These Are the 10 Best AI Ad Copy Generators in 2024

Published May 12
Roger Match
Roger MatchContent Marketer

The digital ad space is a crowded market. How do you get noticed? Produce ads and tons of content variations in half the time using AI-powered ad copy generators. Our team here at Superside has experienced first-hand how powerful AI can be, so we’ve curated a list of the hottest AI ad generators out there.

Dishing up fresh content daily has become a constant scurry. Consequently, an increasing percentage of digital marketers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead.

A recent study by Statista shows that 73% of U.S. marketers already use AI for content creation. This trend is set to continue, with digital ad spend expected to hit $870 billion by 2027—a dramatic increase from $550 billion in 2022. Another Statista report predicts the AI marketing industry will hit a staggering $107.5 billion by 2028, a huge jump from $15.8 billion in 2021.

The AI boom isn’t just hype, and many marketers are already using an ad copy generator to work smarter.

According to a Hubspot survey, 75% of marketers say generative AI is already helping them create more content than they would without it. AI content generators can quickly generate a range of creative ad variations (including headlines, descriptions and social media posts), and personalize messages for different audiences. These tools also help marketers experiment with different formats to see what sticks.

Curious? Explore our list of the top 10 AI ad copy generators that will level up your digital marketing game, whether your next goal is to create winning Google ad copy or compelling copy for a print campaign.

Benefits of Using AI Ad Copy Generators

AI ad generators offer fantastic ways to enhance your ad copy, making it more effective and engaging.

Get Creative up to 60% More Efficiently
Get Creative up to 60% More Efficiently

Get Creative up to 60% More Efficiently

Our team of expert AI designers and breadth of AI Services let you explore, create and test a greater variety of concepts and creative formats—getting to market sooner and increasing impact.

Selecting Superior AI Ad Copy Generators Superside Style

As an early adopter of AI technology, the team at Superside has done its homework. We’ve tried tons of tools to find the right one for the job.

Here’s our lowdown of what to look for when choosing an AI ad copy generator for your next campaign.

1. Accuracy and relevance

Effective ad copy goes beyond creativity—it demands grammatical accuracy and contextual relevance. AI content creators are powerful tools for creating effective ad copy, but they aren’t perfect wordsmiths. Minimize errors by selecting tools with features tailored to your target audience’s language(s).

Remember, the quality of the AI's output hinges on the data you provide, so be specific. The more detailed the information about your target market and brand personality, the better equipped the AI will be to generate pertinent ad copy.

2. Customization options

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter marketing messages. Choose an AI content generator that allows you to customize its outputs to suit your brand’s identity and campaign objectives. Look for options that enable you to tweak tone, writing style and content so that the final product feels tailor-made.

Some generators also let you define the format, like headlines or social media posts, for even greater integration with your existing marketing strategy.

3. Efficiency and speed

The core benefits of AI-powered ad copy generation lie in its time-saving capabilities. The ideal tool should streamline the process, enabling quick turnarounds without compromising quality. The payoff? Freeing up your time to focus on other marketing objectives like strategic planning and driving sales.

4. Scalability and integration capabilities

An AI content generator’s superpower is creating content at scale. This extra special ability is an absolute boon for marketers juggling multi-channel campaigns across various platforms.

Importantly, the best AI content generator for your brand should integrate seamlessly with your company's marketing platforms.

5. Innovative features

AI content generators are constantly pushing boundaries with innovative features such as A/B testing predictions and SEO optimization for maximum impact. Some tools use advanced algorithms to analyze competitor ads and identify winning copywriting formulas, too.

A few even generate advertising copy in multiple languages, which means you can expand your reach to global markets. Adapting ad campaigns and making them effective across diverse audiences is a pretty cool perk.

10 Best AI Ad Copy Generators in 2024

Looking for an AI ad generator with tools to help you create high-converting ad copy for your next marketing campaign? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top AI ad creative and copy producers currently available. Say goodbye to writing ad copy from scratch.

