The 12 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Curated List)

Published May 20
Roger Match
Roger MatchContent Marketer

Logo design is more accessible than ever thanks to a new generation of AI logo makers. But choosing the right one can be a minefield. With so much riding on your branding, don’t risk tanking your new business with bad design. We’ve curated a list of the best AI-powered logo generators and share some expert tips for using them.

Your logo shapes 90% of first impressions of your brand. That means it has to convey who you are and what you stand for instantly. A memorable logo design is notoriously difficult, but crucial to get right.

New AI logo generators and AI tools have opened up a world of possibilities, letting you experiment at scale with types of logos, compositions, styles and palettes.

At Superside, we know there’s no substitute for the human touch. But we also know exactly how to harness technology for high-volume, high-quality AI-powered creative design.

By 2025, about 80% of logo design processes will involve some form of AI assistance. To make sure you’re not left behind in this revolution, take a look at our list of top AI logo makers for 2024—and check out the best AI logo tools to create brilliant logos at a fraction of the cost and time.

How to Create Logos with AI Generators

As AI tools become more widespread in the design world, it’s important to remember that no AI tool can replace human creativity and empathy. Instead, think of it as a symbiotic relationship, where human designers work with AI to realize the potential of this powerful technology.

It’s useful to understand how a typical AI logo creation process works to get the results you need. An online logo maker can save you loads of time and effort, but remember that you can’t dispense with human input and iteration in your logo design process.

There are three basic steps to generative logo design.

Get Creative up to 60% More Efficiently
Get Creative up to 60% More Efficiently

Get Creative up to 60% More Efficiently

Our team of expert AI designers and breadth of AI Services let you explore, create and test a greater variety of concepts and creative formats—getting to market sooner and increasing impact.

The Superside Standard: Selecting the Top AI Logo Generators

Superside’s expert design teams use AI design tools intelligently to speed up workflows and generate high volumes of new ideas. We know that not all tools are created equal and it pays to be picky when choosing the best AI logo design generator for your project.

Our top criteria for choosing AI logo makers include:

1. Quality design

My favorite AI logo generators produce professional-looking logos in various styles. While we always iterate AI designs ourselves, we need a quality draft to start with.

Avoid logo makers that only create generic or similar designs, or can’t adapt to different style needs.

2. Customization options

One of the perks of using AI logo creators is the ability to produce multiple options quickly. A useful tool allows us to easily customize fonts, colors, icons, layouts and style.

A free AI logo generator is a good way to get started, but these often lack full customization abilities. Choose a tool that gives you the flexibility and variety you need to create a genuinely professional logo.

3. User experience

The best AI logo designers have intuitive, well-designed user interfaces for a seamless experience. Tools and options should be easy to find and use with a minimal learning curve. You also want a tool that loads quickly, generates logos fast and updates without lagging.

4. Integration and export options

AI-generated file formats and outputs need to be compatible with standard software. Top AI logo design tools will let you choose your preferred formats for export, so you can iterate and complete the design in your preferred software.

Many less expensive or free options only let you download non-transparent images, which severely limits your ability to adapt and use the logo files across formats.

5. Better AI capabilities

It’s worth investing a little more in an AI logo generator based on tried-and-tested algorithms that can learn and adapt to your feedback. Powerful AI tools will be able to incorporate existing brand identities and guidelines to offer you on-point ideas every time.

Most free tools lack capabilities, so the small investment in a paid logo maker is often worth it.

12 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024

Logo design companies and agencies must understand your brand's essence to create unique logos that resonate with your voice and values. If you want to speed up this process with AI tools, let's explore the 12 best AI logo generators of 2024 based on our research.

1. Superside



  • Branding, including logo design
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration design
  • Presentation design
  • Ads and social media design
  • Motion graphics and video production
  • AR and 3D design
  • Print, packaging and merch design
  • Concept design
  • Email, eBooks and report design
  • AI-enhanced design

Superside isn’t an AI logo generator–we are an even better solution for your logo design needs. If you’re after a top-notch logo design and the full stack of branding and creative services, we should be your first choice. We’re not a typical agency, either: Our subscription model gives you a fully stacked, transparently priced creative team on call.

