12 Best Logo Design Companies in 2024

Published 14 Dec, 2023
Shmoon Mascot and Creative Champion

Your business needs a new logo. But you don’t have a creative team (or your team is too busy to brainstorm, let alone dedicate the time needed to narrow logo down options). You need a design crew that can hit the ground running and bring your brand identity to life with a logo that sets you apart. Get the ball rolling with our pick of the best logo designers for 2024—and insider tips on how to make the ideal choice.

Pentagram Your business logo is one of the most critical aspects of your brand’s visual identity. It tells the world who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer. Exciting, but also nerve-wracking. Ensuring your brand stands out can be hard in a world of infinite options, short attention spans, and a gazillion competitors.

Designing a good logo means producing a string of options. Chances are, your in-house design team is too swamped with other projects to take this on. Or maybe you don’t even have a team (new business, we presume?).

One thing you definitely don’t have time for, either, is researching and vetting every logo design agency out there. Read on for our list of top logo design agencies that can take your brand from invisible 👻 to invincible 🚀 in 2024.

Why Logo Design Matters

Good logo designers can help identify the spirit of your brand and capture it in a simple, memorable and unique emblem. It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth getting right.

Quattr logo design

Your logo tells customers at a glance what they can expect from you. A high-quality logo doesn’t just identify your product or service but communicates your brand’s values. Are you creative, slightly offbeat, classically corporate, or cozy and homespun? According to this Harvard Business Review, the simplicity or complexity of a logo can influence investors’ funding decisions, and the symmetry or asymmetry of a logo can boost brand equity.

A good logo is also memorable, quickly recognizable, and won’t have potential customers confusing you for someone else. Working with professional logo designers who recognize your unique offering and positioning—and can help you capture those values—is therefore essential.

Your logo doesn’t stand alone, either. Good logo designers understand that it’s the starting point for your brand’s entire visual identity, which needs to be consistent across every communication channel. A strong logo design will help shape the rest of your brand identity, capturing your brand’s character, personality, aesthetic and values.

If you want your brand to stand out, a custom logo made by professional logo designers is worth spending on. Free logo makers are tempting, but won’t give you the custom results you need. Freelance marketplaces are another option, but in most cases, you’ll be putting in a ton of effort compared to the return. In the long run, bringing in a logo design agency or company is probably your best option.

Designing a new business logo or embarking on a rebrand should be an exciting creative challenge, not a drawn-out, painful process. The best logo design company for you can meet this challenge head-on and will work closely with you to ensure your logo captures your brand’s spirit.

What to Look For in a Logo Design Company

Not all logo designers are created equal. Depending on your industry, budget and needs, your options could include anything from a free logo maker tool to a large agency offering a complete custom logo design service plus all the branding bells and whistles. Do your research and get a clear idea of what you need from your logo designer before narrowing down your choice.

Here are some tips for choosing your logo design firm.

12 Best Logo Design Companies in 2024

1. Superside

Services offered:

Location: Globally distributed across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

Pricing: Subscription packages from $5,000 and up.

Great for: Enterprise and mid-market companies, from tech and SaaS to consumer goods, who want the flexibility of a full creative team on call, every step of the way.

Our global team of designers and creatives bring a unique perspective to work because of their varied backgrounds and viewpoints. Because we have such a diversity of designers, everyone brings different skill sets to the table. This makes it easy to assign creatives that are the ideal fit for your brand and the requirements of your project

Elske Nel
Elske Nel Associate Creative Director for Superside

Superside is much more than just a logo design agency. Our globally distributed, diverse team offers every design service under the sun.

Our Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS) subscription model means you can access a fully stacked creative team for your entire logo design and branding journey. Designing a logo usually goes hand-in-hand with updating and creating all kinds of new brand collateral and creative assets. While just designing a logo could be relatively quick, incorporating your new visual identity into your website, packaging and marketing is a much bigger project. Take a look at a recent rebranding project we did for Quattr, including a new logo alongside a whole new brand identity.

All this under our completely transparent, flexible pricing packages (no wool over your eyes). Plus, Superside is at the cutting edge of design service delivery, with options to incorporate new AI technologies with a human creative touch into our ads, illustrations and branding services.

Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done
Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Get a dedicated design team that scales with your vision. Want to learn more?

Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Your dedicated Superside team can help you craft your new logo while you perfect your product or service—and augment your existing team at any point. No delays; just top-quality, on-brand creative.

2. Pentagram

Source: Pentagram

Services offered:
  • Custom logo design and branding
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging and print design
  • Exhibitions and installations
  • Data visualization

Location: Austin, Berlin, London, New York

Pentagram is collectively owned by 24 partner designers, so every designer on the team has a personal investment in the firm’s work. They work across disciplines but are best known for their branding and visual identity skills, including professional logo design.

Pentagram has been around for over five decades, working with clients of every size across multiple industries.

This agency has done brilliant branding work for major institutions like the Memphis Art Museum, the V&A Museum, Channel 4, the Yale School of Architecture and many more. Choose Pentagram, and you’ll be in safe hands.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Mid-sized and larger brands who still want a hands-on personal touch. Pentagram has worked on branding for several museums, architectural firms and other creative and cultural industries, so they might be a good fit if you have a similar brand.

3. Gershoni Creative

Services offered:
  • Logo design, branding and visual identity
  • Content and copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Strategic planning and communications
  • Photography and videography
  • Experiential and exhibition design
  • Illustration
  • Social marketing

Location: San Francisco and Dallas, USA

If you need branding and visual identity help beyond just a quick logo and some business cards, Gershoni Creative is an excellent place to start.

They’ve been in the game as a full-service creative agency since 1996, and have worked on everything from local artisanal brands to major players like Patrón Spirits, Deloitte, Spotify, Nespresso and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Take a look at their stunning visual system design for the San Francisco Art Institute. The school needed a new logo and visual identity to capture its renegade, cutting-edge creative spirit - and Gershoni certainly delivered.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Larger enterprises who need logo design and branding services but also need the weight of an established, full-service advertising and design company behind them.

4. Banowetz & Company Inc.

Services offered:
  • Logo design, branding and visual identity
  • Graphic design
  • Advertising
  • Media and communications
  • Marketing strategy and planning

Location: Dallas, Texas

Banowetz & Company are a full-service branding, design and advertising firm that’s been around since 1988. They offer ground-up branding for new ventures, as well as the full range of design, collateral and communications material any brand from tiny to global could want.

Their logo designs are usually minimalist and impactful, telling great stories with simple shapes and clean lines.

Their work includes logo design for the classical pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto, transforming his initials into an immediately recognizable pictorial of a grand piano. They also did branding for T45, a New York City bar and restaurant, evoking roadside wayfinding signage with just a few clean lines. Past clients include hospitality, arts and culture, entertainment, fashion, non-profit and corporate.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Established and larger brands who need the full package, from visual identity design to media strategy.

5. LogoWorks

Source: LogoWorks

Services offered:
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Web and email design
  • Print design
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Branded apparel

Location: New Bern, North Carolina (USA)

LogoWorks have been around since 2001. With over 300,000 logos in their portfolio, they definitely have the kind of long-standing experience you want in a design company.

This agency works with a large international team of freelance designers, supplying a dedicated US-based project manager for each client. Their price point is designed for accessibility, with a range of options for everything from a quick logo redesign to a full branding partnership.

Pricing: $49-$99 for a quick logo refresh; $199-$599 for a new design.

Great for: Smaller and mid-market enterprises needing a quick turnaround on a new logo. Beyond logo design, LogoWorks offers a full “design partnership” retainer for companies that need to outsource graphic design services for a specific period or project.

6. The Logo Boutique

Services offered:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards, brochures and stationery
  • Web design

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Logo Boutique specializes in low-cost logo design but also offers additional basic graphic design services. They’ve worked with over 25,000 clients since their founding in 2001. Their logo portfolio includes everything from political campaigns to nail bars.

The Logo Boutique offers a fast turnaround time and a set of clearly priced logo design packages to suit different needs and budgets. Once you have a logo you like, they can also create your business cards, stationery, brochures and web design.

Pricing: Logo design packages from $99-$159.

Great for: Small companies and startups that don’t have much to spend but need a solid brand identity produced fast, through a predictable and clear process.

7. The Branx

Source: The Branx

Services offered:
  • Brand identity and visual systems, including logos
  • Brand collateral
  • UI design
  • Web development and design

Location: Cádiz, Spain

New kid on the block The Branx was founded in 2019, and focuses specifically on branding services for tech startups. This multidisciplinary team prides itself on its holistic approach, and its ability to develop brand identities closely aligned with its clients’ business goals and values. 

