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20 of the Best Places to Outsource eBook Writing

Team Superside
Team Superside10 min read
20 of the Best Places to Outsource eBook Writing - Superside

EBook readership has skyrocketed in recent years and the numbers only continue to increase. In 2018, digital books are forecast to account for nearly 20 billion dollars (one-quarter) of all book sales. With new programs that enable e-reading on mobile devices, making it more simple and effortless, digital book readership has more than tripled on tablets and doubled on mobile phones (Pew Research Center).

The numbers are staggering, so it’s no wonder that over 140,000 eBooks were self-published in 2017. A significant part of the total number of digital publications is being outsourced to professional writers as the process enables thought leaders to focus on conveying their ideas quickly and professionally to their target audiences. Superside makes it attainable and effortless to outsource your eBook writing

Whether you are getting ready for your first published material or your tenth, here is a comprehensive guide that will definitely come in handy and give you some useful pointers in creating a top-notch eBook. Make sure you read the article in full and assess the complete list of 20+ eBook writing services at the bottom.

Comprehensive List of 50+ Websites to Find eBook Writers

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    Price: Variable

    Upwork provides a platform for freelancers and projects to come together. Clients collaborate directly with the freelancer to determine goals, expectations, and pricing.

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    Price: Variable

    This freelance marketplace operates similarly to Upwork. On-demand freelance services based on your pricing.

  • 6deb28ce05babeb9b104df2710aafa631824cd70


    Price: $80 per 1000 words

  • 93afecbbee804a58832eeaec50b95a6aa4272482


    Price: Starts at $0.02 per word

  • 74ecebeb9caff4825dc6523b2a414c237133a779

    Hire Writers

    Price: Divided into 4 plans: Beginner, General, Skilled, Expert. Start from $80 per 5000 words

  • ed1d0b38d8e19fda4850803885831758b640096a

    Godot Media

    Price: $4 per page

  • 19206aa34da6ff0ba3dfbc449bbe7f309ee58e1e


    Price: $0.09 per word

  • f8f69b6a15a995fe2a0c5264ea813bebdf3cb34b

    The Skilled Writer

    Price: $350 for 10-page eBook

  • 912b1f341d149cf9bc7a6287e9091326f54a5e40

    Rightly Written

    Price: Starts at $25 for 500 words and a 14-day turnaround

  • 19caddf4dea535e9f34a7a3fd9eef935cf5cd8cd

    Crowd Content

    Price: Starts at 2.2 cents per word

  • 6767e116af92322e638d02f3ff7c404b213ad2f5

    Express Writers

    Price: Starts at $225 per 3-pages or request a quote by filling their quote form on their website

  • a430a4518ee7a71ea907046527e8d6aef1e1eae1


    Price: 3.5 cents per word

  • 67ede8c1e829ed0a802b2c908d0397954d0ff7f4

    Ghost eBook Writers

    Price: Starts at $15 per page for 25 pages or less. Pricing decreases with more pages.

  • 209eba1ba2450b998d11d710d70db61cd6067005

    Script Baron

    Price: Starts at $4 per 100 words.

  • ffd1a295aee2d9d761299644701b8deee3f61dc7


    Price: Fill out form to obtain customized pricing.

  • 98ffecfb1c78621099dcd9c6c97246c04ca9e615

    The Writers for Hire

    Price: First 10-pages (up to 3500 words) starts at $2250

  • 2f76d9f38c8e15984eb6798fad4348b4eabd11eb

    Writing Content Services

    Price: Starts at $0.02 per word

  • f892c0bb9a85a6fb3dabe8109541fa309dbddcd6


    Price: Contact their support team for a customized quote based on topic and number of pages.

  • ed3f5a76916893fabe30ec60920db4d23d1ef753

    Contents Alive

    Price: $30 per 1500 words

  • 95ce2b05b480497e40f6ed505c28acd7c571744f


    Price: Starts at $2 per 100 words

Why eBooks?

Drafting an eBook requires time and thorough consideration, but the positives of putting your thoughts into a digital publication are plentiful:

  • Monetize the eBook through Kindle/other marketplaces
    You can reap the benefits directly by selling your book on Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, or through other marketing channels. An alternative monetization source, not so easily within reach, but equally profitable, would be developing a website and setting up a landing page for your eBook. Social networks and pay-per-click advertising are excellent ways to drive traffic to your book.
  • Offer the eBook as a lead magnet to entice customers to opt-in on your newsletter (for email marketing)
    A quality eBook is a marketing asset of significant value in drawing traffic to your website. Capture leads by drawing visitors to enter their email address in exchange for a free download of the eBook. Follow up with your leads through email marketing campaigns to attain maximum return on your eBook investment.
  • Generate authority
    EBooks are a tremendous way to establish authority and become a trusted source of information in any industry.

