These Are the 12 Best AI Presentation Makers of 2024

Published May 20
Roger Match
Roger MatchContent Marketer

Designing presentations day in and day out can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, a good AI presentation maker can now help you produce a visually appealing deck in a fraction of the time. Superside’s AI presentation design services are supercharged with top human creatives, and today, we’ll show you this curated list of the 12 best AI presentation makers right now. 

Wasting time trying to get outdated presentation tools to do what you want them to do? You’re not alone. Thirty-one percent of professionals say presentations take up too much time, with 60% taking at least a couple of hours to compile a 10-slide presentation and 12% taking almost an entire week.

If you’re still spending countless hours producing slide after slide, it’s time to tap into the power of AI. Today’s AI presentation tools offer various features—from automated design suggestions and real-time collaboration with team members to intelligent data visualization and speech-to-text functionalities. For many professionals, they’ve become a lifeline.

At Superside, we produce designs with AI-enhanced capabilities daily, using presentation design best practices and smart human thinking to develop impactful decks for our customers. To help you get started with AI, we’ve curated a list of the best AI presentation tools in 2024.

How Does an AI Presentation Maker Work?

Gen AI tools and presentation makers have revolutionized the way the world creates presentations. Before AI-powered presentation makers were launched, design, content formatting and data visualization had to be done manually.

Up until a few years ago, companies and individuals without design expertise struggled to produce professional-looking slides themselves, frequently relying on freelance designers and creative agencies to help them produce impactful pressos. Many are still not tapping into the innovative tools now available.

Wondering how these tools work? An AI presentation maker leverages machine learning algorithms and advanced design capabilities to automate various aspects of the presentation creation process. If you use one of these tools, you’ll typically follow the steps below:

Harness the Power of AI
Harness the Power of AI
Elevate creativity and performance

Harness the Power of AI

Learn more about Superside's AI Services and how we can help you get tomorrow’s possibilities on today’s deadline.

How Superside Chose the Leading AI Presentation Tools

Not all AI presentation tools are created equal. The market is also saturated with options, which can make it tricky to find the right fit. At Superside, we played around with most of the AI presentation tools around, assessing which AI generators, builders, creators and slide makers are worth using.

We took the following criteria into account to see how each AI presentation maker stacks up against the rest:

1. Advanced feature sets and innovation

We feel the range of AI features offered by the presentation maker should be comprehensive. It should include automated content generation, customizable templates and real-time collaboration tools.

The features should be innovative, setting the tool apart from standard presentation software. We look for advanced AI techniques, as these make for better content and layouts.

In my opinion, user interfaces need to be simple and intuitive so that users with minimal design experience can also create professional presentations.

2. Pricing and cost efficiency

The pricing structure should provide good value for money. We look for tools that offer tiered pricing plans that cater to different user needs and budgets.

Evaluating which key AI features are free versus paid helps us determine if the premium benefits justify the investment.

3. Superior content quality and customization

The relevance and accuracy of AI-generated content are incredibly important. The AI tool must be able to cleverly interpret the input data and output content that’s precise and contextually appropriate for the target audience.

The presentations it produces must be visually engaging. The pre-designed templates and the data visualization elements (e.g., graphs and charts) should look professional and modern.

4. Usability and user-friendly interfaces

When selecting the best AI presentation generators, we at Superside prioritize usability. The tools must be easy to use regardless of the users’ technical skill level. A user-friendly interface enables faster adoption across teams and simplifies the training process.

Another important element is how effectively the tool streamlines workflows. In this case, we looked for AI presentation makers that facilitate a smooth production process, from initial idea input to final presentation output, reducing the steps and time needed to create a polished presentation.

5. Robust customer support and educational resources

We also check for the availability and quality of customer support services for each presentation maker. We look for live chat, email support and resource or template libraries.

Today’s top presentation makers provide users with access to training materials, tutorials and webinars. If the tool doesn’t offer this feature, we typically won’t use it.

Active user communities and transparent feedback mechanisms help users suggest improvements and ask for new features. This is another factor we consider as we evaluate the available products.

12 Best AI Presentation Makers of 2024

Our curated list of the top AI presentation makers makes it easy to find the right tools for your business. These presentation makers all harness the power of artificial intelligence to help companies and individuals create high-quality presentations at speed.

1. Superside

Services offered:

  • Presentation design
  • AI-enhanced creative
  • Print design
  • Motion design
  • Illustration design
  • Video production
  • AR/3D design
  • Concept creation
  • Brand identity design

Superside is not an AI presentation maker–we’re an AI-enhanced team of talented human creatives who use AI to scale, differentiate and create high-quality presentations quickly and cost-efficiently. That means we are better and more efficient than any AI presentation maker in the market.

Rather than relying completely on AI tools, our team of designers uses AI-powered design tools to build creative designs 60% more efficiently for over 500 AI design projects.

