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The Best Way to Find & Hire a Copywriter in 2023

Team Superside
Team Superside20 min read
The Best Way to Find & Hire a Copywriter in 2023

With over 5 million blog posts written every single day, there’s no room for mediocrity. You either go big, or you might as well go home. Low or even medium-quality content will silently perish in the endless pool of information that is today's internet. So if you want your brand to thrive, your content shouldn’t just pass by unnoticed online.

All this content is written by thousands of copywriters, some more talented than others. So you’re probably thinking, ‘ok, I need to get my hands on one of the good ones.’ But with such high numbers, "good" doesn’t do it anymore; you need a killer copywriter, and those are not so easy to find. Hiring a copywriter is no easy job, especially if you’re looking for the best of the best. That’s why we’re here to give you a helping hand, and give you some pointers as to the dos and don’ts of hiring a copywriter and where to look for one.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring Professional Copywriters

We’ve talked to many of our clients and asked them about their process of finding the right copywriter for their business, their hurdles, and challenges. Here are some of the mistakes they've made along the way, and what you should do differently when you hire your website copywriter.

1. Looking for a jack of all trades

Truth is, the best copywriters won’t come to you. You need to find them, but first, let’s define what best means. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to copywriting. With so many various types of content available today (emails, white papers, blog articles, press releases, eBooks, etc.), it’s impossible to find a person that can ace them all. So you should understand your needs and wants first, to know what to expect from the copywriting hiring process and the final product itself.

2. Lack of communication

One of the biggest mistakes people do when hiring a copywriter is to assume that they only need a title or an idea from you. It’s the other way around. A great copywriter will also ask you about the purpose of the content, target audience, writing style, approximate word count, keywords, etc., in order to create copy that will thrive. Make sure you provide all necessary information from the beginning, clearly communicate your needs, and leave the lines of communication open throughout the entire project, so any misunderstandings are rectified quickly, and constructive feedback can be incorporated fast.

3. Expect stellar quality, fast turnaround, and low costs

Here's a combination that's pretty impossible to find. You need to understand you’re likely to get only one or two of these three criteria. If you want top-notch content delivered fast, get ready to pay the big bucks. If you want a fast turnaround, you’ll have to compromise on quality or increase the budget. If you’re not willing to pay much, you need to be realistic about it and know you’ll have to give up quality or swiftness.

4. Expect an endless number of drafts and changes

Usually, copywriters offer one draft and up to two rounds of changes and revisions. If your expectations are somewhat different, or you’ve never worked with that copywriter before, set clear goals regarding the number of drafts and changes included in the initial estimate. Any additional revisions are paid too. No stellar copywriter will work for free.

5. Not asking for samples

Basing your copywriter hiring decision solely on the person’s resume won’t necessarily get you the best copywriter out there, or the right one for you. Ask for samples to get a better sense of the writing style and quality you can expect. Another great way to get a better grasp of the value a particular copywriter can bring to your brand is asking them to show you a before and after of some of their previous work. It might be difficult for them to offer you that, but you can also ask them to describe the changes they made to the copy, what their approach was, and how they transformed the content.

6. Setting unclear deadlines

Just like most businesses or entrepreneurs, you probably want that copy yesterday, but quality takes time. From our own experience, we can say it’s better to wait a bit longer and get a stellar result than rush the copywriter and set yourself for mediocrity. However, it’s important to discuss a timeframe for the first draft and set realistic, tangible deadlines. Also take a buffer for revisions, rewrites, and edits.

7. Expect to waste no time

You’ve already spent a lot of time looking for the right wordsmith for the job. You’ve found that top-notch copywriter you’ve been looking for, so your job now is done, right? Not even close. You need to understand that no matter who you choose to do the copywriting job, you still need to invest time in revising the content, giving feedback, and asking for changes, if necessary. That’s the part of the job no copywriter can take off your shoulders.

8. Looking for an SEO pro

SEO is still relevant in 2019, although search engines have suffered some significant changes and analyze content differently than they used to. But copywriting and SEO are two different things. Ideally, you can hire a copywriter with SEO knowledge, but don’t go for an SEO pro. You’re hiring a copywriter for their creativity, unique take on ideas and words, and voice. There’s no bigger buzz killer for a copywriter than a long list of SEO rules that will stir them off from what really matters (ideas and flow) and have them focus on using certain words in certain places. You can offer them a list of keywords to have in mind, but leave the rest out.

25 Best Places to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Now that you have a better sense of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a copywriter, and understand the whole process and your needs better, let’s also take a look at some of the best places to find the freelance copywriter you need.

  • 29c5ae18a915c92405fd71494cf351172e0d8671

    Express Writers

    Express Writers is a platform of pre-vetted expert niche writers. They value quality and promise a quick turnaround.

    Pricing: Start from $0.1 per word

  • acf49415687fd7663d4c250f90b99af0e755e6ca


    Copify has a team of qualified, pre-approved copywriters that delivers quick, quality content, be it press releases, email copy, website content, product descriptions, or blog articles.

    Pricing: Start from $0.06 per word

  • 2e76b8c4e68ebcca15cd9048d169a96bc3528b70

    Writer Access

    What differentiates Writer’s Access from other similar platforms is their StyleMetrics Matcher that will find you the perfect writer for your style and tone.

    Pricing: Price may vary depends on the plans, different pricing based on content or based on membership.

  • 7be2337c5d24bb51b22c7049effabc46b4672daf


    Scripted helps both agencies and enterprises with their copywriting and freelance writing needs. They handle email newsletters, blog posts, social media content, and website copy.

