Free Banking & Finance PowerPoint Templates from Top Banks

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Published2 Nov, 2017

It has never been clearer than it is today that our economy could not function without banks. Whether we are talking about mergers and acquisitions, portfolio management or even retail banking, these all make the wheels of the economy turn.

If we look at the employee headcount, one of the largest banks, Wells Fargo, has approximately 240,000 employees only in the U.S. If just 1% of the Wells Fargo employees have to make one banking presentation every month, we are talking about 28,800 banking ppt presentations every year, and this is just one bank, and only in the U.S. Considering that banking, just like the law and accounting industries is a very bureaucratic industry, the need for reports and presentations is much higher than in other industries.

Whether you are an investment banker pitching a client or a potential buyer, making a market overview presentation to potential clients, or an in-house financial statement presentation, Excel and PowerPoint are most likely your go-to tools when it comes to reporting or making a compelling banking presentation.

Here at Superside, we have gathered some of the best bank PowerPoint templates from the top 10 full service investment banks in the world, based on a combination of revenue numbers, global reach, income and other parameters. If you are working in the banking industry or you are just interested in learning more about the dos and don’ts of PowerPoint design, you’re in the right place:

1. Bank of America PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America is ranked second by total assets in the United States and ninth worldwide. It currently operates in 40 countries around the world, with total revenue of $89,801 million and a wide portfolio of services, including card services, investment banking and mortgage and trading.

What we love about Bank of America’s investment banking ppt template is how cohesive it is with the company's branding colors and styles.

  • Just look at how similar the template is with the company's website. Even the graphs are in line with the style and color combination, giving a sense of consistency throughout the finance PowerPoint presentation.
  • The shades of white, blue and red and the clean and simple white background easily correlate with their logo and brand identity, increasing relevance.
  • The design looks modern, clean and to the point. Especially if you look at some of their older investment banking presentations, you will see the progress!
  • The presentation ends with a simple slide, with just the brand’s colors, meant to make them stick in the audience’s memory.

Potential improvements: Up to slide 14, the information looks well-researched, relevant and on point, but the next slides are likely to lose the audience’s interest. Remember that a presentation slide is used to support the speaker in sharing information and it’s best to steer clear of too much text on one slide.

2. Goldman Sachs PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is one of the oldest investment banking companies, with tradition and proven long-term sustainability and success. With total revenue of $37.71 billion and total assets of $860.1 billion according to their 2016 financial statements, Goldman Sachs is definitely one of the strongest players in the banking industry.

What we love about this investment banking PowerPoint template from Goldman Sachs:

  • The first thing we noticed about this banking presentation from Goldman Sachs is, how it incorporates the style and color combination of Chesapeake Energy, considering the presentation is about them.
  • Also, a number of graphs and numbers give a sense of a well-documented and well-researched presentation, which is exactly what the audience is expecting in the banking and financial industry.

Potential improvements: Some of the initial color consistency is fading around slide 5. Adding red and dark green, and later on, yellow and brown, on top of the original combination of green, blue and white seems a bit too heavy on the eye. We think it might be a good idea to keep the rest of the slides in the same line with the first one and use the same colors or similar shades of blue, green or gray, at least for the graphs.

3. JP Morgan Chase PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

With offices in 60 countries, more than 260,000 employees, $2.4 trillion in assets and $211.2 billion in stockholders’ equity, JP Morgan’s numbers are as impressive as its history and client portfolio. The financial services company offers its solutions to corporations and government institutions in over 100 countries but also gets involved in volunteer service activities, helping local communities and giving $200 million to nonprofit organizations annually.

What we love about this PowerPoint bank deck from JP Morgan is how the information is presented progressively but at the same time going in depth on each point. With so many graphs on the slides, our guess is that most parts of the presentation were done orally, which is great!

  • Slide 17 is a great addition to the presentation. On one hand, it subtly announces the audience that the presentation is ending, and on the other hand, it reminds them of the main point discussed throughout the presentation.

Potential improvements: It is a known fact that the hardest part of making a successful presentation is keeping the audience engaged and the pale gray color on every slide of the investment banking PowerPoint template makes it harder for the speaker to achieve that.

4. Barclays Bank PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

Headquartered in London, Barclays offers a wide range of services, from loans and credit to savings accounts, mortgages, and insurance, being a strong presence in investment banking as well as in retail and commercial banking. Statistics indicate a total income of $37,342.56 million and almost 140,000 employees around the world.

What we love about this PowerPoint bank deck:

  • Starting from the first few slides, we love the modern, clean look, the white background, and airy feel that these slides give. The presentation is in line with the company’s website; it used the same colors and style.
  • Slides 2 and 14 announce the speakers and, by presenting them the whole presentation becomes more reliable and trustworthy.

Potential improvements:

  • While the slides are clean and airy, a presentation of 57 slides is too long for the audience to stay engaged until the end. Some suggestions would be to shorten the “Appendices” section, or at least add a roadmap like we will see later on in the Wells Fargo Bank presentation, as this will help improve the functionality and performance of the presentation significantly.
  • The first slides are always very important and can make or break a presentation. In this case, slide 1 is too simplistic and doesn’t do enough to catch the reader’s attention. Also, adding the logo of the company might make it easier for the public to make a fast connection between the content and firm. The first slide of Bank of America’s deck is an excellent example of how to start a presentation the right way.

5. Deutsche Bank PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

Headquartered in Frankfurt, with a revenue of $34.84 billion in 2016, Deutsche Bank is Germany’s largest bank and one of the strongest players in the global banking industry. Their fundamental goal is to make Deutsche Bank a stronger and safer bank, and one of the leading client-centric global universal banks.