1. Superside


Services offered:

Our top AI ad copy generator award goes to Superside. Okay, so we’re not an AI ad-generation tool. However, AI-enhanced ad copywriting and design are some of the creative services you can expect from our innovative subscription model.

Unlike purely automated ad generators, what really sets Superside apart is our people. We leverage the power of AI in our creative processes, but we use it to enhance our top team's outputs, not replace them. It’s this synergy of human ingenuity and robust AI muscle that puts Superside at the top of the list for ad copy creators.

In short: Superside's subscription model offers a one-stop solution for marketers and creative teams at one predictable price. From ad copywriting and design to social media creative, our talented human team harvests the power of AI. The prize? Compelling market-ready ad content delivered at unbelievable scale and speed.

(PS: See how Boomi, a leading U.S. SaaS company, used Superside’s AI-enhanced creative services to triple their lead-generating ad output while saving money.)

Great for: Medium to enterprise-sized companies, which means any business, big or small, wanting to cover different design needs/

Pricing: Superside offers four fantastic pricing packages starting from $5,000 per month. Each package gives you credits to spend on any of our services, including AI-enhanced capabilities.


Source: is a popular AI writing platform that is popular as a user-friendly entry point for beginners. It has matured into a comprehensive AI-driven marketing and sales solution aimed at the enterprise market. The platform boasts go-to-market operating systems streamlining workflows for content creation, SEO, demand generation and more. was built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 large language model (LLM), which means that it was trained on a massive dataset of text and code. It can understand and generate human-like text across various styles and formats. This provides a strong foundation for machine learning algorithms to generate creative and relevant ad copy variations.

The platform delivers a range of customizable content templates and tools designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand. It generates sales copy, persuasive copy for Google ads and eCommerce product info, among other things.

Great for: Medium to large marketing teams looking for a comprehensive marketing and sales workstream platform.


  • This AI tool effortlessly integrates with over 2,000 platforms.
  • supports more than 25 languages.

Pricing: offers four packages, starting with a free option with limited capabilities and ranging between $36 and $186 per month. The higher the package price, the more users and workflows are available.


Source: is an AI writing tool aimed at streamlining content marketing and boosting social engagement.

The platform, built on OpenAI's GPT-3 LLM, generates human-quality text in various styles and formats, and supports 17 languages.’s content generator excels at producing high-quality social media captions, Google ads copy, YouTube titles/descriptions and email copy. also offers ideation tools that spark creativity by suggesting relevant content ideas for different channels. This user-friendly platform allows for seamless customization of AI-generated content to align with voice and marketing goals.

Great for: Small businesses, digital marketers, small business owners, social media managers, bloggers, freelance writers and content creators.


  • Free step-by-step courses like Storytelling Basics, AI Content Marketing Basics and more.

Pricing: offers a limited free package and two priced packages of $15 and $19 per month that give you access to AI runs AI tools, campaign builder and marketing courses.

4. Writesonic

Source: Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered content creation and SEO platform designed to help marketing teams, agencies and freelancers boost their online presence.

Writesonic leverages advanced AI to create high-quality, optimized content at the push of a button. Unlike competitors tied to a single LLM provider, Writesonic boasts a model-agnostic approach. Their proprietary AI Model Gateway, aptly named GPT Router, dynamically selects from multiple AI models for faster responses, high-quality output and reliability.

The platform also offers an impressive set of features, such as in-depth data analysis, crafting accurate and up-to-date content with Google integration, and optimizing it for SEO using built-in keyword targeting.

Additionally, Writesonic offers trend identification, which can help you capitalize on what’s trending among your target audience.

Great for: Agencies and enterprise teams tasked with content production at scale. It’s also a good bet for SaaS companies and eCommerce businesses needing to generate product listings, descriptions and content that drives conversions and traffic.


  • Chatsonic—Writesonic’s version of ChatGPT—was ranked on Google as the best ChatGPT alternative. You can use it to generate AI images and voiceovers.

