraid we missed something important. Travel itineraries are a great way to make sure you’re following a pattern and don’t forget the most important stuff, while still leaving a lot of leeway for spontaneous stuff.

If this is something you resonate with, printing out your first good-looking travel itinerary is definitely going to make the experience unique. What’s more, you can also make a collection of all these documents and revisit them for a fond memory.

1. 5 Day Travel Itinerary


Use this template

A great-looking itinerary page that is not only pragmatically helpful when traveling, but also a great way to keep memories and collect them.

2. Activity and planning travel itinerary (with budget)


Use this template

A more complex and straightforward itinerary with budgeting and activity plans involved.

3. Travel logistics itinerary template


Use this template

A great sheet to make sure all the logistics, like transportation, hotel, car rental and flights are dealt with and you have all the freedom of the actual fun.

Free Lesson Plans and Class notes Google Docs Templates

As a teacher, especially in the nowadays online world, you need to step up and keep the student's attention for longer. Having a well-structured template can help a lot, and it can help even more if it’s colorful and good-looking.

1. Simple Lesson Plan


Use this template

As the title mentions, this is quite a basic lesson plan with the objectives and activities for the day.

2. Floral Theme Lesson Plan


Use this template

Step to the next level and show the kids how cool of a teacher you are. This fresh and well-designed sheet is sure to make even you look forward to every day in class.

3. Colorful Geometric Lesson Plan


Use this template

A cartoonish design of what looks like a tridimensional sheet that helps things pop.

4. Playful Cat Class Notes Google Docs Template


Use this template

A template to help taking notes fun for students used to type only on tablets and computers. You can’t say no to that friendly cat no matter how bored you are.

5. Student Notes template


Use this template

A more specific way for students to take notes in class in a way that’s easier for them to remember, is by using keywords and main topics.

Free To-Do List Google Docs Templates

Modern to-do list apps are getting more and more complex and filled with useless features for most of us. So it’s understandable if you want to have a simple yet powerful enough way to track and prioritize your tasks. These to-do list google docs templates cover pretty much every style of productivity.

1. Priority and status To-Do list Template


Use this template

A simple to-do list with color-coding for different levels of priority as well as a status column and due dates. All you need to get things done properly.

2. To do list and habit tracker template


Use this template

A very basic to-do list that can be printed, as well as a monthly habit tracker space and notes incorporated. Perfect for people with a very straightforward approach to productivity and managing time.

3. Percent completion to-do list


Use this template

If you’re looking to add a layer of complexity to a standard list, this template provides a % completion field to track your progress in time.

Project Proposal Google Docs Templates

Do you need to pitch your business idea to investors and want a good-looking proposal to go alongside? Maybe you just want a standardized way to let other businesses know about you.
No matter the scope of your project, the following great-looking business proposal templates should cover it.

1. Abstract Business Proposal Template


Use this template

An abstract and minimal-looking template with inside pages where you can present the team and project characteristics.

2. Company web design proposal


Use this template

A template that is suitable for any tech-related business and project you have in mind. It’s quite easily visible for anyone reading it from afar.

3. Creative business proposal


Use this template

An abstract and minimal-looking template with inside pages where you can present the team and project characteristics.

4. Infographic business proposal


Use this template

A way to graphically show your company stats in a beautiful presentation and a sleek dark background.

Google Sheets

Free Google Sheets Calendar Templates

Creating a calendar is a fun process that gets you organized and ready for the week, month, or whole year. Google Sheets is an excellent place to implement your organizational strategies, and we’ve found some templates to help you with that.

1. Weekly calendar


Use this template

2. Monthly calendar


Use this template

Free Google Sheets Timeline Templates

Keeping track of timing on a project is vital to the success of your team. You can create project timelines in Google Sheets that allow visibility for those active in the process. Plus, since Sheets is collaborative, you can give permissions to executives and leadership so they can be involved in the timeline process. Here are some great templates to assist with that:

1. Project timeline


Use this template

2. Project tracking


Use this template

3. Gantt Chart


Use this template

Free Google Sheets Budget Templates

Your company’s budget sometimes seems like a living, breathing thing with many pieces moving around to make everything work. Further, there may be multiple people with their own budgetary requirements that need to be regularly inserted and adjusted. Sheets allows you to collaborate, but collaboration is only as good as the organization that follows. If your budget is hard to understand or all over the place, leaders may struggle to keep up. Use one of these templates to make the process easier to manage.

1. Business budget


Use this template

2. Personal monthly budget


Use this template

3. Personal budget


Use this template

4. Travel budget


Use this template

Sometimes even using a template is a daunting process. At Superside, we are here 24/7 to provide design services for everything listed above and more. Our project managers are ready to connect you with a stellar design team and the fastest outsourcing service on the web.

In case you are interesting in creating your own Google docs template, here is a helpful video:

Published: May 1, 2021
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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