What we love about this PowerPoint deck from Deutsche Bank:

  • They keep it short and simple; the slides are clean, airy, have just enough graphs to give the sense of a well-researched and well-documented presentation, without boring the audience.
  • The logo on every slide works as a reminder of the company holding the presentation and is in line with the whole concept – it’s modern, simple and easy to remember.
  • In terms of content, slide 3 is great at transforming the goals on slide 2 in practical, actionable objectives and giving examples of what exactly has been done so far for achieving those goals.

Potential improvements:

  • Overall, the presentation looks great, but slide 3 somehow contrasts with the rest of the presentation, being too crowded with text.

6. Morgan Stanley PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

Morgan Stanley is a leading financial services company based in New York City, with a tradition and history of over 80 years. Its current activity includes services ranging from investment banking and securities to wealth management and investment management services. The global company has a headcount of 55,794 employees across multiple countries and reported net revenue of $32,417 million, of which the investment banking segment is $5,246 million.

What we love about the Morgan Stanley bank PowerPoint template:

  • The template design looks fresh and modern, with a color combination that even though differs from their website, looks good as it is refreshing to see less blue in a banking PowerPoint presentation.
  • We also like seeing the name of the bank on every slide of the presentation and how it ends with the same slide it began.

Potential improvements:

  • When it comes to PowerPoint decks, less is more, and in this case, it might be a good idea to lose some of the text on slides 16 to 18.
  • Details matter a great deal in investment banking presentations, so seeing the geometric shapes on slide 4 pointing down, when the text actually talks about progress, is somewhat confusing.

7. HSBC Bank PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

HSBC Bank, headquartered in London, is one of the largest banking companies in the world, with over 7,500 offices in over 80 countries around the globe. Its 254,000 employees are offering services ranging from investment and private banking to card processing and leasing to 54 million global customers.

What we love about this investment banking ppt presentation from HSBC:

  • The red color on the slides is refreshing after seeing so much blue in all the presentations, plus it’s in line with the company’s brand and logo, which is great!
  • The presentation is short and on point. Slide 9 gives a more human note to the entire presentation, which is a great asset in an industry primarily focused on numbers and profit.
  • Slide 10 confirms the idea from slide 9, as the contact information offered makes HSBC seem transparent and open to communication.

Potential improvements: Although the red in the presentation is refreshing, it is not the same shade as the red in the logo. We believe the presentation could be improved by changing the font and gray background, which both look a bit dull and outdated.

8. Citi Bank PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

Founded in 1812, Citi today has 251,000 employees in 160 countries around the globe. Financial statements for the third quarter of 2017 show that Citigroup Inc. has a net income of $4.1 billion and revenues of $18.2 billion. The bank is a key player in investment banking and management, card processing and private banking.

What we love about this banking ppt presentation is that the overall feel and look are consistent with their website and brand identity.

  • Slide 2 is a great way of preparing the audience for what’s to come and engaging them.
  • The logo on every slide is also a subtle but great idea of making the company stick in the audience’s mind.

Potential improvements: While the first 11 slides are consistent and well organized, beginning with slide 12, the presentation begins to look a little messy: slide 12 has too much text, on slide 13 the logo does not read very well with the white text on white background, and slides 14 to 16 are not properly aligned.

This is one of the reasons why many companies come to Superside for support and help with efficient PowerPoint professional reformatting.

9. Wells Fargo Bank PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

The largest bank in the United States by 'number of employees', with a headcount of 239,836 in 2017, Wells Fargo is a provider of investing, banking, insurance, and mortgage services for individual clients and businesses of all sizes.

What we love about Wells Fargo’s bank PowerPoint template:

  • Overall, the presentation matches the company’s website and brand colors and style.
  • The roadmap slides are great for reminding the public where they are in the presentation and letting them know what’s next.
  • The last slide gives authority to the entire presentation and makes it more reliable by presenting a summary of the author’s achievements and professional expertise.

Potential improvements: The presentation as a whole seems a bit outdated; the website, for example, even if it’s designed in the same style and colors gives a more modern feel. Also, on slides 2, 8 and 31 the text is difficult, if not impossible to read since it’s the same color as the background. We would also give these slides a small brush-up for a more updated look.

10. Guggenheim Partners PowerPoint Presentation

Download here

With more than $295 billion in assets, Guggenheim is one of the leading global investment and advisory financial services companies with a clear focus on delivering innovative solutions for long-term results.

What we love about Guggenheim’s deck:

  • It’s cohesive with the website when it comes to colors and style, and by using purple, it stands out from all the blue and gray investment banking presentations.

Potential improvements: We believe this deck could use some brush-up, a more creative design, and a little more color. We feel somewhat relieved to reach slide 16 because the whole presentation is just a little too heavy on text and makes the audience lose interest.

Many companies come to Superside with similar decks and what we do is transform them into more modern, high-end PowerPoint designs.

Some Tips When Creating Banking Related PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Use a design consistent with your website, brand colors and identity, to help the audience identify and remember you easier.
  • In an industry where most companies use blue because it inspires trust and reliability, stand out and come up with something different, while staying true to your identity.
  • Incorporate an agenda or roadmap to keep the audience engaged and informed throughout the presentation.
  • Use numbers, graphs, statistics, and other relevant data because this is what people are expecting from a banking presentation.
  • Gain your audience’s trust with bios, names, and headshots, when possible.
  • Stay up to date with design trends; a modern, updated look is essential in an industry so regulated and focused on numbers.

PowerPoint presentations are essential in the business context as they go beyond the basic role of showcasing information. Especially in an industry as focused on numbers as banking, adding the visual element to an oral presentation is very important and further increases the chances that the audience gets the right message and stays connected until the end of the presentation. A great PowerPoint design can improve a company’s image, make it stick in one’s mind, and even function as relevant advertising.

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