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25+ SWOT Analysis Templates (Free Downloads)

Team Superside
Team Superside10 min read
25+ SWOT Analysis Templates (Free Downloads) - Superside

Vital, value-driven businesses share one thing: they leverage strategy in the savviest possible ways.

One of the most popular and effective strategic planning tools is a SWOT analysis—a potent technique that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect an organization, person or situation. We’ve collected some of the best SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates here so you can use SWOT for yourself. But first, let’s quickly look at a SWOT diagram definition so we know what we’re talking about.

What Exactly is SWOT?

A SWOT analysis uses a grid or a matrix to collect the internal and external information of an organization or person. Strengths and weaknesses are internal, while opportunities and threats are external. The information is analyzed to produce a decision, and the decision leads to strategy.

Take a look at a basic SWOT grid:

Source: Creately

Part of the beauty of a SWOT diagram is breadth. In a business context, it can give real insight into what sets your company apart because you examine factors inside and outside of your organization. At the same time, you can (and should) perform a SWOT analysis of your key competitors, evaluating where you stand compared to them. Then, you can put your organizational strategies in motion based on the comparative analysis—whether your business is about to launch a product or your non-profit is planning a fundraiser. A thorough SWOT diagram can help map the way.

In a personal context, you might put together a SWOT matrix to plan your next career move or to prepare for an interview. In this case, you are the product, and your SWOT diagram can help you distinguish your talents, abilities, and opportunities from the rest of the market.

Another appealing part of a SWOT analysis is its flexibility. You can use it in an entry-level way, to get the wheels moving around a thought or strategy. Or, you can apply it diligently, and frequently, to map out how to take your organization to the next level.

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Free SWOT PPT Templates (Designed by Superside)

No matter how you use a SWOT analysis, you need a guide. We compiled seven tricks to find visual data to help you determine graphically interesting ways to disseminate the information in your SWOT analysis template in PowerPoint. We also created and collected an assortment of SWOT templates in PowerPoint so your slides get a boost with dynamic, beautiful graphics while honing your competitive edge.

Let’s start with examples from our Superside designers, who have created a range of SWOT PowerPoint presentation templates, all easy to edit and customize. They’re terrific examples of the top-level talent at Superside, and you can download them for free.


SWOT Analysis Template 1: Slightly unconventional colors grab our attention here. Paired with helping hands that sport catchy icons, this is an ideal non-profit SWOT matrix template.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 2: This PowerPoint design combines sharp verticals with colors that pop and a hint of fun. It's perfect for those early morning meetings, whether it’s used for project management or business planning templates.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 3: A SWOT employee analysis like this can be used for self-evaluation. The corporate figure and blue tones encourage taking the task seriously.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 4: We see this as a competitor SWOT analysis ppt template, with blue and red indicators that point out helpful and harmful factors.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 5: This business SWOT template places bold shapes and colors on a white background. The energetic and motivating feel keeps the analysis process moving.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


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SWOT Analysis Template 6: Here’s another possible SWOT template for competitor analysis. The black background conveys a more serious tone of importance and relevance.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 7: With appealing light colors and unexpected capsule-shaped graphics, this non-profit SWOT diagram template is inviting and approachable. It’s also great for a personal career search analysis.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 8: This blank SWOT PowerPoint template conveys authority via a black background and slightly reserved design. It’s ideal for use in science and technology industries.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 9: Subtly graduated color in a repeated block design distinguishes this editable SWOT analysis template, which also includes appealing orange accents. It’s perfect for retail use or competitor analysis.
Download this slide:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Analysis Template 10: Pastel droplets and a clear, readable font make this design stand out as a personal SWOT template in PowerPoint. You can also read our guide on the best fonts to use in your presentations.
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9

To give yourself an array of options, download all of the Superside designers’ slides above.

Download More SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates

We’ve searched the internet to find even more examples of SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates, available for free or for a fee. Each example is one of many from each source and is an editable SWOT analysis template that you can use to map your organizational or personal strategy.



Download here

Use this free editable SWOT analysis template to show the relationship to a central idea in a cyclical progression.



Download here

Soft pastel colors in large fields make this free SWOT template approachable, and it works in either a vertical or horizontal layout.



Download here

SlideModel offers a free SWOT analysis PowerPoint template in conservative blues and grays, with a solid square-based design.



Download here

Microsoft’s free SWOT diagram template is easy to download, with high-contrast colors to make the analysis factors easy to distinguish.



Download here

Slidestore’s free SWOT analysis sample is contemporary, with a full-field photograph and sharp icons.



