Super Customers

Companies all over the globe are getting ahead by getting design done at scale. Here's how they're doing it

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  • How Superside Helped Scale Design Output for S&S Activewear

    Published: May 25. at 6:30 PM

    Marc Vitulli, VP of marketing at S&S Activewear, was searching for six months for a flexible design solution to support his ever busy team. Since starting with Superside Vitulli says it feels like they've added three designers to their team, with creative production flowing smoothly.

  • How Amazon Delivers Creative Assets Faster Without Increasing Headcount

    Published: April 2. at 6:30 PM

    Jason Henrickson, a creative operations manager at Amazon Home was having trouble keeping pace with an increasingly demanding photo shoot schedule. By tapping into Superside, he was able to help his team refocus on creating the best visual work they can.

  • How Vlocity Manages High-Volume Deck Production Without Sacrificing the Brand

    Published: March 11. at 6:30 PM

    As one of Salesforce’s biggest partners, the Vlocity team has to move fast. When Ethan Duff, the global head of creative, needed help keeping pace with the demands of a growing business, he turned to Superside.