The 10 Best Graphic Design Agencies in 2024

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Published20 Nov, 2023

You’re struggling to keep up with your creative needs in-house, so you decide to hire a graphic design agency. It's a good move. But how do you choose a design studio? Don’t rely on your Spidey senses—use this checklist to fine-tune your list of criteria. Then, take a deep dive into this year’s list of the top 10 graphic design agencies to find the perfect partner.

Most brands find it hard to develop successful digital marketing strategies. There’s a lot of noise out there, and everyone’s competing for the same (glazed-over) eyeballs. What’s more, internal creative teams are often so swamped that coming up with brilliant designs and eye-catching campaigns for an ever-growing list of platforms is tough.

To solve these problems, companies of all sizes are strategically outsourcing design work, partnering with agencies to expand their capacity and take on the creative their internal teams can't manage.

If you’ve decided to hire an agency but are losing sleep wondering which one to choose, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best graphic design agencies in 2024.

Let’s dive in.👇

What to Look for in a Graphic Design Agency

The graphic design agency you choose should meet you exactly where you are in terms of your creative needs, whether that involves revamping an existing campaign or dreaming up a new look for a brand.

A great design agency will take the time and really dig in to understand your business, brand and objectives. You want a partner in crime, where your goals should be theirs, and there should be mutual respect.

Anneke King
Anneke KingExecutive Creative Director for Superside

A partner should work closely with you to ensure their ideas align with your vision and goals. To that end, here are some qualities to look for in a design agency:

1. Versatility and fit

Many design agencies are highly specialized, which means they can only assist in one or two areas. Outsourcing to a specialized web design agency if you also need motion graphics or videos could mean you’ll have to hunt for numerous agencies. Working with a versatile agency that covers various design disciplines is much more efficient.

It’s also important to find a culture match. For example, the creative team might respond well to change (or suck at it) or prefer fun and excitement to a more serious, results-oriented approach. What matches your company culture?

“Ensuring the graphic design agency’s culture and values align with yours will foster better collaboration and understanding,” Anneke says.

2. Flexibility

Things change quickly in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, and dealing with an agency that's slow to respond can be incredibly frustrating.

Make sure the agency you choose can start new projects without delay and apply changes when needed. Remember, your chosen graphic design company should be agile and flexible enough to complete creative work according to your schedule.

3. Transparency

Many graphic design agencies make it almost impossible to understand where your budget is going. Or, if you want to change things up, you need to warn them weeks in advance.

A good agency will make it clear how your budget is being spent and what you can expect to pay once the project is complete (or what will fall within or outside of your agreement). “Trust breaks quickly when you're not sure when you'll be receiving your creative, or you're not sure what your money is being spent on,” says King.

Of course, if you use a predictable, tightly managed subscription service (spoiler, like Superside!), there won't be any nasty surprises.

4. Good communication

Communication can make or break a project. Sharing a solid project plan is just the beginning. From here, a graphic design agency should also share regular updates, manage expectations, create designs according to your briefs, and respond to feedback gracefully.

It’s also worth asking which collaboration tools they use. Are you going to deal with a project manager’s overcrowded inbox or can you fire off a quick Slack message to keep the project moving? Make sure you know what the communication channels will look like.

Good communication and managing expectations isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” It’s a vital part of the service you’re paying for—and part of what you should assess when hunting for design studios.

5. A good track record

Partnering with a design agency without a proven track record could be looking for trouble. You might just be the guinea pig that gets fried along the way.

“Do your research,” Anneke advises. “Assess the graphic design agency's reputation, past projects and client testimonials to gauge their credibility and quality of work.”

6. Scalability

The demands of digital marketing just keep growing and creating captivating designs to keep up is no small feat. If your chosen design agency can’t deliver high volumes of high-quality creative, you’ll have a tough time achieving scale.

So, if the agency seems nervous about the large volume of ad variations you need, it should raise a red flag. Make sure you find a partner who can access A-player creative talent and deliver the volume of creative you need at lightning speed.

The Top 10 Graphic Design Agencies in 2024

Do the above characteristics sound like they belong on a magical unicorn list that no single agency can fulfill?

Then you may be looking for the flexibility, transparency and scalability offered by a Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution instead of a traditional design agency.

With CaaS, you get access to a fully-stacked creative team to supplement your internal team and help your business grow. As the name implies, CaaS operates on a subscription-basis meaning you get full transparency into pricing and can scale up or down as needed.

