Consistency and Expertise: Powering Creative Solutions for Enterprise Teams

Miles DePaul
Director of Revenue Marketing
Published21 Mar

Dear Jen,

While I'd love to have an AR filter for our upcoming event, it's only two weeks away. Honestly, it'd take me that long to find someone who can do it. But you can trust that all your other assets will be fabulous!

Wanda Do Better

PS: I really hope we can try AR and other approaches in the future. I just can't see how we'd do it right now.

Expertise and consistency go hand-in-hand.

Accessing the creative services and skills you need to reliably support an ongoing range of needle-moving activities and campaigns is crucial to hitting your growth targets.

When we talked to marketers and creatives at enterprise and mid-market businesses about what keeps them from achieving these goals, expertise and consistency were the second biggest enterprise design challenge.

Even though in-house creative teams have proven their value and cost-effectiveness—with 65% of respondents quietly moving more budget to these mighty teams—there’s only so much one team can do.

Enterprise teams need better ways to plug into creative expertise for a non-stop supply of new ideas and high-performing creative.

That’s where we come in. But, first, let’s set the stage, tell you why Superside is the best way to empower your team, then show you how we’ve helped brands like 6Sense, Boomi, AIE and Shopify create instant impact.

The Challenges In-House Teams Face With Creative Expertise

The In-House Creative Expertise Paradox

According to Cella’s 2023 In-House Creative & Marketing Industry Report, in-house creative teams cite both the quality of their work and the depth of brand and business knowledge as central to the value they provide.

The problem isn’t talent or acumen, it’s resources

Whether it’s a team of five or fifty, there’s simply not enough expertise to meet demand. And when in-house teams are spread thin, projects get bogged down, which is a huge pain for getting to market quickly.

Nearly half, 40% of the enterprises we interviewed voiced frustration with their in-house team’s turnaround times. Yet, in-house teams still fared better than agencies, which had a 46% disapproval rating in terms of speed.

Traditional Agencies and Freelancers Are Only Partial Solutions

There’s a time and place for agencies and freelancers. Nearly 60% of the businesses we spoke with rely on their in-house creative teams in combination with agencies or freelancers to get the creative they need.

Cella’s report showed 80% of in-house teams outsourced projects to agencies and freelancers and many Superside prospects and customers also follow the same approach to get greater creative capacity and bandwidth.

It’s not a quality problem, it’s an availability problem

Like the in-house teams themselves, the issue with agencies and freelancers isn’t the quality of the work. Traditional blockers include slower time to start as well as limited availability.

Any given agency or freelancer can only take on a certain amount of work at any given time. Not to mention, they tend to specialize in certain skills and can only take on specific kinds of projects.

Furthermore, in-house teams wind up being the ones who have to manage agency and freelancer projects, while trying to keep an eye on costs as well. It’s really not the best work environment for anyone involved.

Inconsistent Production and Uninspired Results

When you don’t have the creative skills and services you need to keep up with demand, designers start to rush, quality suffers and stakeholders get misaligned.

The creative feels, “meh” and so does everyone else.

There’s no relationship building, learning loops or optimizations. It’s harder to experiment and test ideas, identify process improvements or even upskill your staff. The battle becomes consistent disappointment instead of consistent growth.

Get the Expertise and Consistency You Need

If you’ve been nodding your head as you’ve read along, we feel you and we’ve got a better way for you to empower your in-house creative teams, marketing teams and your entire company.

Pretty good elevator pitch right? But, let’s back up these nice words with real-world examples of how Superside brings in-house teams creative expertise and consistent ways to engage audiences.

How Boomi and 6Sense Got Instant AI, AR and 3D Expertise

Wanting to stand out in a crowded tech marketplace, Boomi wanted an effective way to build a library of distinctive brand images.

Recognizing this was a great opportunity to use AI-generated images, Superside developed AI-enhanced workflows that pushed the boundaries of creativity and gave Boomi a killer collection of one-of-a-kind images—faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

More than convinced of AI’s force multiplying effect, Boomi continues to expand its collection of AI images, developing assets for a wide range of digital campaigns.

A before and after of a Boomi lead generation ad refreshed with AI imagery

When 6Sense decided to wow attendees at its annual convention, aptly named Breakthrough, Superside’s AR and 3D expertise helped the company pull together a stunning immersive experience in only three weeks. For an event focused on looking to the future, the awe-inspiring images that came to life right before your eyes were unforgettable.

How AEI and Shopify Consistently Produce High-Volume Ads

Ensuring a consistent supply of ad creative isn’t about one single creative service or skill set. The efficiencies come from the workflows, as well as the design partner’s ability to adapt and respond as needed.

Using tools, like Figma, which allows for feedback within the layout along with built-in brand guidelines and design systems that speed ad production and versioning, Superside helps AEI get ad creative up to 70% faster.

Shopify’s Amir Jaffari was building a growth workshop that would let Shopify be on all channels, in multiple countries and forever testing new concepts. But, his in-house teams were already stretched thin. Partnering with Superside helped the brand get up to 4,000+ assets per concept, often in as little as 24-48 hours.


Plug Into an Extension of Your Team

Every in-house team wants to be as enabled as possible and your outsourcing partner should make this happen. To learn more about how Superside can help you tap into expertise and consistency, book a call for a quick chat.

Solve Your Enterprise Design Challenges
Solve Your Enterprise Design Challenges

Solve Your Enterprise Design Challenges

Learn how Superside plugs into your team. We can also show you more examples of how we’ve helped other teams unlock expertise and ensure consistency.

Miles DePaul
Miles DePaulDirector of Revenue Marketing

Miles DePaul is the Director of Revenue Marketing at Superside, helping bring design services at scale to enterprises around the world. Outside of Superside, you can find him wandering the streets of Toronto, Canada looking for tennis courts, hockey rinks, a lakeside view or a fancy cocktail. Connect with Miles.

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Save time & be more cost-efficient

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