6 Superside Themed Zoom Backgrounds

Cassandra King
Cassandra King
April 2 | 3 min read
Space zoom background

Alright, we get it. Video calls are all the rage right now. With many teams now working remotely, video conferencing has become a regular thing. Why have a phone call when you can chat face-to-face, right?

We've been a distributed team from the beginning, so remote work is nothing new to us. We know the pain of lagging video calls all too well. To add a little spice to our meetings, we asked our designers to create a Zoom background inspired by space. But we didn't want to keep them all to ourselves.

If you haven't heard of it before, Zoom is a remote conferencing service that has been picking up a lot of press lately. With the ability to swich out your background for a photo or video, a lot of people have been finding fun ways to bring some excitement to their virtual meetings.

So, we've put together 6 out of this world space themed Zoom backgrounds for when you're feeling like taking a trip to outerspace.

Download them here for free!

Below you can see all of the themes in action. Sorry in advance for the awkward poses.

6 Space Themed Zoom Backgrounds

1. Puppet Maker ✨

A dark starry sky with pops of fun geometric shapes—this one is all about creativity. There's even a bionic hand in the background reaching down (hence "puppet maker"), but my big head is covering it. Whoops.

space theme zoom background 1

2. The Don Draper 😎

Any Mad Men fans out there? This one is for all of you advertising buffs! Chatting about your next campaign? Meeting to discuss where to allocate your ad spend? Bring Draper along to help get those ideas flowing.

space theme zoom background 2

3. Laptop Inception 💻

Alright, this one isn't technically spaced themed, but we had to throw it in. Give your fellow collegues headaches with this trippy laptop inception theme. If we're certain about one thing, this Zoom background is bound to grab attention.

space theme zoom background 3

4. Intergalactic Collision ☄️

Feeling like channeling your inner Jedi? Then this intergalactic collision is the theme for you. A neon green melting planet, with a few moons coliding into eachother... we'd like to thank our designers for their beautiful wacky minds.

space theme zoom background 4

5. Guy with a Laptop Head 🧑‍💻

Calling all wordsmith professionals. Got content, blog calendars, social media posts and landing page copy on your mind? "Guy with a Laptop Head" is the perfect choice for your meetings. No promises he can help get your writing done, but hopefully he brings a little joy to your day.

space theme zoom background 5

6. Desert Moon 🌵

Pink rock and twinkling skies. In need of a desert vacation (on the moon)? Us too. Though many of us are stuck inside for now, that doesn't mean we can't pretend we're somewhere else. Just use this zoom background and let your imagination run wild like the wild west.

space theme zoom background 6

That's enough uncomfortable screenshots for one day. If you want to use any of these zoom background themes for yourself, just hit that download link below. 👇

Download all 6 free Zoom backgrounds here

If you do end up using any of the backgrounds in your meetings, share it on social with #Superside or send us a DM on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Happy virtual conferencing!

Cassandra King
Written by
Cassandra King
Cassandra King is Superside's Sr. Content Marketing Manager. She’s a road trip aficionado, advocate for all things glitter, and can usually be found with a camera (or snacks) in hand. Find her on IG @casssandra.king.

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