That said, we’re experts in leveraging AI to create logo drafts for our brilliant creative teams to develop and refine. Better than a standalone AI logo maker, our human creatives are integral to our branding and design process. That means you get all the benefits of AI-powered design without the limitations. Our cutting-edge AI capabilities enhance our human creative spark but never replace it.

Beyond custom logo designs, we can deliver brand assets, visual identities and all the graphic design you could possibly need, along with plenty more.

Pricing: Monthly subscription packages from $5,000.

Based in: Globally distributed across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia

Great for: Large and enterprise-sized businesses who need high-volume creative on a regular basis.

2. Looka

(Source: Looka)


  • AI logo generator
  • Customizable designs
  • Merch and collateral mockups
  • Brand kit generation
  • AI-generated websites

Looka is a highly popular AI logo maker choice, and it’s easy to see why. The intuitive, accessible interface quickly gathers your brand’s name, industry and colors, plus a few existing Looka logos you particularly like.

As you scroll through your options and favorite the best ones, the algorithm generates more designs. You can fully customize your chosen design and see what it’ll look like on merch and collateral.

Pricing: One-time logos from $20, branding and web packages from $96.

Based in: Toronto, Canada.

Great for: New brands looking for logos and full branding kits.




  • AI logo maker
  • Text-to-image generator
  • Video generator
  • AI voiceovers
  • AI-powered graphic design
  • AI copy and SEO writer offers way more tools than just an AI logo maker. You can generate tons of logo options, plus get a full brand identity package with all your collateral.

Subscriptions include access to their full suite of creative tools, from AI voiceovers to image and video generators. They’re a great choice if you want to experiment with the full potential of AI-powered creative.

Pricing: Subscriptions from $19 per month.

Based in: Singapore.

Great for: All business sizes from freelancer to enterprise, with regular AI design needs to make a subscription model worthwhile.

4. LogoAI

(Source: LogoAI)


  • AI logo creator
  • Visual identity
  • Brand collateral

LogoAI offers easy logo creation with just a few clicks, plus options to create brand collateral, business cards, PowerPoint templates, social media content and flyers.

Their logo design interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to generate and edit as many versions as you like. You only pay for the logos you download. However, their brand kit generation is not quite as slick as some competitors and there’s no free trial option.

Pricing: Once-off payments from $29-$99.

Based in: Shanghai, China.

Great for: Small businesses and freelancers who just need a logo to get started.

5. Tailor Brands

(Source: Tailor Brands)


  • AI logo designer
  • Brand collateral
  • Business registrations
  • Financial compliance
  • Banking and insurance
  • Web domains and email

Tailor Brands is a business development platform that offers access to multiple business services under one subscription, including web hosting, financial compliance and company registration.

Their offerings include an excellent AI-powered logo maker. Note, however, that their choice of styles is a little limited, letting you choose between a wordmark, monogram or icon. But if you need a basic logo fast, they’re a good choice. Logos can be edited to your specifications and downloaded in multiple formats.

Pricing: On request, dependent on services needed.

Based in: New York.

Great for: U.S.-based businesses, including startups, that need support on their business development journey and new branding and logos.

6. Logomaster

(Source: Logomaster)


  • AI logo design
  • Website builder

Logomaster doesn’t offer a lot of extra bells and whistles. They’re a good choice if all you need is a solid logo delivered in minutes. Their platform lets you input your business name, pick a few icons and colors, and immediately generate a wide range of logo designs.

They partner with Wix to offer an AI-powered website builder, so you can get the basics of your new brand’s online presence in place fast.

Pricing: Packages from $15-$70.

Based in: Hong Kong.

Great for: Freelancers, individual consultants or small startups needing to set up basic branding quickly without any complicated extras.

7. Logomakerr

(Source: Logomakerr)


  • AI logo creator
  • Visual identity
  • Brand collateral

Instead of the subscription model of many other platforms, Logomakerr only asks you to pay once-off for the final logo designs you download. Once you’ve got your perfect logo design, you can add a branding kit, letterheads, PowerPoint and Word templates, posters and business cards to your order.

Their logos aren’t the most unique ones we’ve seen, but if you’re after the basics Logomakerr is a solid choice.

Pricing: Once-off payment of $29-$99 per logo download.

Based in: United States.

Great for: Startups who need a fast basic logo plus additional brand kit and templates.




