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40 Ways to Share PowerPoint Presentations Online

Team Superside
Team Superside
14 min read
40 Lesser Known Ways to Share PowerPoint Presentations Online

Even though PowerPoint dates back to 1987, it has never been as popular as it is today, with more than 30 million presentations created every day. What has been changing, however, is the way we use it, as we see our audience move from the other side of the conference-room table to the other side of the screen, somewhere around the world.

In the past years, just like pretty much everything business, PowerPoint has been moving online, and the shift will continue in 2018 and beyond. We hear this from our clients who are looking for ways to take PowerPoint presentations online, and we notice this in-house too, as we organize presentations for team members all across the U.S., and the globe.

Our expert PowerPoint designers, who craft awesome presentations that make our clients happy every day, have helped us narrow down the best PowerPoint online alternatives currently available, and categorized them depending on the services they offer:

A. Slide Hosting Services

With slide-hosting services, you can take your presentations anywhere and access them from almost any part of the world. There’s no need to worry about not having enough storage space on your laptop or making copies of your presentations in case you delete or lose them by accident.

1. Slideshare

Preview of SlideShare tool

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to SlideShare ➡️ Click Upload in the top right of the homepage ➡️ Select files to upload ➡️ Add Title, Tags, Category, Description ➡️ Set privacy settings ➡️ Click Publish

Interesting features:

  • Slideshare allows users to upload PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, and OpenDocument presentations, either publicly or privately
  • Once uploaded, the presentation can be viewed on Slideshare, or it can be embedded on other websites.
  • You can add Slideshare content on Linkedin, or you can connect it to your Facebook or Twitter account.

2. PowerPoint Online

Preview of PowerPoint Online

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to Powerpoint Online ➡️ Upload the presentation directly from a file or open it from OneDrive

Interesting features:

  • PowerPoint Online is a great tool that allows its users to store and view presentations online, but also download a copy for offline storage.
  • Another great feature is the Skype Document Chat for co-authoring a presentation in real-time.

3. Zoho Show

Preview of Zoho Show

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to Zoho Show ➡️ Import the presentation from your computer

Interesting features:

  • Zoho Show is a great tool for online broadcasting.
  • Users can share slides and collaborate with teammates.

4. Presentain

Preview of Presentain

Pricing: First 7 days are free. Prices start from $3/day, $14/week, $48/month, and $288/year

How it works: Log in to Presentain ➡️ Add Presentation by uploading a file

Interesting features:

  • With Presentain, users can organize a remote presentation and the audience can join by connecting with the mobile phone to give feedback
  • Presentain offers the possibility of recording the presentation and sharing it online

5. Zentation

Preview of Zentation

Pricing: Free; $10 for one-time setup; $45/month for more features

How it works: Log in to Zentation ➡️ Click New Presentation ➡️ You must first upload the video narration of your presentation to YouTube ➡️ Upload your PPT presentation ➡️ Wait for 2-3 minutes for the presentation to be ready

Interesting features:

  • The presentations can be hosted on Zentation private servers
  • Users can keep their presentation private

6. Shufflrr

Preview of Shufflrr

Pricing: Free 30-day trial; $10 - $20/month per user

How it works: Log in to Shufflrr ➡️ Upload files ➡️ Organize and manage files

Interesting features:

  • Users have the option to manage files
  • Shufflrr tracks users’ usage by slide, file, activity, share, likes, and comments

7. ClearSlide

Preview of ClearSlide

Pricing: $35 - $125/month

How it works: Log in to ClearSlide ➡️ Select files and upload

Interesting features:

  • ClearSlide offers users the possibility to create team collections
  • ClearSlide offers integrated communication between devices
  • Users have access to real-time analytics

8. YouTube

Preview of Youtube

Pricing: Free

How it works: Save your PPT presentation to video (File > Export > Create a Video > Save) ➡️ Log in to YouTube ➡️ Click Upload ➡️ Insert title, description, tags ➡️ Upload

Interesting features:

  • YouTube is a great tool for monetizing presentations/videos
  • Users can get useful insights from YouTube analytics
  • Users can save their favorite videos and put them into playlists

9. Issuu

Preview of Issuu

Pricing: Free for basic; $19 - $269/month for Premium

How it works: Log in to Issuu ➡️ Select the presentation file already formatted as PDF ➡️ Click upload ➡️ Insert title and description ➡️ Publish

Interesting features:

  • With Issuu, users can get a book-like view for their presentation
  • Users can see where readers come from, what they read and what they share

B. Create and Share Services

Any of these online tools can be a very good alternative to PowerPoint. Users can create online presentations on any of these websites and use their features to share the final product across a variety of platforms.

