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50+ Amazing Google Slides Themes for Powerful Presentations

Team Superside
Team Superside12 min read
50+ Amazing Google Slides Themes for Your Presentations


What are Google Slides?

Google Slides is a free presentation app which is accessible on any device via an Internet browser. It’s easy to use and has several Google Slides Themes with multiple styles and colors. Deemed as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint, we think there are four reasons that make it a popular solution for professional presentations:

#1: Easy collaboration Since it’s primarily used online, multiple users can be editing and viewing the presentation at the same time. This is extremely convenient when you have multiple contributors working on one collaborative presentation.

#2: Simple user interface The tool itself is pretty straightforward and easy to use, it has many basic features from Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, there are only two shortcomings, the limited number of Google Slides Themes and fonts, and the lack of ability to create videos like other presentation tools.

#3: Cloud Accessible Another win for being accessible from any device or location. Comes in very handy!

#4: Free As long as a high-end custom design isn’t a priority, being free is a clear differentiator between Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. For anyone on a budget, it only makes sense to opt for Google Slides.

What Google Slides Themes are Available for Me to Use?

Since there’s a lack of themes available on the app, we’ve decided to compile the 50+ best sites to download Google Slides Themes just for you. This way you can tackle Google Slide’s constraint and create a free beautiful presentation, whether it is designed for business or other purposes.

Free Google Slides Themes

Red Aesthetics
Style: Dark, mysterious
UX Template
Style: Corporate, edgy
Gradient Backgrounds
Style: Colorful, vibrant
General Purpose
Style: Professional, Clean
Multistep Business Diagram
Style: Multi-color, professional
Marketing Diagrams (SWOT Analysis)
Style: Multi-color, modern
Dashboard Concept
Style: Modern, dark, tech
Flat Infographic
Style: Minimalist, flat graphic
Circular 4-Steps Diagram
Style: Colorful, vibrant
Style: Visual-heavy, trendy
Style: Elegant, brown
Style: Multi-color, minimalist
Dark Branding
Style: Dark, trendy
Professional Flat Corporate
Style: Professional, red
Style: Minimalist, professional
Business Analysis
Style: Modern, minimalist
Wearable Tech
Style: Modern, tech
Style: Minimalist, orange
Style: Multi-color, professional
Style: Professional, minimalist

Best Google Slides Themes to Buy

Spark Minimal*
Style: White, minimalist
Style: Flat icons
Perfect Pitch
Style: Professional, minimalist
Business Plan
Style: Professional, minimalist
Marketing Plan
Style: Flat graphic, multi-color
Style: Professional, multi-color
Business Strategy
Style: Professional, minimalist
Style: Professional, minimalist
Style: Professional, colorful
Style: Professional, minimalist
Style: Flat graphic, minimalist
Style: Minimalist, multi-color
Style: Trendy, dark
Style: Minimalist, white
Style: Colorful, flat graphic
Style: Colorful, flat icon
Style: Professional, minimalist
Style: Colorful, flat graphic
Style: Colorful, flat icon
Style: Professional, heavy-graphic

Best Google Slides Themes 2017


With so many Google Slides Themes featured, you may ask, which are truly the best? After a thorough review, here are the top 5 best websites to download Google Slides Themes and why they’re a cut above the rest.

#1 Slide Salad – Free & Paid

cool search function free templates across Google slides themes and PowerPoint minimalist modern designs

#2 Slides Carnival – Free

conveniently categorizes templates according to styles each design looks unique, with a different look and feel each slide has a comprehensive description to recommend use cases

#3 Slide Smash – Free

each theme has many layouts many designs provide more complex diagrams some designs are available for Keynote

#4 Hi Slide – Free & Paid

comprehensive library with complex diagrams and charts easy to use interface to view and download enables user to get premium templates with plugins at $20/mo

#5 Creative Market – Paid

arguably has the most variety and choice (500+ available) neat filters by price, properties and categories and more

What can I Use Google Slides for?

There are so many objectives and uses for Google Slides, such as:

  • Selling: pitch or sales decks
  • Informing: corporate communications
  • Educating: training or mentoring

The primary objective of the Google Slides should define the content flow and its design. Additionally, it’s important to find the most suitable design to match the industry or the context that the Google Slides are being used for. To explain our point better, below are lists of 15 more Google Slides Themes curated for teachers, executives, and creatives. The free Google Slides Themes are marked with an asterisk (*).

Google Slides Themes for Teachers

  • Childhood Template* Very cute illustrations, suitable for presentations for kids 6 years and below.
  • Kent* Very colorful and vivacious, recommended for ALL audience who are young at heart. The captivating colors are eye-catching and would keep viewers engaged.
  • Sketchy style* This Google Slide Theme is very interesting for all educators, its background contains a notebook and has a very apt feel as a teaching material.
  • Seyton* Bring your offline classroom, online! This Google Slide theme for teachers contains a whiteboard background and even several icons at the end, to suit any educator’s need.
  • Light Bulb* If you like illustrations as much as we do, this is the theme you should download. It has a clear light bulb graphic image and several layout options which are super useful for a great educational presentation!

