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The Dysfunctional Design Process:

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing & Design Teams

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With helpful interviews and advice from Amrita Mathur, VP Marketing at Superside

Design shouldn’t be frustrating

The design process can be painful for both marketers and designers alike. Marketing overloads designers with requests. Overloaded designers create bottlenecks. Bottlenecks delay projects. Delays lead to frustrated marketers. It's a vicious cycle. The only way to break it is to rebuild it.

We conducted 100+ hours of research and interviews with marketers and designers to get to the root of this dysfunction, and uncovered patterns, problems, and solutions that we’ve distilled into this in-depth resource.

Peek inside the design processes of fast-growing companies

In this guide we dive into the most common issues that arise between marketing and design teams, outlining the core dysfunctions that lead to missed deadlines, designer burnout, and unnecessary revisions.

We also uncover how marketing and design teams at some of the world’s most ambitious companies are working better together, including Intercom, Shopify, Meltwater and more.

Get an inside look at how the design process works (and sometimes doesn’t work) at different companies, with dozens of takeaways to help you improve your own design workflows.

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One of the things that we've done to mitigate this build-up is a self-service model for assets that we know are ongoing. With our templates and styles, we can step out and it becomes a production task. You're not inventing stuff from scratch each time.TWILIO
Nathan Sharpe, Principal Visual Designer
Nathan Sharpe

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