10. Google Slides

Preview of Google Slides

Pricing: Free

How it works: Upload presentation file to Google Drive ➡️ Open file in Google Slides ➡️ Choose what kind of access you want to grant people ➡️ Share your presentation by clicking the Share button

Interesting features:

  • Google Slides offers its users ready-to-use templates, master slides, and easy-to-design slides
  • It is a great tool for teams, as it allows real-time editing, commenting, and has a chat feature, so several people can work on the same presentation at once

11. PowToon

Preview of PowToon

Pricing: Free; $19 - $99 for advance services

How it works: Log in to PowToon ➡️ Importing PPT feature is still in process ➡️ Select category ➡️ Choose template

Interesting features:

  • PawToon allows users to insert voice over, audio, and video
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use interface with drag and drop menu

12. Slide Dog

Preview of Slide Dog

Pricing: Free for the basic account and from $8.33/month for Slide Dog Pro, which offers more features

How it works: Download Slide Dog (right now only available for Windows) ➡️ Open Slide Dog ➡️ Drag or browse files ➡️ Rearrange the file order ➡️ Save the presentation or click Start Now when you are ready to present it

Interesting features:

  • With Slide Dog, users can combine different types of files (PDF, PPT, Prezi, pictures, etc.) in one presentation.
  • Real-time sharing and remote control features are available.
  • Live chat, polls, and audience feedback are available.

13. Office Sway

Preview of Office Sway

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to Sway ➡️ Choose Create New if you’re creating a presentation from scratch or upload your existing files

Interesting features:

  • Office Sway offers 3 different presentation layouts (vertical, horizontal, slideshow)
  • Sway allows different ways to add content (Office files, YouTube, Bing, etc.)
  • Sway can also suggest content for each user based on what they’ve already added.

14. Slides

Preview of Slides

Pricing: Sign up for free and choose one of the three plans from $5 to $20/month

How it works: Log in to Slides ➡️ Click New Deck ➡️ Select import to import presentation to the slides

Interesting features:

  • Remote-controlled and live presenting from any touch-enabled mobile device
  • The possibility to display the content in vertical slides

15. Emaze

Preview of Emaze

Pricing: The basic plan is free. Pro and business plans vary between $12.50 - $125/month

How it works: Log in to Emaze ➡️ Click upload presentation ➡️ Browse PPT file ➡️ Select Emaze template

Interesting features:

  • Emaze offers transition slide and templates
  • Emaze presentations can be shared by link or embedded link

16. Visme

Preview of Visme

Pricing: Basic plan for free; premium plans from $19 - $30/month

How it works: Log in to Visme ➡️ Click Create New (Import files can only be done in Premium Plans) ➡️ Select category file (presentation, infographic, etc.)

Interesting feature:

  • With Visme, users can add graphics, and insert video and audio to their presentations

17. Prezi

Preview of Prezi

Pricing: $5 - $59/month

How it works: Log in to Prezi ➡️ Click New Presentation (import PPT presentation can only be done in the Business plan) ➡️ Select a template

Interesting features:

  • Users can insert transition slides and templates
  • Prezi offers wide canvas features
  • Users can zoom in and zoom out

18. Knovio

Preview of Knovio

Pricing: $24 - $125/month or custom pricing for Corporate

How it works: Log in to Knovio ➡️ Upload presentation files ➡️ Start to record your narration ➡️ Publish and share

Interesting feature:

  • Knovio lets users record and sync video or audio with their slides

19. Slidebank

Preview of SlideBank

Pricing: Works on a sliding scale - the more users you add, the lower the price per user, per month

How it works: Log in to Slidebank ➡️ Upload and manage files

Interesting features:

  • With Slidebank, users can manage their slides and search for an exact slide
  • Users can drag and drop different slides to save/create a new presentation

