May 21st & 22nd, 2024

The Infinite Canvas: Exploring AI’s Creative Potential

Tired of AI events that barely scratch the surface? No more beginner talks—experts from the biggest brands are going to take you deep into the most practical, valuable applications of AI in marketing and creative.

Whether it’s cloning your “operational” self, integrating AI with psychology, or uncovering performance opportunities you’d otherwise miss… the leading minds in design and marketing will leave you knowing exactly how you're going to magnify your impact with AI. So pull up a seat.

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A hands-on approach to AI in marketing & design

You already know AI is a game changer for design and marketing teams. But how do you start making real change with it? Attend our 2-day virtual summit to find out. Through 8 engaging sessions, you will learn from marketing and creative leaders about the long-term possibilities of AI for your team and walk away with actionable steps you can apply today.

speaker lineup

Learn from experts from innovative brands

Karen X. Cheng📍 USA 🇺🇸
✨ Karen is an award-winning creative director with over 500 million views on her projects.
✨ She has been named on Inc.'s 30 Under 30 list, and appeared on Adweek's Creative 100.
✨ Karen's portfolio of projects is very impressive, having work with companies like Apple, IG, Oculus, Loge, Netflix, and many more!
Damien Correll📍 USA 🇺🇸
✨ Damien is a Brooklyn-based designer and artist. He is the Creative Director at Figma, and has previously worked for Google and Tumblr championing great design and building amazing products.
✨ He has experience managing teams, establishing massive design systems, redefining emojis, designing books, directing animations, creative-directed design conferences, and art-directed handful of typefaces.
✨ Damien's style and design is a perfect intersection of graphic design with his DIY hand-drawn aesthetic that are full of personality. He is a conceptual thinker, and his work is not just smart but thorough, detailed and crafted excellently.
Ben Wise📍 Canada 🇨🇦
✨ Ben Wise is a digital marketing and sales leader currently working on programmatic ad technology at Google, across Canada.
✨ He is the co-founder of Captivate, helping leaders improve skills of persuasion by leveraging psychology and behavioural science. Ben is a regular speaker at industry events, conferences and corporate trainings.
✨ Ben is active in the community where he serves on the board of directors of the Daily Bread Food Bank, mentors young professionals in media and tech, and advises multiple early stage startups on sales and growth.
Saima Rashid📍 USA 🇺🇸
✨ Saima is a five-time industry award winning Marketing and RevOps leader.
✨ She is currently the SVP of Marketing & Revenue Analytics at 6sense, helping revolutionize the way B2B organizations create revenue.
✨ Saima runs a podcast called Revenue Makers, featuring the best revenue stories you’ve never heard, every single week.
Nick Taylor📍 USA 🇺🇸
Quantum Flow AI Solutions
✨ Nick is the founder of Quantum Flow AI, an AI solutions consultancy serving entrepreneurs and marketing teams.
✨ For 15 years, Nick has traversed multiple terrains of marketing; from shaping social media strategies for Fortune 500 Brands to leading sales and marketing for award winning agencies.
✨ Nick is the host of the Brand Bots AI Marketing Podcast, delivering actionable, cutting-edge insights on integrating AI into marketing functions without the fluff.
Darren Chiu📍 Canada 🇨🇦
✨ Darren is a seasoned sales leader with experience from brands like Google and Microsoft, helping brand unlock success with ads.
✨ He is the co-founder of Captivate, helping leaders improve skills of persuasion by leveraging psychology and behavioural science.
✨ Darren was named an Emerging Leader by The Peak, featuring up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Lauren Crichton📍 Sweden 🇸🇪
✨ Lauren is an experienced marketing leader, currently in the role of Marketing Director at Sana, overseeing growth, product, field, brand, and creative marketing.
✨ She is a published author, appearing in AdWeek, and founding her own bi-weekly newsletter bringing the tech and non-profit sectors closer together through knowledge sharing.
✨ Lauren serves her community and is a Board Trustee of Curious Collective, a charity helping children explore a world of learning beyond the classroom.
James Bull📍 Canada 🇨🇦
✨ James is a DesignOps Leader with 15+ years of experience, currently managing DesignOps programs at Microsoft.
✨ He previously founded Shopify’s DesignOps practice, developing scalable and adaptable solutions to help grow the design team from 70 to 600+ during Shopify’s post-IPO hyper-growth stage.
✨ Outside of work, James spends time outdoors exploring mountains on his electric dirt bike, and teaching his kids to snowboard and skateboard.
Francis Mekhail📍 USA 🇺🇸
✨ Francis is an award-winning creative, television show creator, artist, designer, leader, recovering architect, and self-proclaimed art + typography nerd.
✨ He is currently the Creative Director at Mozilla, with previous experience at TikTok, Hulu/Disney, Vans, and NerdWallet, leading creative teams.
✨ Francis has worked with world-class agencies, in-house creatives, and freelancers to produce work that lives all over the world.
Phillip Maggs📍 UK 🇬🇧
✨ Phil is an award-winning creative technology leader, advocate, strategic consultant, and co-founder of special effects company.
✨ He is the Director of Generative AI at Superside, empowering Superside customers in harnessing potential of AI. He led the launch of AI Services and is spearheading further refinement, expertise and innovation.
✨ Phil has 20+ years of experience, and has worked with world-leading brands like Netflix, Facebook, Google, IBM and Rolls Royce.
Aletheia Délivré📍 Canada 🇨🇦
✨ Aletheia is an experienced DesignOps leader, speaker, and team builder. She is currently leading DesignOps as Zapier as Manager, Design Operations and Product Operations.
✨ Her on-the-ground experience shaping research and innovative design ecosystems spans 4 countries, including the US, Belgium, France, and Canada.
✨ Aletheia has moved between global and local positions, across a broad range of non-profit organizations, government, international organizations, start-ups and the corporate sector, to work on human-centred design and technology for social impact.
Fredrik Thomassen📍 Norway 🇳🇴
✨ Fredrik is the CEO and Co-founder of Superside, transforming the way creatives function and interact with their customers, at leading brands like Reddit, Amazon, Salesforce, Google,, and more!
✨ He was also CEO and Co-Founder at Zalora, Indonesia’s largest fashion e-commerce company, and worked as an Associate at McKinsey & Company and as a Journalist at Agderposten. He also served in the Royal Norwegian Navy.
✨ Fredrik loves the Norwegian nature, and spends his free time outdoors with his family.
Jen Rapp📍 USA 🇺🇸
✨ Jen is a marketing leader with 20+ years of experience, currently leading marketing at Superside as the Chief Marketing Officer.
✨ She has worked for the world's most powerful brands (TOMS, Arc'teryx, Patagonia) and led two rebrands for brands that have IPO'd on the NYSE (DoorDash & Klaviyo).
✨ Jen led PR at Patagonia, building it to be one of the most respected businesses in the world, featured in Fortune Magazine, Vanity Fair, BusinessWeek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and US Network TV.
Kae Neskovic📍 🇩🇪 Germany
✨ Kae is the Creative Director for Branding and Digital Advertising at Superside, leading a team of 60+ creatives and producing projects for major companies such as Meta, Instacart, Antler, Webflow.
✨ She has over 15 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients, including Adobe, Pinterest, Sony Music, and Fendi, and has established herself as a branding and design expert.
✨ Kae's experience at Delivery Hero exposed her to the global world of creative teams, as she led rebrand projects for foodpanda (APAC), foodora (EMEA), talabat (MENA), pedidosya (LATAM) and others.
Sam Bathe📍 🇺🇸 USA
✨ Sam is a creative director and interactive designer, passionate about creating engaging brands, original content and digital experiences that connect with their audience.
✨ His work has been recognized by The Webby Awards, The One Show, ADC Awards and D&AD, and featured in publications including AdWeek, It’s Nice That, The Verge and Wired.
✨ Sam is the Creative Director at Zendesk and has previously worked with global branding including HarperCollins, Premier League, Xbox, Land Rover, Nike, Colgate, Audi, and many more!
Jessie Hughes📍 🇦🇺 Australia
✨ Jessie is an internationally recognized Australian new media artist, technologist and screenwriter. Her work exhibited most notably at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Cannes and the Tate Modern.
✨ She is the Senior Creative Technologist and Artist-In-Residence at Leonardo.Ai. She designed and implemented solutions for tech-giants such as Oculus, Facebook, and Adobe, and has been featured in over 120+ media articles across radio, newspaper and TV.
✨ Jessie is an American Australian Association Arts Scholar, Winston Churchill Fellow, Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artist Fellow and a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador.