    Pricing: Starts from $45 per 350 - 450 words

  • 9eeceb541cc43a6b77a563b6dac763f814e5eae1


    This platform handles all your copywriting and ghostwriting needs. If you want to hire an SEO copywriter, you need an expert to create a white paper, or you’re looking for technical writers, they’ve got you covered.

    Pricing: Starts from $2.2 - $12 per 100 words

  • 120c3db9d9bb898eaa7e26a81f08e9dd8e832897

    The Writers for Hire

    This Houston-based company serves both businesses and individuals in need of top-quality content. They write white papers, family histories, C-level autobiographies, and nonfiction books.

    Pricing: $480 - $1200 per 25 - 450 words

  • b150c2459d3b229771441fe6f77813b3503eed7f


    The vetted writers at compose.ly will do thorough research and create professional content in your brand’s tone of voice. They have specialized writers for different niches.

    Pricing: $64.95 per 350 - 500 words

    Sample of work

  • f449ac349c253e6b711f7e1cb37de8e85430acb7

    Writing Assist

    Here’s a great solution if you want to hire a copywriter specialized in marketing materials, SEO copywriting, blog posts, social media, radio and TV scripts.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

    Sample of work

  • 58d4a5647e678e8bda4f4337c84f6d71492eb4f0


    iWriter handles all your copywriting needs from articles, blog posts, and press releases to eBooks, Amazon reviews, and cover letters.

    Pricing: They have four pricing plans to match any budget. Starts from $1.40 for Standard plan, $3 for Premium plan, $4.70 for Elite plan, and $13 for Elite Plus plan; each for 150 words

  • ed91391dfbdc7271ee8e3f6126187464d6a75a26

    Jacob McMillen

    The solution for persuasive content that will communicate your brand’s value, craft great calls to action, help you connect with your customers, and ultimately increase your revenue.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

  • a69cd7a12c8771c22bd13d6c76cb18bdde8017a1

    UK Writings

    This website offers copywriting, editing, and proofreading services. They also have a price calculator, based on the type of service and paper you need, number of pages, academic level, and urgency.

    Pricing: Starts from $24.99 - $46.99 per page

    Sample of work

  • 135f658df0cf4b5857dcad5286627cee48435ee8

    Copywriter Today

    Here you can order the first article for free, and then, for a monthly fee, you can get access to a US-based writing team.

    Pricing: Have 3 writing teams package/subscriptions, start from $257 - $457/month

    Sample of work

  • 12f85c24fbafd461c192f6cce63c5d7e34b693d3

    Get a Copywriter

    Their copywriting services range from blog posts, web pages, and product descriptions to press releases, white papers, and other custom formats.

    Pricing: Starts from $34 per 400 words

  • 0824b5f5d38b33ade4bfc23c20d8aac582184b22

    Stratton Craig

    This UK-based company offers copywriting services, content strategy, and writing and language consultancy.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

  • bf02349f4f42946cfe2389316fa392145643738a

    Market Smiths

    This company targets enterprises, agencies, and small businesses. They offer web copy services, sales decks, content marketing, and leadership materials.

    Pricing: Price based on complexity, scope, and the sector category

    Sample of work

  • 1be580b4dd7125bca6767968df1b32a5cebd9fad


    The copywriting services are the foundation of Brafton, but they’ve also expanded and now offer content marketing, graphic design, content analytics, video marketing services, and more.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

  • b899af15b50df309dce9b793609ba04cc659811b

    Main Street Host

    This is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, web design, PPC, social media, and content writing services.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

  • ced56f8667a048c52f8ba96ba41c2ba7dd8c8c2a

    Rightly Written

    Rightly Written offer a wide range of content writing services from press releases, blogs, and social media to technical or creative content, eBooks, product reviews, resumes, taglines, and more.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

    Sample of work

  • 00f301a3738513324126338ee35fcdaa82d230e3

    Godot Media

    Their copywriting services also include free keyword optimization for SEO and unlimited revisions in the premium plan.

    Pricing: From $3.30/ 100 words

    Sample of work

  • 69e6e885cc00d8ad4405655a3868854bcc8cc372

    Constant Content

    This is a reliable solution if you need content for your landing pages, advertisements, email campaigns, or sales letters.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

  • 3c8343b8e075dba46139de4bbb9304b1c48cd777

    Text Royal

    Text Royal offer a tiered system to make sure that you can find a plan that's right for you, your business, or your enterprise.

    Pricing: Offer 3 levels of service and charge their services per word. The price is $0.03 for Basic level, $0.036 for Standard and $0.045 for Enterprise level

  • 0d1dc52ceb138410e02a5afcfd125e9c4105f1e0


    Copywriting is as straightforward as their name suggests, but they don't cut corners on their work, delivering high-quality copy to persuade your audience.

    Pricing: Price may vary depends on its complexity, scope and amount of work.

  • 05108715d533c1877fba52b95b1bdd4eba8e32a8


    GoSuperb handpicks its in-house writers to ensure the very best quality in whatever project you choose to undertake.

    Pricing: From $1.25 per 100 words

    Sample of work

  • a1bc7973c328af0b7f9037330d3350a86e3929ae


    Crowdsource make expert writers around the world available for you to choose the best fit for you.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

  • d6ae469ac57d727c7c15ee27df75c786d65730b5

    Rule of Three

    This U.K.-based company approaches copywriting as an art and a science, tailoring their services to your precise needs.

    Pricing: Need to request quote

Here are some more tips on hiring copywriters from industry experts

Published: Jan 13, 2019
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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