Pricing: Writesonic offers five packages starting with a free limited option. Three of the priced packages range from $12 to $79 per month. They give users access to GTP-4 and Claude 3 Opus level quality writing generations and advanced features like SEO optimization and plagiarism checking. The Enterprise package starts at $9,999 per year and offers loads of extras such as custom features and tailored workflows.

5. Notion AI

Source: Notion AI

Notion, the popular project management platform, introduced Notion AI to streamline project and content management. It has a standard set of AI writing capabilities, including content creation, editing, summarization and more.

Notion utilizes LLMs provided by Anthropic, OpenAI and a Notion-hosted model provided by Cohere. AI ad copy generation features among the platform's extensive library of over 100 content templates. However, it’s important to note that Notion’s core strength lies in its robust project management capabilities.

Great for: Individual content creators and small teams seeking to integrate AI functionalities into their existing project management workflows.


  • Notion’s project management capabilities.
  • Translation capabilities across 10 languages.

Pricing: Notion AI offers four packages, starting with a free option with limited features. The paid packages range from $8 to $15 per month and beyond. These include features like collaborative workspace, page analytics and more.

6. Hypotenuse AI 

Hypotenuse AI is an AI-powered content creation platform designed to assist eCommerce and social media marketers in generating content efficiently.

The platform leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze user and input data and generate content that resonates with the target audience.

Hypotenuse AI offers a comprehensive set of features and templates specifically designed to simplify content creation for different platforms. Notably, it includes specialized modules for Facebook and Google ads campaigns, allowing users to craft headlines and product information, and generate various copy variations in a streamlined two-step process.

The platform caters to a global audience and supports over 30 languages.

Great for: A wide range of users, from small businesses to large-scale SEO teams and eCommerce brands seeking a cost effective way of producing copy at scale.


  • Hypo Art is a feature that allows users to create digital art based on text prompts.
  • A plagiarism checker allows users to check the originality and uniqueness of multiple versions of ad copy in their content. It can also detect any duplicate or similar content from the web.

Pricing: Hypotenuse AI has three packages ranging from $29 to $59 per month. Users receive access to a factual article writer wizard, high-quality AI images, SEO mode, plagiarism checker and more.

7. Narrato AI 

Source: Narrato

Narrato streamlines the entire content marketing workflow, from ideation and creation to optimization, publishing and team management. This AI-powered content creation and marketing workspace goes beyond traditional ad copywriting tools.

It has a vast library of AI-powered content templates (there are hundreds!) for crafting engaging content across ads, blogs, social media platforms, web pages, emails, etc.

Narrato can help spark ideas for articles, Google ads, PPC ad copy, blog posts and more, and also offers SEO optimization for maximum reach. It can even generate high-quality images to complement your written content visually.

Narrato is more than just a simple AI content creation tool. It functions as a comprehensive workspace designed to optimize marketing team workflows. The user-friendly interface facilitates effortless task delegation, seamless content calendar management and complete oversight of the entire content creation process.

Great for: Marketing managers seeking workflow streamlining, freelance writers and consultants seeking to unlock creative potential, and SEO experts leveraging built-in optimization tools.


  • Social media features include the AI Content Genie, which generates engaging social media and blog content on autopilot.
  • It also lets you schedule and publish social media content directly from Narrato.

Pricing: Narrato offers two packages priced at $44 and $96 per month that give four users access to many features. These include AI writing, AI Content Genie, bulk content generation, AI images, SEO content briefs and more. You also have the option of creating a customized package.

8. Jasper AI

Source: Jasper

Similar to Narrato, Jasper offers AI-powered content generation alongside workflow and project management functionalities, catering to marketing teams.

Jasper leverages OpenAI's GPT-3 language model to generate content across various formats, including ad copy, product descriptions, social media posts, email campaigns and blog articles.

Jasper empowers users with data-driven insights through its analytics and recommendations feature. This feature analyzes your content's performance and suggests actionable improvements you can implement with a single click.

