About Superside

Superside is a tech-enabled design company that delivers beautiful design at scale to scale-ups and enterprise teams — from everyday production work to large-scale strategic design solutions.

About Superside

Our Mission

To create more equal economic opportunities globally by finding and growing the world’s best creative talent.

How we're going to make that happen

The Superside platform eliminates inherent bias from the traditional hiring process, which unfairly discriminates against candidates based on their gender, geography, race, culture, religion, age, sexual preference or physical attributes.

By removing the inherent human biases that block entry into the industry, we've been able to build a diverse and talented team. We have offices in Oslo, Toronto and Cape Town but are essentially based nowhere. Our flexible and distributed work arrangements have opened up job opportunities in marginalized communities around the globe, allowing us to amass a global taskforce of more than 120 creatives spanning six continents, 58 countries and 19 timezones. On top of that, 56% of our team is made up of women.

We take pride in prioritizing designers—offering an extensive training program for every member of the team—and ensure consistent and viable work opportunities for every Supersider. We aim to be the best place for ambitious international designers to quickly learn and grow their careers.

Our Investors

Superside is backed by Sam Altman (former president of Y Combinator), Geoff Ralston (president of Y Combinator), Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail), Y Combinator, Slack Fund, Freestyle Capital, High Alpha Capital and Alliance Ventures.

Leadership team

The people who help the people who make things happen!

Fredrik Thomassen

CEO & Co-founder

Haakon Heir

COO & Co-founder

Jing Kjeldsen

CTO & Co-founder

Paal Stokkelien

VP Client Development

Ben Myhre

Global Creative Director

Amrita Mathur

VP Marketing

Chris Long

VP Product

Superside in the press

"Superside is announcing that it has raised $3.5 million in new funding..."

“Konsus (now Superside) aims to take financial instability out of the equation for freelancers on its platform”

“... freelancers for services like graphic design, data entry and web design.”