  • AI logo creator
  • Business name generator
  • Brand kit and merch
  • Website builder
  • AI design tool

Similarly to many other AI logo makers, responds to your business name, style and color preferences to produce a range of options. You can pick your favorites and edit fonts, colors, icons and layouts. It also has some fun extras like a business name generator and an AI-powered website builder. 

This is a good option for generating loads of ideas for new business branding, ready to take to a human designer to iterate further.

Pricing: Subscription packages at $10-$12 monthly, with a limited free option.

Based in: Vancouver, Canada.

Great for: New businesses requiring a logo and business name, plus options for a brand kit, a website and more.

9. Brandmark

(Source: Brandmark)


  • AI logo generator
  • Brand guidelines
  • Basic brand kit
  • Social media
  • Icons
  • Custom logo concepts

Brandmark’s logo maker tool comes with added extras like brand style guides, business card and letterhead designs, social media covers and icons. Their most expensive package also includes an option for up to ten original logo concepts created by their human design team.

This could be a great option if you’ve generated some ideas, have a sense of what you’d like and now need a bit of human iteration to get your logo design over the finish line.

Pricing: $25-$175 once-off payment.

Based in: Globally distributed.

Great for: Small new businesses needing a first logo, up to larger companies who need some human iteration plus the power of AI design.

10. Logopony

(Source: Logopony)


  • AI logo maker
  • Brand kit and social media assets
  • Design resources
  • Company name generator

Logopony uses what it calls “curated randomness” to generate custom font, color and layout combinations based on your business’s specific industry. It also has a useful inspiration tool with solid advice about colors and design elements.

While Logopony’s full functionality is a little more expensive than competitor offerings, it’s one of the more creative and flexible logo generators on the market.

Pricing: $20-$85 once-off payment.

Based in: Tallinn, Estonia.

Great for: Businesses willing to spend a little more on an AI logo plus a well-curated brand kit.

11. Brandcrowd

(Source: Brandcrowd)


  • AI logo generator
  • Custom logos
  • Brand kit
  • Design editor
  • Business name generator

Brandcrowd offers an AI logo generator, custom logos for sale, plus a design editor for templates, social media assets, business cards, letterheads and more. You can play around with a mix of logo styles, industry types and keywords until you find your perfect combination.

We found their icons and design options a little more creative and customized than many other AI logo generators we tested. Unfortunately, their pricing packages aren’t all that transparent, and there is no clear upfront information available on their website.

Pricing: On request, dependent on the package.

Based in: New South Wales, Australia.

Great for: Businesses of all sizes looking for an AI logo and brand kit with customized flair.

12. DesignEVO

(Source: DesignEVO)


  • AI logo maker
  • Logo design template
  • Design tips and resources
  • Free low-res download

DesignEVO’s user-friendly interface allows you to start designing a logo in seconds. If you need inspiration, you can edit one of their pre-made templates. The free version lets you download a low-res image file of your design, but if you want a high-res, editable version you’ll have to pick a paid plan.

The higher tier gives you vector files, font files and full copyright, but it’s quite a bit more expensive than many of the other AI logo designers on this list. We’d suggest using the free option to generate ideas and templates before taking these to a professional designer to iterate.

Pricing: $49.99-$99.99 one-off payment per logo; free for low-res download.

Based in: Hong Kong.

Great for: Initial idea generation to iterate with human help.

Superside: Revolutionizing Logo Design with AI and Human Expertise

AI logo designers can be a powerful idea-generation tool, allowing you to easily experiment with logo types, templates, icons and palettes. However, if you want a truly custom logo that reflects your brand’s unique identity, human design expertise is essential to stand out from the competition.

Superside’s creative teams have years of experience in branding, including logo design. Plus, we can use your logo and branding assets in the future as you scale up and your needs change. It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Our AI-enhanced design options use human ingenuity alongside the power of technology to give you quality design at high volumes and lightning-fast turnaround times.

Launching a new brand is hard work, and it pays to have expert support where it counts most. Book a call and let’s take your logo design from generic to genius.

Creative as a Service: The New Way to Get Design Done
Creative as a Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Creative as a Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Get a dedicated design ops team that scales with your vision. Want to learn more?

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Roger MatchContent Marketer

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