20. Ludus

Preview of Ludus

Pricing: Free; $8.25/ month for Premium

How it works: Log in to Ludus ➡️ Click Import presentation file (PDF) ➡️ Select the file to upload

Interesting feature:

  • Ludus offers users graphics and image editing tools

21. Box

Preview of Box

Pricing: Free for individual use, starts from $5.80 - $28.70/month for business

How it works: Log in to Box ➡️ Upload files ➡️ Open files and share

Interesting features:

  • Box is integrated with Office online
  • Users can edit files in real-time
  • Box makes managing files easy

22. SlideBean

Preview of SlideBean

Pricing: Free with limited features; $8 - $59/month for advance services

How it works: Log in to SlideBean ➡️ Click Create New to import existing presentation file ➡️ Click Upload a File ➡️ Select the file ➡️ Give title and summary

Interesting features:

  • SlideBean offers one-click styling
  • Easier online collaboration
  • Users can track activity on a presentation

C. Link Sharing Services

If you're looking to share your presentation with other team members, on your own blog, or across your professional profiles, try one of these link-sharing services:

23. SlideOnline

Preview of SlideOnline

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to SlideOnline ➡️ Click upload ➡️ Select the file ➡️ Upload

Interesting features:

  • SlideOnline makes social sharing easier
  • Users can embed their SlideOnline presentation anywhere

24. iSpring

Preview of iSpring

Pricing: Free trial; $37 - $47/month for business plans

How it works: Log in to iSpring ➡️ Upload files ➡️ Select files ➡️ Share by link, embed code or directly share via email

Interesting features:

  • iSpring Cloud offers integration with PowerPoint
  • Users can convert presentations to mobile-ready courses
  • iSpring Cloud helps create interactive assessments

25. Speaker Deck

Preview of Speaker Deck

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to Speaker Deck ➡️ Upload the PDF file ➡️ Write a title and description ➡️ Publish

Interesting features:

  • Users can put their uploaded file under a certain category
  • Speaker Deck allows users to share a link of their presentation, embed it on other websites, or share it directly on Facebook or Twitter

26. Slide Boom

Preview of Slide Boom

Pricing: Free for limited features; Slide Boom Pro for $195/year

How it works: Upload file in Guest mode ➡️ Write presentation title and select category ➡️ Write description ➡️ Click upload

Interesting features:

  • Slide Boom allows users to embed presentations to their blog or website
  • Viewers can give feedback to presentations
  • Slide Boom Pro allows business users to share their presentations privately with team members or customers.

27. Scribd

Preview of Scribd

Pricing: Free or full-service membership for $8.99/month

How it works: Login to Scribd ➡️ Upload your file ➡️ Write a title and description ➡️ Click continue

Interesting features:

  • Once uploaded to Scribd, a presentation can be embedded in other sites
  • Users can share their Scribd files directly to other platforms

28. Hashdoc

Preview of Hashdoc

Pricing: Free

How it works: Log in to Hashdoc ➡️ Click Upload ➡️ Select file to upload ➡️ Insert title, description ➡️ Select category and topic ➡️ Upload

Interesting features:

  • With Hashdoc, users can create a shop connected to PayPal
  • Hashdoc offers analytics and insights
  • The documents can be embedded anywhere

29. Smart File

Preview of Smart File

Pricing: $6 - $10/month or get a quote for more advanced services

How it works: Log in to Smart File ➡️ Create folder ➡️ Create user ➡️ Upload files ➡️ Create the link and send

Interesting features:

  • Smart File offers an easy-to-use file sharing and transferring solution
  • Users will get email notifications
  • Smart File offers automation workflows

30. OneDrive

Preview of OneDrive

Pricing: Free for limited capacity

How it works: Log in to OneDrive ➡️ Upload file ➡️ Open the file ➡️ Click share

Interesting feature:

  • OneDrive is integrated with other Office online programs

31. Dropbox

Preview of Dropbox

Pricing: Free for limited capacity; start from $8.25 - $25/month for higher capacity

How it works: Log in to Dropbox ➡️ Upload file or Create Shared folder ➡️ Select files ➡️ Click Share

Interesting features:

  • Users have easy collaboration on the same file
  • Dropbox offers automatic sync with other devices
  • Users can manage the visibility, access, and download permissions of every file, folder, and the link they share