Day 1 — May 21st

15:00 - 15:05

Opening remarks

from Phil Maggs
Event Essentials
Phillip Maggs
15:05 - 15:35

Evolving Creative with Design’s New DNA

w/ James Bull & Phil Maggs
James Bull
Phillip Maggs
15:35 - 16:20

The Human Side of AI: The Psychology of Managing Change

w/ Ben Wise, Darren Chiu & Fredrik Thomassen
Ben Wise
Darren Chiu
Fredrik Thomassen
16:20 - 16:40


16:40 - 17:15

The Real Path to Scaling Marketing With AI

w/ Saima Rashid, Lauren Crichton & Jen Rapp
Panel discussion
Saima Rashid
Lauren Crichton
Jen Rapp
17:15 - 17:55

Cloning Your (Operational) Self With AI

w/ Nick Taylor & Phil Maggs
Nick Taylor
Phillip Maggs
17:55 - 18:00

Closing remarks

from Phil Maggs
Event Essentials
Phillip Maggs
18:00 - 18:10



Day 2 — May 22nd

15:00 - 15:05

Opening remarks

from Phil Maggs
Event Essentials
Phillip Maggs
15:05 - 15:50

An Inside Look at Winning AI Creative

w/ Karen X. Cheng & Phil Maggs
Karen X Cheng
Phillip Maggs
15:50 - 16:25

A Guide to Creative Ideation & Process With AI

w/ Aletheia Délivré, Francis Mekhail & Kae Neskovic
Panel discussion
Aletheia Délivré
Francis Mekhail
Kae Neskovic
16:25 - 16:40


16:40 - 17:10

AI in Action: An Interactive Workshop

w/ Phil Maggs
Phillip Maggs
Jessie Hughes
17:10 - 17:50

Creativity, Not Productivity: A Measured Approach to AI in Design

w/ Damien Correll, Sam Bathe & Kae Neskovic
Panel discussion
Damien Correll
Sam Bathe
Kae Neskovic
17:50 - 17:55

Closing remarks

from Kae Neskovic
Event Essentials
Kae Neskovic
17:55 - 18:15



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