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Presentation Design

Engage, persuade and delight with Superside’s Presentation Design Services. From on-point PowerPoints to pitch-perfect pitch decks, we craft custom presentations and templates that suit your needs.

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Elevate your presentations and sales decks with Superside

We do your ideas justice with beautifully designed presentations that follow a logical structure, showcase your data in a clear, compelling manner and convey your message in the most persuasive way possible.

Whether you need a pitch deck to persuade VCs, templates for internal communications or slides for a key event, our world-class team of presentation designers will work with you to deliver a stunning final product.

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Tailored Business Solutions

Extensive Presentation Design services

Presentation templates

Enjoy customizable, on-brand presentation templates that deliver consistent messaging, incorporating existing designs or built from scratch.

Custom & motion graphics

Request captivating animations and custom graphics to add flair to your presentation designs and a dynamic layer to your storytelling.

Data visualization

Let us transform your complex data into clear, insightful and delightful visuals, making your information more accessible and impactful.


Add visually striking infographics to your presentation designs to convey information visually and share engagingly digestible messages.

From Brand Decks to Pitch Decks

Specialized Presentation Design for every business need

Sales decks & reports

Get sales decks designed to drive decisions and conversions, combining persuasive storytelling with clear data visualizations to communicate your message.

Investor decks & reports

Share detailed presentations and reports to engage investors, showcasing your business's value and potential with clear, persuasive narratives and visuals.

Slide decks

Get engaging slide decks customized to meet your specific objectives, whether you’re presenting ideas or getting buy-in from an internal or external audience.

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Expertise across all Presentation Design platforms

Our presentation designers can do it all. With expertise across all major presentation design platforms, we can adapt to your preferred tools and integrate with your creative workflows. Whether you’re a PowerPoint aficionado or Google Slides devotee, we’ll design in your platform of choice to deliver a powerful, high-impact presentation.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

An oldie but a goodie. Our designers are experts in this leading presentation software, ensuring your presentations are visually compelling and easy to build on.

Google Slides

A versatile staple, Google Slides is another platform our designers know through and through, so they can build you engaging, interactive presentations designs.

creative elegance

More of a Keynote connoisseur? Apple’s Keynote is another one of our specialities. We’ll deliver stunning presentations on the double, so you can communicate in style.

real-time collaboration

If you live in Figma, we’re right there with you. Our designers are fluent in Figma and prepared to deliver high-quality presentation designs using this collaborative platform.

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Other platforms

Have another platform in mind? We’re here for it. With a global team of presentation designers to tap into, we have skills across the board and can cater to any preference.

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Choose a Presentation Design agency with a proven track record

We’ve got hard numbers to back up our presentation design chops! Skip the shot in the dark and make a data-driven decision instead. Explore the metrics that prove our promise to deliver presentation design that performs.

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Presentation Design Customer Stories

Brands that got exceptional creative withour presentation design.

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Ethan Duff
Ethan DuffGlobal Head of Creative, Vlocity

Superside let our product marketing managers focus on being content experts, trusting that experienced and trained designers would ensure formatting consistency and brand alignment.

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Connor Hadley
Connor HadleyCorporate Reputation Manager, Pernod Ricard USA

With Superside’s help, we were able to transform what had been a quarterly PDF into a fully realized internal magazine with stunning imagery and important information that our teams could use to further the business.

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David Elkins
David ElkinsHead of Content Review, Zoho

I liked that Superside could scale a custom team to fit our needs, rather than forcing our template project to fit how they work. With other design agencies, the value just didn’t add up. With Superside, it did.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes, of course, Presentation Design is included in your Superside design subscription. In fact, you can use any of our comprehensive creative services at every pricing level. This also lets you have the ultimate flexibility as you create presentation decks because you can tap into motion design, illustration and other services all at the same time to make your presentations and decks shine.

The role of a presentation designer encompasses the creative orchestration of all visual elements within a presentation. The presentation designer delves into the core messaging of the presentation and evaluates the necessary number of slides to proficiently convey the intended message.

Beyond this, the presentation designer's responsibilities extend to defining key design elements such as the overall style, fonts, icons, images and infographics of pitch decks, Google Slides, or PowerPoint presentation. A crucial aspect of the designer's role is to ensure the seamless integration of these elements, maintaining consistency and adherence to the brand identity throughout.

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