Their deep knowledge of the tech industry, from SaaS to FinTech and AI, makes them a great choice for emergent tech brands.

Pricing: Pricing estimates start from between €5,000 and €11,000, depending on the project ($5,500 to $12,000).

Great for: Tech startups looking to take the leap from development into public visibility, especially those that need more branding support than just a bargain-basement logo.

8. LogoNow

Source: LogoNow

Services offered:
  • Logo design
  • Print design
  • Web design

Location: Melbourne, Australia

LogoNow specializes in logo design but also offers print branding and basic web design. Their offerings focus on keeping the cost of entry low for new businesses and startups.

Their logo design packages include unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee.

LogoNow has worked with several local brands in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia, but also offers services worldwide. Their designs tend to be uncluttered wordmarks and simple palettes, so if this matches your brand’s aesthetic, they may be a good choice for you.

Pricing: Logo design packages range from AUD220-2,100 (USD140-1,400).

Great for: Small startups with limited funding that need to know exactly what they can expect and want the flexibility of multiple revisions.

9. Hodag Creative Co.

Services offered:
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Print branding and collateral
  • Brand strategy

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Hodag Creative Co. was started by two friends over a shared love of design and fitness.

The agency focuses on health and fitness brands. Its founders’ own dedication to health and fitness means they really understand the needs of the industry, so if your brand falls into the lifestyle, health or fitness categories, this could be a good choice for you.

Their branding design and logo for Hyperformance Lab won them recognition in the prestigious Communication Arts magazine in 2023.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Smaller and emergent brands with a focus on health and fitness

10. Emotive Brand

Services offered:
  • Branding and visual identity design
  • Graphic design
  • Creative services
  • Media and communications strategy

Location: San Francisco, USA

Emotive Brand offers a full design and branding service focusing on B2B enterprises.

If you’re a smaller B2B brand getting ready to face the world, they might be a good option. They also work with brands getting ready to scale up and bid for funding and investment, and they offer enterprise-level marketing and branding strategy.

Emotie’s branding and logo design portfolio includes tech, analytics, cybersecurity, data and SaaS brands. Their aesthetic reflects this, using motion graphics, multidimensional animation and futuristic palettes.

Pricing: On request

Great for: B2B startups and enterprises getting ready to make an impact or to scale up.

11. Varga Girl Design

Services offered:
  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Print design
  • Web design

Location: Toronto, Canada

Award-winning graphic design agency Varga Girl Design was founded by Canadian designer Rachel Ott in 2001. Their logo design style tends toward clean, classic and corporate.

Their clients come from a huge range of industries, including hospitality, legal, corporate, real estate, wellness and retail.

Varga Girl Design was ranked the #1 firm for logo design in Canada for 2023 by marketing rankings site Clutch.co. The year 2023 also brought them three Muse Creative awards and a 2023 Nyx award for logo design.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Smaller and medium-sized brands who need a classic logo with a personal touch.

12. Logo Design NYC

Services offered:
  • Logo design
  • Packaging and label design
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Branding retainer packages

Location: New York

Logo Design NYC is a small family-owned graphic design business specializing in custom logo design. They’ve been running since 2007, working with many industries including fashion, lifestyle, legal, corporate, medical and non-profit.

They offer a range of packages specifically aimed at logo design, so they’re a good choice if you just need a starter logo with transparent up-front pricing. Their offerings include package deals as well as once-off design projects. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to commit to a full brand development service, their portfolio is worth a look.

Pricing: Logo design packages range from $595 to $1,995.

Great for: Smaller businesses and new brands who need to design a basic brand identity from scratch but don’t want to break the bank.

Choose the Right Logo Design Company for Your Brand

If you find yourself strapped for time and resources to craft a new logo, you most likely need a design solution that offers the full bouquet of branding services and differs from the traditional agency model.

Superside recruits the top 1% of global talent from around the world, so no matter what your logo and brand needs are now or in future, we can build you a dedicated team at an affordable, transparent rate.

Let’s help you unlock your brand's full potential. Book a call.

Creative as a Service: The New Way to Get Design Done
Creative as a Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Creative as a Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Get a dedicated design ops team that scales with your vision. Want to learn more?

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