Google Slides Themes for Professionals

  • Finance illustrations* If you run a business related to finance or accounting, you should definitely use this pre-designed template. The icons and graphics look like they were carefully designed and its consistency will surely impress your clients! For more free banking and finance PowerPoint slides, check out our previous article.
  • Professional Google Slides Template The color blue often represents professionalism, and this Google Slide Theme fits the bill! At USD20, we think it’s a worthwhile investment since you can keep reusing these designs and layouts again and again, whenever you need to create presentations.
  • Landmark Google Slide Template We’ve noticed that many companies in 2018 like to incorporate gradients. Landmark has 75 unique slides, 5 color schemes and its graphics are fully resizable and fully editable. Very suitable if you need to make an awesome, persuasive sales presentation.
  • Corporate Google Slide Template To inject vibrancy, it’s a good idea to have multiple colors in your presentation to captivate your audience. This theme still retains a very professional vibe, despite having a myriad of colors.
  • Ganymede* Go big, or go home. This professional Google Slide uses bold colors and big headlines, which looks fresh and unique as compared to other common Google slide templates used for business.

If you were looking for Google Slide Templates for pitch decks, you can check out this theme from Graphic River or draw some inspiration from this post first: 35+ best pitch deck examples of 2018.

Google Slides Themes for Creatives

  • Aeroplanes* This Google Slide Theme definitely stands out because it has colorful airplanes. If you’re covering a topic within the aviation industry, this design is just what you need.
  • Free Creative World Map Slides* Often times, many big companies have multiple offices. It’s impressive when you can show it on a world map to share the organization’s global or regional presence. So, utilize this world map slide to achieve just that.
  • Morph Travel Google Slide Template* Take your creative design to another level by having the amalgamation of both designs above. This Google Slide Theme uses maps and custom-made colorful iconic locations around the world.
  • Eglamour* Standing from the crowd isn’t easy… unless you have something that stands out just like this Google Slide Theme. Its design uses brush strokes that captures the attention and focus of your audience so they’ll tune in to your key messages.
  • Mobile Application Google Slides Presentation Template If you’re creating a new app, get this Google Slide Theme has several UI kits with unlimited color themes.

The industry that the presentation is being used for should also be an important factor when considering what kind of design, colors, icons or mood the Google Slide Theme should provide. If you are in the science or tech industry, here are some Google Slides Themes you should try. The ones marked with asterisk (*) are free.

Google Slides Themes for Science

  • Friar* This Google Slide Theme is very useful if you’re presenting a topic on Maths or Science. It has blue sketchy icons with rockets, rulers, magnets, calculators, and chemistry related apparatus.
  • Cordelia* This theme definitely suits any technology, media or science-related topics. The theme has several layout ideas so it’s very easy to modify and adapt for use.
  • Science Lab* If you want to avoid being mainstream, use this Google Slide Theme (Science) that uses green and purple hues.
  • Science* Similar to Friar, this set has 25 unique slide presentations with icons, suitable for science. We like the font used as well, as it makes the presentation look more fun.
  • Imogen* This is probably our FAVORITE Google Slide Theme for Science. Its hexagon shapes look interesting, and the colors used are very trendy.

Google Slides Themes for Technology

  • Mowbray* Small squares are oftentimes associated with pixels, and this is why we recommend you to use the free Google Slide Template Mowbray. The teal hues are also interesting, as it’s not a generic blue or grey color, like most business presentation designs.
  • Valentine* Don’t be deceived by the name of this Google slide theme. Valentine is very suitable for engineering, architecture, programming, interior design or technology. Its blueprint background and neat sketchy graphics look like pure brilliance.
  • Free Technology Google Slides Template* If you want something more literal to represent technology, we love the icon of the human head with some connecting dots that depicts thought or strategy in this design above its head. If this concept suits your desired content, try it!
  • Gajah This Google Slide Theme has got to be one of the best, as it has over 100 premade colors. Its clean and minimalist design also suits the current style of many tech start-ups or companies.
  • Digital Utopia Google Slides Template This design is one of the best-selling Google Slide Theme on Envato market. We think it’s because they have so many relevant icons used for the digital industries. Not only that, they have beautiful illustrations and a variety of diagrams that can easily be adapted.

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Google Slides vs PowerPoint

Trying to decipher the unique attributes and dissimilarities between Google Slides and PowerPoint can be a cumbersome process, so here’s a quick look for you to determine which software you should use. Whether you need design support for Google Slides or PowerPoint, Superside designers are experienced and skilled in both apps. Just let us know how we can help you.


How do I Get Started with Google Slides?

Creating Google Slides is free, you just need to have a Google account. To get some foundational knowledge, use this amazing 4-pages Free Google Slides Cheat Sheet.

Google Slides Tutorials

As mentioned, Google Slides are popular but it might take some time before one gets familiar or becomes a proficient user. If you want to start building up your skills, here are three videos we recommend:

#1: Create a Master Slide on Google Slides

*Bonus video: How to design Master Slide on PowerPoint

#2: How to use Google Slides to Create Interactive Diagrams

#3: 5 Cool Google Slides Tricks

Where can I Get Help to Design my Google Slides Templates?

It takes time to become a guru Google Slides designer, just like it takes hours to beautify one Google Slides presentation. To save you that hassle and help you work more efficiently, you can always contact us to bring your presentation designs to the next level. Whether you need simple re-formatting, or high-end design to modify complex graphs and charts, we’re online 24/7. Here is a Free Sales Deck Design for Google Slide, created exclusively by our team.

Download here

Also checkout our latest guide on eBook outsourcing.

Published: Dec 2, 2017
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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