You also get access to a wide range of on-demand creative services. That means, if you need a website now, but digital ads and social media creative tomorrow, you don’t need to find a new part—CaaS has you covered. When you have a comprehensive range of design specialties and added capacity at your fingertips, fueling business growth becomes much easier.

A CaaS solution also makes it easy to delegate: Anyone on your team can submit briefs, manage projects, give feedback and get the creative assets they need.

So, let's start with the CaaS solution we know best. 😉

1. Superside


Services offered:

Based in: Globally distributed across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

We're biased, of course, but Superside is at the top of the list of design solutions out there. Why? Because Superside’s CaaS model is an evolutionary leap from the traditional design agency model.

As we work remotely with 700+ team members across 57 countries, Superside can easily scale creative with the help of the best talent around (we recruit the top 1% of creatives globally) and deliver unheard-of turnaround times on graphic design. Most top design studios simply can’t compete with our 12- to 48-hour turnaround times.

Superside doesn't replace your dedicated team; instead, we can augment your in-house capacity based on your unique design needs. This model means you can complement the skill sets you already have in-house while still tapping into different types of graphic design.

Unlike most design agencies, we're also very upfront about pricing (another massive benefit, our clients say). Our packages start at $5,000/month and go up to $45,000/month or more, depending on your needs.

Great for: Enterprise and mid-market companies looking for hassle-free collaboration with top-of-their-game designers and a broad range of graphic design services.

If this already sounds like the right solution for you, check out our full list of design services and book a call today. If not, read on for more information on the best traditional design studios out there.

2. Pentagram

Source: Pentagram

Services offered:

  • Graphic design
  • Identity and brand strategy
  • Packaging
  • Exhibitions and installations
  • Data visualization

Based in: Austin, Berlin, London, New York

Pentagram's business owners are also the designers. This unconventional approach seems to pay off (they note that they're the world's largest independent design consultancy).

The team uses their “personal touch” approach for clients across various industries, from arts and culture to healthcare. They also work with businesses of all sizes.

Their partnerships with the MIT Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Art demonstrate that they’re a good fit for graphic design work that needs to resonate with academic or corporate audiences.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Brand identity design, exhibitions and installations

3. MetaDesign

Source: Meta Design

Services offered:

  • Brand creation and strategy
  • Web design
  • App design
  • UI design, UX design and product development
  • Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)

Based in: 8 offices worldwide; HQ in Berlin

This global branding agency focuses on corporate clients and has done branding, web design and graphic design for big names like Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen and Yves Saint Laurent.

As with many long-established design companies, their approach is traditional and systematic. However, this could mean they aren't the most agile players on the field (as is often the case with graphic design companies that use a conventional model).

With multiple European offices, they're a good choice for brands in the EU that need a regional focus.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Large companies that prefer a traditional design approach and model

Superside's Design Capabilities
Superside's Design Capabilities

Superside's Design Capabilities

Explore Superside's full range of design capabilities with creative examples of our work for clients, like Amazon, Salesforce and Puma.

4. Pearlfisher

Source: Pearfisher

Services offered:

  • Brand strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Visual identity
  • Packaging and product design
  • CGI, digital and motion design

Based in: London and New York

Pearlfisher's focus is packaging design and visual identity. They’re particularly great at reimagining existing offerings and brands with forward-thinking graphic design.

The company strongly focuses on the food and beverage industry, with an impressive client list that includes Mcdonald's and PG Tips. But they also don’t shy away from working with smaller brands, applying their “design for life” philosophy to everything they do.

Pearlfisher is an excellent choice for companies that want a partner with clear-cut ideas on how to sell their brands with graphic design.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Redesigning consumer goods brands

5. Mucho

Source: Mucho

Services offered:

  • Brand analysis
  • Visual identity and design
  • Brand management
  • Developing company culture

Based in: Offices in Barcelona, Melbourne, Paris; HQ in San Francisco

Mucho is a brand-identity-focused design firm, which makes them a good fit if you need the complete brand-identity package, from market research and analysis to brand architecture and long-term brand management.

