Empowering the Future of Creativity: Announcing Superside’s New AI Services

Jennifer Rapp
Chief Marketing Officer
Published29 Apr

Generative AI hasn't just arrived, for marketers and creatives, it's already carving its space in how we work today, tomorrow and forever. With the launch of our new AI Services, Superside is your partner and direct path to making the most of these advances and charting a course to the future. Learn more about our new AI Services and how we can help you get AI-enhanced creative and more.

AI is fundamentally transforming how in-house creative teams design their workflows, tell their brand story and grow their business.

At our December 2023 AI Summit, 64% of the more than 2,000 attendees were excited about the opportunities AI holds—indicating that brands want to embrace AI as leaders and innovators rather than imitators or followers.

However, 85% had concerns about how to use it. Therein lies the rub.

AI adoption is a journey. As you move from curiosity to practical applications, loads of questions arise. It’s also a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, taking you from unfettered optimism to full-on analysis paralysis in the blink of an eye.

Like any new technology, adopting AI in your teams can be fast and furious at first. It's why we see so many dystopian neon creations dominating our ad spaces and social feeds. It’s easy. AI is good at creating those kinds of graphics but less great at creating remarkable work.

Standing out is hard and standout creative won't be the result of AI alone. It will be the product of pairing the right tools with exceptional human creativity and expertise.

How do you do this? Here's how Superside’s going to help.

Introducing Tomorrow's AI Creative Services, Today

AI is a force multiplier. It isn’t coming to take your job. It’s coming to take your job to the next level. AI will bring an astronomical explosion of creativity and creative possibilities—and we’re just getting started.

Phillip Maggs
Phillip MaggsDirector of Generative AI Excellence, Superside

Since beta testing our AI-Enhanced Creative Services in December 2023 with existing customers, we’ve completed more than 500 AI design projects and counting for customers ranging from world-class brands to emerging startups.

Not only has this saved our customers over 17,700 design hours and more than $1 million in design costs, these savings and productivity gains are passed directly to our customers. And every month, these efficiency gains have been increasing.

At first, creative projects leveraging AI were 20% more efficient. Today, with improvements in our workflows, the growing skills of our creative teams and the ever-evolving landscape of tools, AI-enhanced projects are an average of 60% more efficient.

A Trusted Extension of Your Team, Your Express Pass to the Future of AI

You're ready, we're ready—it's time.

We’re officially launching our AI Services that help you maximize value today and well into the future.

Start creating with AI today

Our AI-Enhanced Creative Services let you get static image and illustration libraries, single image and high-volume ad concepts, 3D illustrations, brand assets, micro animations, character creation, custom voice-overs and more.

With our AI Consulting Services, you can also scale generative AI throughout your creative workflows and teams. We'll help strategically define the best places to leverage AI, assisting with everything from planning and implementation to upskilling and model training.


See immediate efficiency and scale

  • Reduce project costs by up to 60%.
  • Expand design capacity without hiring.
  • Get to market faster with high-quality assets.

Unlock new possibilities

  • Integrate generative AI across your teams and workflows.
  • Lead organizational change with comprehensive upskilling programs.
  • Develop and deploy customized AI tools and models.
Discover Superside's New AI Services
Discover Superside's New AI Services

Discover Superside's New AI Services

Learn more about producing AI-enhanced creative and making the most of tomorrow's possibilities on today's deadline.

How Superside Helped These Three Growing Brands Get the Most From AI

Our work with IPG, Synthego and Boomi are just a few of the hundreds of examples of what can happen when you combine cutting-edge AI technology with world-class creative talent.

750+ custom brand illustrations, 90% less design time

When the financial services behemoth Independence Pet Group (IPG) wanted a playful, pet-centric illustration style for the brand’s internal communications, we noted that this project was ideal for exploration and development using expert prompting and Midjourney. In only 11.5 hours, we produced over 750 new on-brand assets, saved 90% in design time and nearly $20K in design costs.

An animated explainer video using 39% fewer hours

Biomedical research supplier Synthego wanted to create an animated video about their new CRISPR gene technology for World CRISPR Day. One tiny detail: This was five days from the date of the request. The solution: Superside’s creative teams used AI to accelerate storyboarding, fill in images and speed motion animation processes, producing a memorable video in record time. The result: 1500 unique images and a 39% reduction in standard design time.

