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IPG & Superside Collaboration: AI-Powered Illustrations Done Swiftly & Efficiently
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Independence Pet Group (IPG) is one of North America's premier pet insurance and service conglomerates—their umbrella shelters over 15 distinguished pet service and insurance brands.


Creative Freedom To Develop an Illustration Style

IPG handed Superside an exhilarating task: develop stickers and virtual meeting backgrounds to enrich their internal merchandise collection. With no fixed illustration style in place, Superside not only embraced the creative scope but also stepped up to suggest text for the elements.

Our guidance

We swiftly embarked on an exploration of various illustration styles to identify the perfect match for IPG.
By leveraging AI, we efficiently produced various illustrations, maximizing the client's available design hours.

The woRK

Dedicated AI Specialists Synchronized With Creative Leaders

Superside's AI experts and IPG's account team came together, setting the stage with a collaborative kickoff call among the creative heads.

Creative process

Our AI maestro embarked on a diverse illustration quest using Midjourney, curating many styles for the lead's appraisal. Post-feedback, we narrowed it down to two distinguished styles, offering IPG a choice.

Style 1: A whimsical appeal with illustrations reminiscent of Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs": delightful without feeling juvenile. Picture one of these characters subtly gracing a video call backdrop!

Style 2: A hand-drawn charm using a traditional sketch-style rendition for a cuddlier aesthetic.

IPG's selection set the tone for 14 illustrations, 8 virtual backgrounds, and 4 stickers. Our AI expert also crafted the accompanying text.

"These were really fun to see! We like both visual approaches, with a primary preference for Style 2. All of the examples look fantastic, especially for upcoming Fall/Winter themes."

Independence Pet GroupCreative Lead


Virtual backgrounds


Bright spots
  • Harnessing Midjourney's prowess, we crafted a vast range of illustrations—a task that would conventionally stretch over days or weeks.
  • Having a single creative handle everything from illustration to design and copy demonstrated how the right talent can streamline staffing needs.
  • IPG loved our creations, needing zero revisions!
Stumbling blocks

While Midjourney excelled in maintaining a consistent illustration vibe, occasional deviations surfaced. Keeping the primary reference image in each prompt proved helpful in ensuring continuity.

AI tools
  • Midjourney
  • Adobe Photoshop


Finding the Perfect Visual Voice in Record Time

AI tools have revolutionized the realm of illustrations. In a mere 11.5 hours, IPG achieved what traditional methods would deem unfeasible. By quickly presenting IPG with a variety of styles, our AI creative team helped them find their ideal visual identity, ensuring efficiency without straining resources.

Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done
Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done

Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done

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Improve your marketing performance

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Be more agile & responsive

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Elevate your team

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Save time & be more cost-efficient

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