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Ad design plays a critical role in everything from lead generation to brand awareness. Due to the shifting nature of audience appetites on digital platforms, along with the emergence of new trends and platform capabilities, it can be hard to keep up. That's why we created this guide.

If you're looking for an all encompassing online resource that you can bookmark and come back to whenever you're in need of some advertising design insights, then look no further.

We're serving up best practices and case studies for advertising on: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Google Display and some key emerging channels.

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  • Ad design trends and predictions

  • Ultimate end-to-end ad design framework

  • Guides, case studies and industry expert tips per ad channel

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When I build a brand, I want to delight people and evoke emotion. Yes, you have your funnel metrics—leads, MQLs, pipeline—but you can’t forget about brand metrics: unaided recall, aided recall, sentiment, share of voice. My shortcut for gauging the potential success of a video at Slack was shockingly simple: show someone the video, see if they smiled, and if they laughed a little I knew I was on to something.FORMERLY CMO AT SLACK & ZENDESK
Bill Macaitis, Growth Advisor & Board Member
Bill Macaitis

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