Download here

The bright colors, white space and clean design in this SWOT template pop with a professional but somewhat playful feel. Cost: 8 USD.



Download here

This management and business SWOT analysis template plays with shades of green, blue and gray to suggest trustworthiness, which is underscored in the balanced rectangle design. A monthly fee for 20 PPT template downloads starts at 49.99 USD. Seven-day free trial available.

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Free SWOT Analysis Templates for Word

So far, we’ve focused on templates for PowerPoint, but you might prefer SWOT analysis templates for Microsoft Word or other presentation software. See the free downloads we’ve found, below.



Download here

This turquoise and gray template is super simple and clean, perfect for drafting a SWOT business analysis.

Word Templates Online


Download here

Muted, earthy colors and a softened rectangle-based design give an organic feel to this editable SWOT matrix template for Word.



Download here

This Word SWOT analysis template uses a colorful curving road or path design to graphically demonstrate the intentions for any business using it. It’s both professional and whimsical.

SWOT Analysis Templates for Excel

Using Excel for a business SWOT analysis is one of the most straightforward ways to present comparative information. Download the free templates below to get a quick start on the SWOT technique.

Word Templates Online


Download here

This green and gray SWOT analysis template for Excel features side-by-side competitor analysis for easy comparison.

Excel Quant


Download here

The competitor sheet on this Excel SWOT analysis template provides a clear and easy comparison of the number of employees, sales, revenue, assets, liabilities and other factors.

Excel Templates


Download here

This Excel SWOT template was designed to measure a new product against similar products already in the marketplace. Each sheet addresses a different factor in the SWOT analysis.

Free SWOT Analysis Templates for Google Slides

We’ve found several free SWOT analysis templates for you to download, if perhaps you prefer working with Google Slides.



Download here

Appealing icon illustrations meet vivid colors in this editable SWOT template. Perfect for businesses that have a slightly edgy approach.



Download here

This fully editable SWOT template for Google Slides features a modern layout and colors.

Popular SWOT Analysis Examples

Our Superside designers also created SWOT analysis templates for some of the largest brands.


Starbuck SWOT Analysis: Just in time for the holidays—a template for a SWOT analysis of Starbucks, with festive colors, dynamic design components, and a mouth-watering photo.
Download this template here:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


Apple SWOT Analysis: Signature sleek design, metallic finishes and the appeal of technology combine in this template for a SWOT analysis of Apple.
Download this template here:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


SWOT Design Nike: This template for a Nike SWOT analysis delivers a sense of exuberant movement and strength, from the icons to the figure photograph.
Download this slide here:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


Amazon SWOT Analysis: This template for an Amazon SWOT analysis emphasizes the company’s size and dominance via a field of black and no-nonsense accents in orange and white.
Download this slide here:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9


Walmart SWOT Analysis: This template for a Walmart SWOT analysis uses the corporation’s familiar blue, gold and white color combination against a crisp white background, for both brand recognition and industry authority.
Download this slide here:
Download 4:3 | Download 16:9

How to do a SWOT Analysis?

For some guidance on how to get started with a SWOT analysis for your business, check out popular YouTube videos.

VirtualStrategist: Produced by a strategy management firm, this video features a live presentation at a whiteboard on performing an organizational SWOT analysis. It’s composed and thorough with a classroom feel. At just over seven minutes long, it has more than 104,000 views. Definitely worth a watch.

tutor2u: Produced by tutor2u, creator of many educational resources, this video is a clear, complete introduction tSWOT analysis usability in business. With a step-by-step approach, it explains how SWOT works, along with the pros and cons of using it. Text-based PowerPoint slides walk viewers through the six-minute presentation.

365 Careers: This video, the second lesson in a series of business strategy modules produced by 365 Careers, focuses on helping business and finance graduates land their first job. In just over three minutes, it gives a basic overview of a SWOT analysis, with specific examples for each component. Dynamic, colorful graphics engage viewers.

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How Superside Can Help?

Notice how graphics can make your SWOT business analysis come to life, ultimately helping drive your organizational strategy. Once your SWOT analysis is finalized and you are ready to start pitching your product, organization or yourself, check out the 25+ best sales deck examples that convert to get inspired.

If you want a custom template for a SWOT analysis, our top-notch designers are here to help, saving you time and money. And, if you need assistance mapping out your thoughts, our writers and researchers are on board.

Superside – one of the best strategic decisions you can make. We’re here 24/7.

Published: Dec 12, 2017
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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