Still image libraries, key art composition, copy and concept development are just some of the ways we use AI to create superior creative content. Superside's AI-enhanced, human-perfected presentation offering includes bespoke AI-generated photo libraries and 3D images, as well as the ability to develop customized characters, expressive voiceovers and short animated clips.

We’re no strangers to creating quality presentations, either. Over the years, Superside has crafted 1,000s of PowerPoint presentations for customers, and business presentation design is part of our offering.

But don’t just take our word for it—take a look at the projects we’ve completed. Our work with software and CRM customer Zoho showcases the power of our creative talent and AI tools. Our team created over 70+ top-quality presentation templates for Zoho, with a saving of 75% in design production for the company. We also gave CHILI publish a completely new brand identity and AEI Consultants a stylish new look. This project included new presentation templates for the team to build out a myriad of slide decks easily.

Our monthly subscription model is an elastic solution for getting great design done at scale, whatever your creative needs. With remote, fully managed creative talent, a unique platform for easy collaborations and a clear and flexible pricing model, it’s the best way to get your presentations done.

Get started creating high-quality PowerPoints or pitch decks with our presentation design services.

Pricing: Subscription packages, including presentation creation, start at $5,000 per month.

Based in: Globally distributed across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

Great for: Enterprise and mid-market companies with a high-volume, ongoing demand for creative, top-tier presentations.

2. Canva

(Source: Canva)


  • Magic Studio
  • Magic Design AI
  • MagicWrite AI text generator
  • AI video editing
  • AI image magic
  • Advanced photo editing
  • AI text to image

Canva, a global graphic design platform, was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The tool helps users create visually appealing designs, regardless of their design experience.

In 2023, Canva released Magic Studio, which was specially made for 99% of the world’s population who lack the professional design skills to handle complex design projects. Magic Studio contains easy-to-use, AI-powered features to help customers work smarter. Describe what you’d like to see or upload media, and Canva’s Magic Design AI will craft professional presentations, videos or social posts from the prompt or media.

Magic Design can also generate a presentation from a text prompt in seconds. Type what you’re looking for and a selection of templates appear for you to choose from. You can then move straight into editing, adding details and giving the presentation your personal touch.

Pricing: Free basic plan, Pro at $119.99 per year, Teams at $149.90 per year and Enterprise on request.

Based in: Perth, Australia.

Great for: Non-designers or those with less design experience, looking for a versatile graphic design tool to generate beautiful content.

3. Plus AI

(Source: Plus AI)


  • Prompt to presentation
  • Document to presentation
  • AI in any language
  • Slide editing
  • AI for Google Docs

Plus AI aims to make it easy to design, create and automate presentations so that users don’t waste valuable time on slide decks.

The tool works as an add-on to Google Slides, where a presentation is generated based on a prompt or an uploaded file. The user can then edit and personalize it.

Pricing: The Basic plan starts at $10 per month, Pro starts at $20 per month and Enterprise pricing is available on request.

Based in: Seattle, Washington.

Great for: Anyone looking to create visually appealing presentations in Google Slides more efficiently.

4. Decktopus

(Source: Decktopus)


  • AI presentation maker
  • AI form maker
  • AI biolink maker
  • AI microsite maker
  • AI sales funnel maker
  • Mail signature link
  • AI portfolio maker
  • AI proposal maker
  • AI lead generation maker

Decktopus aims to be the fastest presentation tool in the market. It isn’t a design tool; instead, it uses AI to take the burden of designing off users’ hands. This saves time to focus on the content itself and prepare for delivery.

Decktopus has chosen to lessen the user’s workload by removing the complexity of some design elements that take the most time to create or customize in presentations. Instead, they offer more limited customization so that users can select options specific to their needs without wasting too much time on the nitty-gritty.

Pricing: Free basic plan, Pro AI plan at $9,99 per month and Business AI plan at $34.99 per month.

Based in: Palo Alto, California.

Great for: Those wanting to eliminate the design element of presentations so they can focus on content and delivery.

5. Tome

(Source: Tome)


  • AI narrative generation
  • Customizable templates and design options
  • Seamless integration with popular tools

Tome is a leading AI-native research and presentation platform for sales and marketing teams. Using AI intelligence, this tool can generate presentations, one-pagers, landing pages, portfolios, mood boards and more.

The platform integrates with popular tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. The AI technology works off prompts and offers multiple options and suggestions at each stage of the design process.

Pricing: Free basic plan, Professional plan at $16.99 and Enterprise plan pricing on request.

Based in: San Francisco, California.

Great for: Those looking to spend more time with customers and less time creating presentations.

6. Gamma

(Source: Gamma)

Services offered:

  • Doc, deck and web page generation
  • Live presentations
  • Easy sharing

Gamma is designed to make it easy to create engaging content, eliminating the need for extensive formatting and design work. The tool allows users to create various outputs, including documents and web pages.

It offers more flexibility than traditional presentations, enabling you to present information in new ways. Additionally, Gamma makes it easy to share the end product with just the click of a button.