3x more ad creative and impact

Digital ads get stale faster than you can say… well anyhow, they go out of style fast. iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solutions provider Boomi needed to refresh its ad creative, but without burning through tons of resources to do so. Superside’s AI experts came up with an ultra-efficient process for concepting that resulted in a 300% greater variety of 3D images and illustrations in much less time.

This is just the start. There are hundreds of other AI projects we haven't had the chance to share… yet. Imagine the possibilities when we move past using AI to “go faster” and start using it to unlock entirely new opportunities. What will that do for your creative team?

Celebrating Our AI Services Launch by Spotlighting AI’s Possibilities

Before joining Superside as CMO, I was a Superside customer. At Klaviyo where we used Superside, AI was top of mind for us. How was it going to increase efficiency and how would we upskill our in-house team to use AI effectively? I’m right there with everyone else in embracing the enthusiasm and shattering the uncertainty surrounding AI and its transformative effect on marketing and design.

Jennifer Rapp
Jennifer RappChief Marketing Officer, Superside

This isn’t just another new service offering, this is a new era for our creative teams and our customers. We want to celebrate and communicate that change as much as possible, so expect to see some exciting new initiatives from Superside in the near future and over the coming months.

AI creative doesn’t need to be dystopic

All too quickly, AI-developed designs have earned cyberpunk-like reputation for neon-infused and mechanical-feeling images. The future certainly doesn’t look bright when all you look at is one style of AI design. We’re here to shatter this stereotype with an extra-sharp chisel.

Starting today, we proclaim that you can have tomorrow’s possibilities on today’s deadlines.

The Infinite Canvas: Exploring AI’s Creative Potential

We’re kicking off our campaign with a cornerstone virtual summit.

Join us May 21 and 22 as we paint in broad brushstrokes and finite detail to reveal a true portrait of AI’s transformative impact. Instead of 101s, we're bringing you expert conversations on the most practical and valuable applications of generative AI.

Join Us Live, May 21 & 22
Join Us Live, May 21 & 22

Join Us Live, May 21 & 22

Two days. Eight expert-led sessions.
A hands-on approach to AI in marketing & design.
The Infinite Canvas awaits...

Taking this show on the road

The more I've learned about what is possible with AI Creative, the less I feel like I know. The possibilities are infinite, but it's not easy to get there. I'm excited about our creative team going on the road, and sharing what we've learned over the last few years of adopting the latest tools, training hundreds of creatives worldwide, and delivering world-class projects for our customers. I hope we can meet up to share ideas at one of our many events this year.

Miles DePaul
Miles DePaulDirector of Revenue Marketing, Superside

Our AI campaign will actually be quite “eventful.” In addition to hosting our own virtual summit, we’ll be hosting and attending all sorts of events in 2024.

Our first stop: Figma’s Config conference June 26 to 27, where Superside’s Director of Generative AI Excellence, Phillip Maggs will be speaking. But watch out for Executive Roundtables, Dinners, Conferences and Keynotes throughout the year.

Make the Future Possible, Today

A master of creative productivity, Michelangelo finished his sculpture of David in two years and the Sistine Chapel in four years. But, even he had help with teams of assistants and apprentices by his side.

With a single subscription, you can have a world-class AI-enabled partner bringing you outstanding creative at previously untapped speed, quality, and efficiency and helping you navigate entirely new creative possibilities.

To learn more about partnering with Superside, book a call. We look forward to getting to know you, sharing our AI and design knowledge and helping you scale design.

Let's Talk About The Possibilities
Let's Talk About The Possibilities

Let's Talk About The Possibilities

Get to know how Superside's AI services
can power your creative and empower your team.

Jennifer Rapp
Jennifer RappChief Marketing Officer

Superside Chief Marketing Officer, Jen Rapp has 20+ years of experience leading marketing teams and growing brands like Klaviyo, DoorDash, TOMS and Patagonia. She’s also an active rock climber, skydiver, mountaineer, paraglider, skier, Cessna pilot and proud mom. Connect with this full-time CMO and adventurer to talk scaling design, mountains or both.

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Improve your marketing performance

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Be more agile & responsive

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Elevate your team

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Save time & be more cost-efficient

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