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Creative at Scale for Ambitious Brands

We hired the world’s best creatives and built a frictionless design ops platform so fast-moving, big-thinking, efficiency-oriented teams never have to worry about design being late.


Reinventing how good design gets done

Superside unbottlenecks the design process and scale creative outputs so that internal teams can focus on what they do best.

Our creative subscription service targetted to scaleups and enterprise companies, combines creative talent from around the world with purpose-built tech to deliver a significantly faster, cheaper and better customer experience than traditional agency networks and freelance marketplaces.

- Fredrik Thomassen, Co-founder and CEO

Superside is backed by
Slack Fund
Y Combinator
Luxor Capital
Alliance Venture
High Alpha

The #1 Creative-as-a-Service designed with Marketers and Creatives in mind

Superside hires the world's best and deeply vetted creatives and project managers, and couples that with creative collaboration technology.

The unique dedicated design team model provides companies with a modular team that can easily scale up or down to meet the unique needs of their campaigns and strategies. No more chasing deadlines or designers with our fully-managed service.

Our processes are battle-tested, and we can start projects in under 30-min and at any time. Sometimes things just can’t wait and we are here to chase the sun to deliver the moon.

Exec team

A team of experts and leaders helping democratize access to good design

CEO & Co-Founder

Fredrik Thomassen

CEO & Co-Founder
COO & Co-Founder

Haakon Heir

COO & Co-Founder
CTO & Co-Founder

Jing Kjeldsen

CTO & Co-Founder

Alexander Cram

VP Sales

Paal Stokkelien

VP Sales
VP Talent

Marta Bisisi

VP Talent
VP Engineering

Tor Egil Fusdahl

VP Engineering
VP Advertising Services

Jo Bjordal

VP Advertising Services
VP Video Services

Nina Caplin

VP Video Services

We're a Values-First Kind of Company

This is what makes us who we are. We invite people to celebrate their empathy and diversity while empowering them to be autonomous and agile.

Be Kind

We work to create a supportive environment where ambitious talent can thrive. We celebrate differences in thoughts and experiences. We give constructive and respectful feedback to each other. We take care of each other personally and professionally by any possible means, even if geographically dispersed.

Decide locally

We take responsibility for our ecosystem, our team, our role, and for Superside. Whoever is closest to the problem should own up to it, form a forceful opinion of what is the right decision, and take responsibility. We empower and enable each other, rather than restrict and limit. We do not always need everyone to agree to make a decision.

Speed is safety

It is safer to move fast than to move slow, so we operate with a sense of urgency. We seek the shortest effective path and actively choose what not to do. We ask “why” to prioritize the most important outcomes. We look for simple and pragmatic solutions and iterate from there.

Roll up your sleeves

We pull our weight and we are happy to take one for the team. We don’t shy away from simple, mundane tasks to get the job done. We execute with rigor, focus, and persistence. If it needs to get done, we do it. We believe in humility and the act of doing work that goes unrecognized.

Superside is a revolutionary way for businesses to get good design done at scale.Trusted by 450+ ambitious companies, Superside makes design hassle-free for marketing and creative teams. By combining the top 1% of creative talent from around the world with purpose-built technology and the rigor of design ops, Superside helps ambitious brands grow faster. Since inception, Superside has been a fully remote company, with more than 700 team members working across 57 countries and 13 timezones.
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