Pricing: Free basic plan, Plus plan at $10 per month and Pro plan at $20 per month.

Based in: San Francisco, California.

Great for: Users looking to create quality presentations that can be presented live, shared easily and converted into web pages.


(Source: Kroma)


  • Expert decks
  • Grab and Go content
  • Data visualization
  • Creative assets was created to help individuals and businesses pitch to investors, present ideas, share data, and convince potential clients to sign on the dotted line. Through presentations, the company aims to drive tangible business impact across multiple industries.

With over one million presentation templates, data visualization tools and stock photos, Kroma makes it really easy to create professional-looking presentations.

Pricing: Free Explorer plan, Premium plan at $49.99 per month and Enterprise plan at $1,699.00 per year.

Based in: Tigard, Oregon.

Great for: Professionals wanting to create persuasive pitches, proposals and presentations.

8. Simplified

(Source: Simplified)


  • AI presentation maker
  • AI thumbnail maker
  • AI ads generator
  • AI image generator
  • AI writer app
  • AI video app
  • AI social media app

Simplified is an all-in-one design and collaboration platform that provides everything businesses need to write, design, edit, transcribe and share content.

The product contains a wide range of AI-powered tools and solutions for specific industries. Key features include an AI chatbot, video tutorials and a “My Brandbook” element. With this element, AI seamlessly blends your brand elements, creating a consistent, identifiable and cohesive brand identity for all your designs.

Pricing: Pro plan at $14.99 per month, Business plan at $29.99 per month, Simplified One plan at $29.99 per month and Enterprise plan pricing on request.

Based in: San Francisco, California.

Great for: Marketing professionals or teams looking to save time and create content for various platforms for their agencies.




  • DesignerBot
  • Slide templates
  • Presentation templates makes it easy to turn ideas into visual stories. The AI design tool applies the rules of good design in real-time while content is created. contains smart templates with layouts designed by experts. It makes it easy to create company-wide branding and collaborate across teams within the platform. also integrates with Slack,, Dropbox and PowerPoint.

Pricing: Pro plan at $12 per month, Team plan at $40 per month and Enterprise plan pricing on request.

Based in: San Francisco, California.

Great for: Users or teams looking to scale productivity with easy-to-create presentations for marketing, sales, pitch decks and more.




  • Presentation maker
  • AI writer
  • Imagemaker
  • Logomaker
  • Videomaker
  • Designmaker was created to make design accessible to everyone, with a user-friendly interface and powerful AI tools.

The features help users create beautiful graphics, compelling videos, personalized logos, and smart mockups. It’s easy to collaborate in teams and integrate brand assets on the platform to use them across other content.

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $19 per month, Pro starts at $49 per month and Enterprise starts at $169 per month.

Based in: Singapore.

Great for: Independent freelancers, influencers, marketers and small businesses looking to stand out from the crowd

11. Presentations.AI


  • AI presentation creator
  • AI presentation maker
  • ChatGPT for presentations
  • AI PPT maker

Presentations.AI is simple, fast and fun to use. Calling itself “ChatGPT for presentations,” the tool is centered on effortless creation and personalized design. It uses templates that effortlessly adapt to content changes while preserving design integrity.

Presentations.AI also prides itself on its PowerPoint format compatibility, brand sync, seamless sharing and multi-device compatibility. With AI’s lightning-fast capabilities, this tool gives its users the ability to “create at the speed of thought.”

Pricing: Starter plan at $120 per year, Pro plan at $600 per year and Enterprise plan on request.

Based in: Bengaluru, India.

Great for: Businesses, educators and professionals interested in telling a compelling story as quickly as possible.

12. Pitch

(Source: Pitch)


  • Presentation maker
  • Templates
  • Collaborative editing
  • Animations
  • Free assets
  • Interactive elements

Pitch is a collaborative presentation software tool that helps teams create and share high-converting presentations. The focus is on real-time collaboration, smart workflows and intuitive design features.

Users can either use prompts to get AI-generated presentations or choose from over 100 templates catering to those looking for pitches, agency content or project plans.

Pricing: Free basic plan, Pro plan at $20 per month and Business plan at $80 per month.

Based in: Berlin, Germany.

Great for: Freelancers or businesses of any size looking to work collaboratively and drive growth through effective presentations.

The Best of Both Worlds: Superside’s Mastery in AI-Powered Presentation Creation

Now that you’ve been introduced to the 12 best AI presentation makers for 2024, you really have no excuse—it’s time to tap into the power of machines.

At Superside, we don’t rely solely on AI-powered tools to create knockout presentations: Our industry-leading creatives know exactly how to pair these AI tools with their own creative capabilities to produce top-quality work. With our AI-powered creative services, you can also create standout presentations quickly and efficiently.

Book a call today to discover why our AI-powered creative solution is a step above the rest.

Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done
Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done

Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done

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