50+ Tips and Tools to Create Your Own Banner Ads

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In an era of ever-evolving technological advancements, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing strategies. A company’s branding is key to both brand success and viewer-to-client conversion. This is why banner advertising continues to play a strong role in the world of online advertising. By understanding how banner ads work and which tools there are to help create them, a brand can ensure positive ad results. From still photography to motion design, there's a lot of strategy that goes into making an effective banner design advertisement.

What is a Banner Ad

A banner ad is an online graphical ad that is image-based, rather than text-based. The purpose of using banner advertising is to promote a brand on a host website and to encourage website viewers to proceed to the advertiser’s website. This form of online advertising is also known as display advertising because of its visual display.

20 Tips for Making Your Banner Ad Great

Whether it's to promote your new product, or a holiday ad to get more eyes on those festive deals, there's many reasons why you might need a great banner design. With the many easy-to-use tools available for creating effective banner ads, there are certain techniques that can make your ad stand out from the others. Consider these tips when creating your banner ad campaign to optimize clicks:

1. Effective Banner Sizes

Effective Banner Sizes

Source: Echovme.in | Soravjain.com

Knowing the most effect banner sizes will make a big difference in the success of your ad campaign. Consider using either leaderboard, half page, medium rectangle, or large rectangle for the best display ad.

2. Establish a Hierarchy

Understanding the hierarchy of banner ads is crucial to the ad’s success. The three components to a well-balanced banner ad are the company logo, the value proposition, and the call to action.

3. Keep it Simple

When designing your banner ad, it's best to ensure it looks clean and simple. Avoid overcrowding the design with text and content.

4. Use a Clearly Defined Frame

Establishing a clearly defined frame will help in the overall visual appeal of your ad. For a banner ad that contains graphics, make sure the images extend to the edge of the frame. If you are creating a display ad in white, it's best to use a slim, gray border.

5. Use an Amazing Tagline

The most effective banner ads have little content, but the language is powerful and engaging. Ensure the language you use instills an emotional response in the viewer.

6. Use Effective Fonts

While viewers are drawn to graphics and images, utilizing an appealing font can also attract user attention. Use a font that is personal to your brand’s image, yet still clean and readable.

7. Choose Appealing Colors

Choose Appealing Colors

Before creating a digital marketing ad, consider which emotion you wish to instill in your audience. Have an idea of the desired emotional reaction, then strategically choose the appropriate color scheme.

8. Use Buttons Wisely

While not all banner ads contain buttons, these tools can definitely increase the click-through rate when used effectively. Incorporate the buttons on the bottom of your display ad with complementary colors to the design.

9. Incorporate Animation

To increase the chance of your display ad standing out, consider creating a simple animated banner ad instead of a static banner ad. Ensure the animations are no more than 15 seconds to avoid overwhelming or irritating viewers. Adding animation design can really increase your CTRs.

10. Maintain Consistency

The banner ad that you create will be linked to a landing page, meaning that the ad’s theme and design should be consistent with that of the landing page. This is to avoid confusion among potential clients.

11. Readable Content

Readable Content

Source: iTunes Radio

Make the content on your banner ad readable upon first glance, by creating the headline and body text in different sizes. Avoid using cursive or thin fonts, as they can be more difficult to read.

12. Understand the Target Audience

Once you know who your target audience is, you should do the necessary research to understand what your target audience responds best to.

13. Include Promotions

Viewers tend to respond quite well to promotions and deals. Therefore, if your brand is offering a discount or a promotion on the product, it is important to include that on the banner ad.

14. Create a Sense of Urgency

Create a Sense of Urgency

Source: Forever 21

By creating the sense that your product or promotion is limited, viewers will be far more likely to click on your banner ad.

15. Small File Sizes

Ensure that your display ad is under 150 kb so that you do not lose viewers with a slow loading page.

16. Emphasize the Benefits

Rather than focusing the display ad on the specific details of the product or brand, it is far more effective to highlight the benefits that the viewer will experience by clicking on your banner.

17. Correct Placement

Ensure the space you purchase on the website will feature your banner ad close to where the main content of the site is.

18. Include a CTA

The call to action is perhaps the most significant component of the display ad because it will drive clicks. That is why it is best to make the CTA button stand out by making it both short and visually appealing.

19. Complement the Host Website

When creating the banner ad, you should aim to make it visually complementary to the website it will be displayed on, while also ensuring it will stand out.

20. Test It

Before finally launching your banner ad campaign, make sure you go through basic testing to ensure it works correctly. For more advanced testing, you can explore different ads and see which ones produce more clicks.

35 Tools to Create Banner Ads

The ease of banner advertising means even beginners can create their own professional-looking banner ads. With a banner ad maker, creating web banners will enhance the campaign or product being promoted with little expense and time needed. Create your own banner ad with help from these 35 banner ad makers:

  • Bannersnack


    Bannersnack’s banner ad creator provides all the tools needed for making both static banners or animated banner ads. With free fonts, stock photos, clip art, and custom animations, creating display ads with Bannersnack is easy and saves time. Choose a banner template from their impressive gallery and experience the ease of creating up to 22 sizes at once with their ad generator.

  • Fotor


    With Fotor, creating standard banner ad sizes is easy—simply use their recommended dimensions. From creating successful business banners to visually appealing brand promotions, Fotor offers banner ad templates intended to deliver results and have a visual impact.

