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Transforming Cybersecurity Branding with AI-Enhanced Comic Book

SecurityScorecard's Epic Rebranding: AI-Enhanced Comic Book at RSA Conference 2024
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From Ratings to Comprehensive Cybersecurity

SecurityScorecard helps businesses understand and improve their cybersecurity. They assess your company's security, give you a score, and highlight areas for improvement. It's like a report card for your cybersecurity, guiding you to fix weak spots and stay safe from online threats.

After acquiring LIFARS two years ago and integrating their advanced services into their portfolio, SecurityScorecard has become a global leader in cybersecurity, offering self-monitoring, third-party risk management, board reporting, and cyber insurance underwriting. When SecurityScorecard approached Superside, they were pursuing a significant rebranding effort to showcase their comprehensive security platform beyond ratings.


A Captivating Comic Book for the RSA Conference

For the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco, the most prestigious cybersecurity summit worldwide, SecurityScorecard wanted a printed comic book giveaway that vividly depicted its platform as a cohesive security ecosystem.

Inspired by the Avengers-style universe, the comic book would feature various ships and characters that symbolize different aspects of SecurityScorecard's products and services. Eight unique "worlds" would form the platform, with characters representing their services as heroes and the cyber threats as villains.

Our guidance

We proposed enhancing the client's experience with a more vivid and immersive conceptualization of ideas. AI is revolutionizing the art of visual storytelling by enabling the efficient creation of 3D illustrative worlds for storyboarding. With our AI expertise, we could design intricate and imaginative worlds with precision and depth, facilitating a more engaging and effective communication of concepts.

The woRK

Creating a Sci-Fi Universe: AI-Enhanced Visual Storytelling

By combining human creativity with AI, SecurityScorecard designed a unique sci-fi universe with consistent style and concept across a great volume of images.

The exploration phase included crafting various elements:

  • Backgrounds: Intricately detailed environments depicting different worlds.
  • Spaceships: Unique designs representing the SecurityScorecard platform's capabilities.
  • Female characters: Strong, heroic figures embodying the company's services.
  • Male characters: Equally compelling characters symbolizing the fight against cyber threats.

Here's the process we followed:

  • We employed ChatGPT to assist with concept creation and drafting the copy, tailoring our prompts to align with detailed industry research and tool-specific insights.
  • After securing approval for the concept and copy, we proceeded with the development of character sheets. This step involved training models to ensure the consistency and versatility of characters across various angles and scenarios, which was in line with the creative direction.
  • Following character development, we crafted background scenes, which served as a quality control (QC) framework and refined the individual assets to meet the customer's precise specifications. 
  • Once these elements were approved, we blended the character model with the background styling to make multiple scene combinations. This process streamlined the QC and further development stages, ensuring seamless integration and refinement of the visual elements in the comic book.
Female characters
Male characters

Superside delivered numerous image options for each category, ensuring consistency and cohesion. We also meticulously crafted the comic book's narrative to integrate all elements and highlight the platform's holistic approach to cybersecurity.

"You guys have made our job difficult. All the options are amazing!"

Creative LeadSecurityScorecard
Comic Book


It's hard to maintain consistency in the illustration style when conceptualizing a 2D universe that would later serve as the basis for a 3D project. We achieved seamless consistency thanks to a keen eye, a sharp curation of the whole image set, and the creation of the right workflow of cutting-edge AI tools.

AI tools
  • ChatGPT for concept/ copy/ character style prompting
  • Scenario AI: model training
  • Midjourney : sref to achieve brand color incorporation
  • Magnific ai: detailing & enhancement
  • Photoshop BETA: post-production QC
  • Figma

The Power of AI in Rebranding

The collaboration between SecurityScorecard and Superside proved the power and impact of AI in brand storytelling. The customer awarded us a perfect 5/5 score and highlighted the following benefits:

High volume of unique images

SecurityScorecard generated 500+ unique and cohesive images.

Quick generation

The rapid production of high-quality visuals ensured timely delivery for the RSA Conference.

Enhanced Engagement

The detailed and imaginative worlds captivated the audience, making communicating a cybersecurity platform's comprehensive capabilities a memorable experience.

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