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Built for You: Introducing New Superside Subscriptions Plans

Team Superside
Team Superside4 min read
Introducing New Superside Subscriptions Plans

Superside was built to be an elastic solution for getting great design done at scale, whatever your creative needs.

Multi-channel ad campaigns, social media programming, large-scale rebranding rollouts, personalized merch for account-based marketing, billboard ads in Times Square—we’ve seen all kinds of design requests over the years. We’ve also seen common use cases emerge where Superside can have the biggest impact for our customers.

But we’ve heard the feedback too: With our current one-size-fits-all subscription plans, it’s not always clear which version of Superside is the best fit to achieve the specific outcomes you want (scaling ad design, accessing fast-turnaround sales collateral, fueling content marketing strategies, etc.).

That’s why we’ve redesigned our subscription plans around the core capabilities we know certain types of customers will need most of the time, with the flexibility to add on capabilities you only need some of the time— like video production and brand identity design—without them being permanent fixtures of your plan.

We’ve structured these new plans to help you get more value with a Superside solution that’s built for you.

Our customers will continue to get the same flexibility they’re used to with Superside, but every hour in each subscription plan will now be optimized for their intended use, leading to less waste, improved efficiency, and a better experience for Superside customers.

These new subscription plans will be rolling out April 1, 2022, and we wanted to give you an early look.

Current Superside customers: You can expect an email from your Customer Success Manager with details about our new solutions (don’t worry—there’s no rush to choose right away). And if you're interested in using Superside to tap into design at scale at your org, you can book a call to learn more.

Superside 3.0—Tailored Solutions Focused on Outcomes

Previously, if you were a Digital Marketer on the Design Full-stack plan but wanted a motion ad, you could get it without a problem. But if you also wanted concepts and copy for split testing, you’d have to upgrade to the Concept and Creative plan to access that capability.

With these redesigned Superside solutions, there’s now a scalable version of Superside tailored for Digital Marketing teams that gives you concepts, copy, and creative to test to your heart’s content. And that’s just one use case our new plans are designed around.

Here’s a breakdown of our new Communications, Full Stack Design, Digital Advertising, and End-to-End Creative solutions, along with what they include, and who they were built for.

1. Communications solution: Produce on-brand assets for internal and external comms

The new Communications solution is replacing Design Essentials for teams that need to create quality educational or promotional material for internal or external audiences and stakeholders. This solution is perfect for producing, repurposing, and updating sales presentations, marketing collateral for events, strategy decks, internal newsletters, and other assets quickly and on brand.

Capabilities: Presentations, Print & Magazine Design, eBook & Digital Report Design, Email Design (includes Graphic Design and Illustration skills)

Built for: Communications teams, PR and IR teams, Sales teams and Strategy functions

Volume-based pricing:

  • Level 1: $4,000 (60h)
  • Level 2: $7,000 (105h)
  • Level 3: $12,000 (180h)
  • Level 4: $24,000 (360h)
  • Level 5: Custom

2. Full-Stack Design solution: Consistently execute and scale your creative vision across brand, content and design operations

The Full Stack Design solution has been rebuilt for teams that require content and ads focused on brand awareness and recognition, whether static or animated. This solution is designed to help teams execute campaigns across multiple channels with creative assets that are optimized for each medium, while still feeling connected to each other and your overall brand.

Capabilities: Presentations, Print & Magazine Design, eBook & Digital Report Design, Email Design, Ad Creative, Social Media Creative, Landing Page Design, Packaging & Merch Design (includes Graphic Design, Illustration, and Motion Design skills)

Built for: Content Marketing teams, Social Media teams, Brand teams, Product Marketing teams, Creative teams

Volume-based pricing:

  • Level 1: $5,500 (65h)
  • Level 2: $9,000 (105h)
  • Level 3: $20,000 (235h)
  • Level 4: $40,000 (470h)
  • Level 5: Custom

3. Digital Advertising solution: Generate high-quality ad creative for testing and learning that support ambitious growth targets

The new Digital Advertising solution is designed for the high-volume and high-velocity creative needs of modern growth marketing programs.

With a focus on producing creative at the speed and scale required for rapidly launching and testing static and motion ads, landing pages, and ABM assets, your team can now access concepts, copy, and creative on their own timeline.

Capabilities: Ad Creative, Social Media Creative, Landing Page Design, Email Design (includes Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design, and Concept & Copy skills)

Built for: Performance Marketing teams, Growth teams, Demand Gen teams, Creative teams, D2C and eCommerce companies

Volume-based pricing:

  • Level 1: $7,500 (95h)
  • Level 2: $12,000 (150h)
  • Level 3: $20,000 (250h)
  • Level 4: $40,000 (500h)
  • Level 5: Custom

4. E2E Creative solution: The "everything" plan covering the entire creative process and all capabilities

The End-to-End Creative solution is designed to help you succeed with all your creative and marketing efforts. Superside partners with you to provide the tailored support you need—whether it’s refreshing multiple brands in your portfolio or developing a new multi-channel campaign from scratch.

Capabilities: Presentations, Print & Magazine Design, eBook & Digital Reports Design, Email Design, Ad Creative, Social Media Creative, Landing Page Design, Packaging & Merch Design, Brand Identity Design (includes Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Design, Concept & Copy skills)

Built for: Creative teams, Marketing teams, and supporting an entire enterprise with its creative needs

Volume-based pricing:

  • Level 1: $15,000 (160h)
  • Level 2: $25,000 (265h)
  • Level 3: $45,000 (480h)
  • Level 4: $95,000 (1,010h)
  • Level 5: Custom

What does this mean for current customers?

These new subscription plans have been informed by your feedback and usage of the Superside platform over the years.

By introducing outcome-based solutions, our goal is to:

  • Make it easier for customers to pick the right plan for their needs
  • Let you pay only for the capabilities we know you’ll need most of the time, resulting in better utilization of resources across the platform
  • Offer tailored solutions to maximize efficiency while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate temporary needs
  • Allow you to scale up your usage more smoothly, or subscribe to short-term capabilities when needed, as your pipeline of requests change

These new solutions will replace our current subscription plans starting April 1, 2022.

Existing customers will have some time even after the new plans are live to decide which solution is right for them. So, keep an eye on your inbox—your Customer Success Manager will be in touch to help you through the process.

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Published: Mar 15, 2022
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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