Great for: Medium to enterprise-sized marketing teams seeking a streamlined approach. The platform allows organizations to manage and optimize the entire content creation process from a single, centralized location.


  • The AI ad copy generator can create a multichannel campaign from a single brief.
  • The platform supports more than 30 languages.
  • A neat feature is its capability to develop supporting imagery from text inputs.
  • It integrates with Surfer SEO, allowing for real-time content optimization within Jasper’s interface.

Pricing: Jasper offers three packages ranging from $39 to $59 per month. Users get access to features such as SEO mode, instant campaigns, Jasper Art and performance analytics and insights.

9. Rytr 

Source: Rytr

This great tool has established itself as a popular AI writing assistant designed to streamline content creation for various marketing needs. Rytr empowers users to generate high-quality marketing materials, web copy and blog posts with ease.

The AI ad copy generator leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to generate human-quality content. It simplifies the writing process by offering a range of features accessible with just a few clicks or even just a single click.

Beyond content generation, the AI ad copy generator offers a suite of features designed to optimize and organize content.

Rytr distinguishes itself by integrating an AI-powered rich text editor, a plagiarism checker and an image generator, providing a comprehensive content creation environment.

Great for: A broad spectrum of marketing professionals, including copywriters, content marketers and SEO managers, wanting to tap into AI generated ad copy.


  • The platform can help you write compelling copy in 30 languages,
  • Rytr has 20+ pre-programmed tones of voice to capture the mood and attention of your target audiences.

Pricing: Rytr offers a free limited package and two paid packages priced at $7.50 and $24.16 per month. These provide AI content generation, pre-programmed and tailored tones of voices, plagiarism checks and more.

10. Anyword

Source: Anyword

Anyword positions itself as an AI-powered copywriting platform designed to empower content creators by streamlining the process of crafting high-impact, persuasive and engaging copy.

Unlike some generative AI tools, Anyword goes a step further by delving deeper into understanding your brand identity. This allows the platform to generate copy that aligns precisely with your messaging and resonates with your target audience.

The platform boasts a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance the process of creating ad copy and other text. These include a data-driven editor, over 100 pre-built templates, a blog post creation wizard, a plagiarism checker, support for over 30 languages, integration with Grammarly and a Google Chrome extension for seamless access.

The ad copy generator differentiates itself through its brand voice feature. This empowers users to maintain consistent messaging by defining and managing their voice, tone, target audiences and brand rules directly within the platform.

Great for: Business and enterprise-level marketing teams seeking to elevate their ad copy efforts with AI-powered insights and optimization.

Features: Anyword's Copy Intelligence platform delves into your brand's existing content library, analyzing every piece of content you've published. This comprehensive analysis empowers the platform to understand which messaging resonates best with specific keywords and your audience across various marketing channels.

Pricing: Anyword has four paid packages ranging from $39 to $349 per month. Users get access to unlimited copy generation and improvement, marketing templates, and much more.

Superside Goes Beyond AI Ad Copy Generators—A Unique Blend of Human and AI Expertise

Are you ready to join the growing number of marketers using the latest AI ad copy generator to leverage their digital campaigns?

Hands down, humans win the creativity stakes. But when it comes to the multiplying superpower of productivity, AI takes reigns supreme.

Superside brings you the best of both worlds: Our top human talent pool harnesses the power of AI and will elevate your digital marketing outcomes to the next level.

Find out how Superside can help you create high converting ad copy better than any AI Ad copy tool out therebook a demo with us.

Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done
Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done

Creative-as-a-Service: The Better Way to Get Design Done

Get a dedicated design team that scales with your vision. Want to learn more?

Roger Match
Roger MatchContent Marketer

Meet Roger, a content marketer driven by his love for online search, digital marketing, and performance marketing. When he's not immersed in the latest updates on Google, AI and social media, you'll find him passionately crafting strategies to simplify online searches for people, sparing them the frustration of navigating through endless pages. As a marketer, Roger Match has turned into the perfect match for Superside, helping us showcase our purpose, objectives and essence to the world.

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