32. Swipe

Preview of Swipe

Pricing: Free with limited features; $15 - $36/month for business

How it works: Log in to Swipe ➡️ Click upload presentation file ➡️ Select the file to upload

Interesting feature:

  • Swipe offers live presenting features

33. Google Drive

Preview of Google Drive

Pricing: Free with limited capacity

How it works: Log in to Google Drive ➡️ Upload files ➡️ Share it

Interesting features:

  • Google Drive is a great storing and sharing solution, as it is integrated with other Google docs tools

D. Convert to a Video/PDF and Share Services

Depending on your needs, you can convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video or a PDF document and share it with your audience, team, or clients. These PowerPoint converting and sharing websites make the entire process easier, faster, and more reliable:

34. Author Stream

Preview of Author Stream

Pricing: Free for limited features; Pro Plans range from $4.20 - $119.95/month

How it works: Log in to Author Stream (need to enable/install Flash player) ➡️ Upload file from Local Disk, Dropbox, or Google Drive ➡️ Write a title, description and category ➡️ Click continue

Interesting features:

  • Share their presentations both privately or publicly.
  • Convert PowerPoint into videos.
  • Broadcast presentations live and communicate in real time.

35. PowerShow

Preview of Powershow

Pricing: Free; premium plans start at $25/month

How it works: Log in to Powershow ➡️ Click Upload button ➡️ Browse and select the presentation file ➡️ Insert title and description ➡️ Select presentation category ➡️ Click upload ➡️ Once the presentation is ready, you will get notified by email

Interesting features:

  • With PowerShow, users can automatically convert their PowerPoint presentations to Flash presentations
  • Users can set up pay-per-view for viewers

36. Docdroid

Preview of Docdroid

Pricing: Free for limited features; start from $4/month for advance plans

How it works: Log in to Docdroid ➡️ Turn your presentation to PDF and upload

Interesting features:

  • With Docdroid, users can integrate their presentations in other websites as iframes
  • Docdroid offers automatic conversion, so readers can download a different format

37. SlideTalk

Preview of SlideTalk

Pricing: Basic is free and each account receives 10 credits to use; pro videos and downloadable video cost credits which begin at $8 for 10 and get cheaper per credit the more you buy

How it works: Log in to SlideTalk ➡️ Upload slides or PPT ➡️ Type texts for each slide ➡️ Add automatic voiceover and background music ➡️ Get video and share it

Interesting features:

  • With SlideTalk, users have the possibility of adding automatic voiceover
  • Users can choose background music for their presentations
  • SlideTalk offers Cloud API

38. Brainshark

Preview of Brainshark

Pricing: Requires consultation with a sales rep

How it works: Log in to Brainshark ➡️ Click Upload Content ➡️ Select presentation file ➡️ Once uploaded click Next ➡️ Start to add your narrative to your presentation ➡️ Save

Interesting features:

  • Brainshark is a great tool for creating sales training materials
  • Users can get certifications for mandatory training on the platform

39. Camtasia

Preview of Camtasia

Pricing: Free download without a license; $99 - $249 for added features

How it works: Download Camtasia tool ➡️ Drag and drop PPT file to Camtasia ➡️ Add narration video by recording online

Interesting feature:

  • Camtasia offers users a multimedia option

40. Vcasmo

Preview of Vcasmo

Pricing: Free for limited features; start from $10.99 - $16.99/month for premium

How it works: Log in to Vcasmo ➡️ Select and drop PPT file and upload ➡️ Add narration video by recording online

Interesting features:

  • Vcasmo offers Cloud video streaming features
  • Vcasmo offers users a series of privacy options and settings—permission control, private, group, password protect, domain embed protection
  • Users have the option to add subtitles

PowerPoint is still an endless resource, so if you would like to stick to it and use one of the above-listed tools only to share or store your presentation, you can always download a free PowerPoint template and get creative.

If you can’t decide on the best way to structure your PowerPoint presentation, you feel nervous about writing your own presentation, or you just want a unique design to fit your purpose and the brand’s identity and image perfectly, our team of PowerPoint designers and content writers are only a few clicks away. With Superside, you can get started in 30 minutes and get your presentation delivered in 12 hours.

Published: Jul 4, 2018
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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