Some eBook FAQs

  • How long will it take to get an eBook written?
    The average benchmark for writers is around 1 ½ pages or 500-750 words per hour. EBooks typically run between 30 and 60 pages. You can use this to estimate your time requirements more accurately. The amount of time a writer will put into an eBook varies on several factors such as the amount of research necessary, the condition of the first draft/notes, and the number of rewrites or edits you require.
  • How much would it cost to outsource an eBook?
    The outsourcing cost fluctuates based on the writing quality and the number of pages in your eBook. The starting price for a high-quality eBook with 30 pages based on Superside pricing (using fully-vetted, professional writers) is around $500.
  • How do I estimate the optimal word count for my eBook accurately?
    There is no easy answer to this question. It depends largely on your niche and the level of detail you want in the digital publication. A quick and considerably precise way to assess the appropriate number of words your eBook should have is to research other eBooks in your genre/industry. You can use Kindle to check word counts on popular eBooks, as a way to determine what goal you should set.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing eBooks

Now that you have become more knowledgeable and familiarized yourself with the basics of digital book writing, you’re almost ready to start scouting for the most fitting writer for your next page-turner. Before you embark on this hunt, put on the thinking cap and ponder on these two important questions. Knowing the answers will be a tremendous aid in better preparing to speak to a writer or account/project manager:

  • Are you aiming to outsource an eBook that falls under the category/niche/business in which you're working now, or do you want to have someone create an eBook in a different niche?
  • To help you better assess what type of outsourcing process to use, which of the following is your main goal?
    • Put your ideas into the world
    • Be an Amazon bestseller
    • Create material that captures your experience
    • Draft original content for a topical idea

Tips for Outsourcing eBook Writing

  • Video your thoughts
    If you are knowledgeable about your subject of choice, record a few short videos about the topics so your writer can find inspiration and individualize their writing style according to your personality.
  • Inquire about current knowledge
    Most writers are also excellent researchers. If you are not acquainted with a subject, odds are you can rely on them to look into it. With an eBook, however, finding someone who has some pre-existing knowledge on your subject may be the cheaper and easier road to take. A writer who is already familiar with your topic of choice will often translate into better quality and a quicker turnaround.
  • Solicit samples
    Once you have shortlisted a few writers, pay them to create a few short write-ups on the subject of your eBook. This approach will help you gain greater insight into which writer will work with your writing style preferences and within your deadlines. Another plus is getting samples you can later reuse in your digital material.
  • Get organized with your tasks and goals
    Divide the entire process into tasks and subtasks, setting goals and deadlines for each. Research is different than writing, so you may need a different person for it, or you may necessitate to budget extra time. If you get organized with a task list and feasible deadlines, you will give your writer something to work toward. Don’t forget to build in a little flexibility though!
  • Pay attention to the resume and reviews
    The writers on your shortlist should be more than willing to share resumes or past writing experience with you. Inquire about their specific skill sets, assess their expertise, and check for online reviews before making a final decision.
  • Do your own research beforehand
    You can help your writer out tremendously by researching the subject and making a list of everything they should know before getting their creativity wheels moving. It will make the whole process smoother and eliminate a great deal of futile back and forth. You can save even more time by creating a detailed outline including chapter titles, research, and main idea sentences.
  • Think format
    Check the format types and alternatives available for eBooks and finalize your choice before the writer begins. It is best to share this kind of relevant information with the writer from the get-go to stay on track.
  • Follow up
    Expecting to get the whole book written in one go is an unrealistic approach. Getting someone else to write down the thoughts and ideas in your head is a process that requires constant communication and multiple drafts. It’s best if you stay in touch at least 2-3 times a week (or a day if you have tight deadlines!) and inquire for chapters to be sent as they are completed. This way, you are working on editing/commenting on the material in tandem with the writer working on a new chapter.

11 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an eBook Writer

Preparing for outsourcing is critical to a smooth writing process, but you also need to be informed about the writer you’re employing. Don’t be afraid to ask a candidate questions for your own peace of mind. Remember! To a freelance writer, embarking on a new project is the same as interviewing for a job.

  1. What rates do you charge and is it per page, per hour, or per word?
  2. How much time will it take for you to complete the eBook? (The candidates will require an estimated word/page count.)
  3. What does your eBook writing service cover (research, proofreading, multiple drafts, etc.)
  4. How comfortable and experienced are you with the topic? If you need researched material, what would it include?
  5. How many drafts or big revisions will you provide?
  6. What is your experience with eBook writing? How many books have you previously written?
  7. How often will you send me progress reports?
  8. Will any of your services cost me extra?
  9. Do you require any funds upfront?
  10. What do you need to get started?
  11. How soon can you get started?

Next Steps: What to do After Your eBook is Written

  • Editing and Proofreading
    In most cases, having a fresh pair of eyes catch errors in the writing can prove to be incredibly useful. Some writing services may include editing and proofreading features in their initial package, but in other cases, it is a good idea to hire an editor/proofreader. Grammar and spelling mistakes can cause your eBook to look amateurish and unprofessional. Check out Superside's editing and proofreading services for professional, timely feedback on your document.
  • Graphic Designing Layout and Cover
    To take your eBook to the next level, hire a book designer to create a customized cover and layout. After all, publications are often judged by their covers, regardless of the old saying advising otherwise. Even if your eBook is a page-turner or the next bestseller, your potential readers first need to be enticed by the cover before they dive into the content.
  • Publishing your eBook
    Once you have everything ready, it’s publishing time. Kindle by Amazon is the biggest eBook publisher currently available on the market. You should also consider perusing some lesser known publications where less competition will be in your advantage.
  • Getting Reviews
    Here are some quick and easy ways to get reviews on your eBook and get it flying off the shelf.
  • Marketing
    A little marketing goes a long way. How well you market your eBook plays a huge part in your sales numbers. Here are some effective tips on successfully marketing your digital material once it is published.

Still need help? Check out these insightful blogs with helpful resources for writing and some valuable tips on publishing and selling eBooks:

Published: Jun 12, 2018
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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