There are some big names in the Mucho stable, like Apple, Dell and Visa. But they also do visual and graphic design for smaller projects, including books, and often partner with small to medium-sized outfits.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Brand reinvigoration through a tried-and-tested brand design process

6. Design Bridge and Partners

Services offered:

  • Brand design, strategy and governance
  • Visual identity
  • Print design and packaging
  • Communication and audio design
  • Report design and corporate communications

Based in: 12 offices worldwide; HQ in London

The biggest traditional agency on the list, Design Bridge and Partners recently came into being after Superunion and Design Bridge merged. It is, therefore, no surprise their client list includes major global brands like Coca-Cola, Mondelez and NASA.

Though they offer the expected range of graphic design and brand services, they also cover more specialized areas like employee brand engagement and customer journey mapping. They're known for doing really good design.

However, if you're looking for a dedicated graphic design or video agency, social media specialists, or a CGI team, Design Bridge and Partners probably shouldn't be your first port of call.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Long-term outsourcing of brand and identity management; eye-popping graphic designs for bold brands

7. Gravity Road

Source: Gravity Road

Services offered:

  • Social media strategy
  • Web3/Metaverse strategy
  • AR/VR and gaming campaigns
  • Communications strategy
  • Community-building

Based in: London, New York, Paris

Chatting with the folks from Gravity Road is worthwhile if you're hunting for a graphic design agency that's good at driving social media engagement.

As a mid-sized design company with big ideas, they have ties to giants like TikTok, Niantic Labs and Lego. Their graphic design also falls on the playful side of things, making them a great partner for getting Gen-Z eyes on your content.

Like Superside, they're comfortable with the AR, VR and gaming landscape and how to engage young audiences with fun, forward-thinking content and graphic design.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Small to large companies looking to drive sales through social media

8. Wolf&Whale

Source: Wolf&Whale

Services offered:

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • UI design, UX design
  • Messaging and storytelling
  • Video and animation

Based in: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Wolf&Whale differs from most other traditional design studios on this list in that they're an agile, action-oriented agency.

Their agility comes from being a small company that employs highly experienced individuals. They specialize in graphic design, web design and apps, working with big international brands like Apple, Goldman Sachs and Emirates Airlines.

Another plus is that, like Superside, they offer clients the chance to work with a curated creative team. However, quickly upscaling their graphic design efforts is probably more challenging due to the smaller team size (for us, this is par for the course).

Pricing: On request

Great for: Those interested in working with smaller design teams, especially for web design projects


Source: MLBM

Services offered:

  • Brand research
  • Brand identity and launch
  • Branded events
  • Content creation

Based in: Offices in Dubai, Toronto, Seoul, Mexico City; HQ in New York

MBLM markets itself as a “brand intimacy agency” that focuses on the storytelling and experiential aspects of branding. They have a long client list across industries ranging from finance to tech, education, and real estate.

MBLM is a solid choice if you're looking for a graphic designing company to help you foster deep, longstanding relationships with clients.

Their presence in specialized markets like Mexico City and Seoul also adds regional expertise, which could be helpful if your target audience resides in these cities.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Intimate brand-building; outsourcing of brand design and management

10. Huge Inc.

Source: Huge Inc

Services offered:

  • Brand architecture and governance
  • Customer experience strategy
  • UI design, UX design
  • Physical and content design
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Blockchain, Web3, digital twinning and AI advisory

Based in: New York

This creative agency focuses on how to help companies grow through creative. They're not strictly a design company and offer a wide range of services—from web design to helping brands leverage technology to further their reach. Some notable clients include Google, Lego, Verizon and McDonald's.

Huge Inc. is ideal for medium or large companies looking to scale up to reach a broader customer base rather than those looking for pure graphic design or branding services. Their team members have a wealth of industry experience, which also means you're in good hands.

Pricing: On request

Great for: Growth and digitalization initiatives, customer journey design, and creative conceptualization

Choosing the Right Graphic Design Agency for Your Business

As you consider the right graphic design agency for your business, understanding the potential costs involved is crucial. Utilize this graphic design cost calculator to get a clear estimate of your design expenses, ensuring you make a choice that aligns with your budget and business goals.

In the end, whichever design agency you choose, they must meet your changing needs and help you realize your brand vision. They should also offer all the design services and expertise you need at an affordable price.

If the traditional design agencies on this list don’t seem to hit these notes, Superside’s CaaS model might be a better fit. We’ll build a dedicated design team based on your unique needs, and as we recruit the top 1% of global talent, you can expect high-quality, on-brand designs every time.

Book a free demo to discover how we can expand your design capacity with creative that performs.

Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done
Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done

Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done

Get a dedicated design team that scales with your vision. Want to learn more?

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