  • Html5Maker


    With the html5maker’s free trial, you can create GIF banners, animated banners, and static display ads in a matter of minutes. The custom templates save time in creating banner ads and are customizable to computers, mobile devices, and tablets. With the html5maker, banners may be downloaded in their most popular formats, including an HTML5 banner, and published on ad networks and websites.

  • Animatron


    Animatron invites users to create professional-looking HTML5 banners and animated image ads with their pre-animated characters and templates. Animatron’s banners are downloadable to Google Adwords, JPG, PNG, and animated GIF.

  • Flexitive


    Flexitive is a great option for creating mobile banner ads, with its ability to adapt to various screen sizes and devices for better user experience. Flexitive offers access to over 20,000 web fonts to achieve the ideal banner ad design, as well as many fixed-size templates that are already animated for easy building.

  • Bannerflow


    With its drag and drop interface, Bannerflow offers an easy way to create HTML5 ads and campaigns suitable for mobile devices and desktops. Bannerflow also allows creators the freedom to design without templates and make changes to live banners, eliminating the need to republish their web advertising.

  • My Banner Maker

    My Banner Maker

    My Banner Maker simplifies creation of banner ads by inviting creators to choose from the start where their banner will be used. Creators can choose from social media, games, and more or opt to have My Banner Maker create a design for them. This tool also helps with banner size, where creators simply choose the type of banner they want and My Banner Maker does the rest.

  • Placeit


    Design the perfect business banner with Placeit, an easy-to-use tool that boasts thousands of templates for users to choose from. Placeit’s professional templates will only take minutes to create a banner ad from. Simply type your business heading, subtitle, and call to action in the bars at the top of their page and click on your template of choice.

  • Snappa


    Snappa is targeted toward non-designers who want to create amazing banner ads. Snappa’s display ads are free of cost and work for social media profiles, emails, and more. The banner templates are optimizable for JPG, high-res PNG, Retina JPG, and Retina PNG. The banner ad may also be repurposed for the various platforms in only a few clicks.

  • BeFunky


    Create beautiful, unique image ads with BeFunky, a banner ad creator that simplifies the process into four easy steps. Simply choose your template, select and customize an image, edit the fonts and colors to your liking, and save the banner ad to your computer.

  • Bannersketch


    This free banner ad maker only takes a few minutes to create professional-looking web banners with no prior design knowledge necessary. With over 13,000 prebuilt ad templates to choose from, Bannersketch.com is sure to offer the template and tools you need to boost your ad campaign results.

  • Google Ads

    Google Ads

    With Google Ads, creating campaigns for mobile apps is easy, where you may also monitor the performance of the ads that you upload onto the apps. Select a format to begin creating your banner ad and allow Google Ads to analyze the results of your ads.

  • Crello


    Crello offers both static and animated ad banners for web page ad campaigns. This tool helps creators make wide skyscraper, medium rectangle, large rectangle, or leaderboard banner ad sizes.

  • Banner Now

    Banner Now

    Along with banner ad creation, Banner Now also offers real time analytics and reporting on how the ads are performing and the results that they are producing. Users can design their display ads with the banner editor and choose from the professional banner templates before publishing their ad to the most popular ad networks, such as AdWords.

  • Fotojet


    This free banner ad creator offers an impressive array of templates for platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. FotoJet allows users the freedom to customize unique ads to their liking to achieve their ideal campaign ad.

  • TweenUI


    TweenUI boasts an easy-to-use editor that creates animated HTML5 banner ads within minutes. By using advertising industry standards, users are able to export their display ads to any platform, including Google Ads, Sizmek, and more.

  • Fluid Ads

    Fluid Ads

    Create a visually appealing display ad, with very little effort or time, through Fluid Ads. This banner ad maker prides itself in its unique templates, available in all sizes, that are catered to any device, including mobile ads.

  • Bannerboo


    BannerBoo invites anyone, regardless of their experience or skills, to create HTML5 animation banners for free. With its simple drag-and-drop features, professional templates, animation effects, and transitions, BannerBoo is a wonderful time-saving advertising tool.

  • PicMonkey


    Use PicMonkey for any banner ad campaigns with one of their many prebuilt templates. PicMonkey offers Facebook ad templates, Google medium rectangle display templates, Google Leaderboard display templates, and much more to make your campaign ads come to life.

  • Madyourself


    With Madyourself, users may choose from one of the many professional HTML5 templates or create their own image ads from scratch with the drag-and-drop editor. Madyourself requires no prior knowledge of HTML or javascript to build effective ads, so everyone can enjoy tapping their creative sides to create an ad.

  • Match2One


    Create amazing display ad campaigns with Match2One, a banner maker tool that offers a quick and easy platform for any kind of image ad. Choose from over 1,000 templates or start from scratch to create a banner ad of any dimension and size. To increase beneficial results, Match2One allows users to animate their banners.

  • AdKreator


    You don't need prior experience to start designing display ads for free using AdKreator because it offers hundreds of professionally designed templates. Users may choose from many categories to find an ideal banner theme in no time.

  • BannerEasy


    As its name suggests, Bannereasy users have it easy with banner creation from scratch or based on a free template. To create from scratch, users simply input the size of the banner they wish to create and begin designing from there. If they are unsure about dimensions, Banner easy offers dimension suggestions.

  • Webestools


    Webestools is the perfect free tool to create GIF animated banner ads. Users only need to select their background and banner from either the banner gallery or their own computer. Then they can enter the text and font before concluding the quick process by previewing the ad.

  • Makermoon


    With MakerMoon, users create animated banner ads within seconds by choosing from the stunning, free templates. This banner creator tool offers banners powered by HTML5 that are Google AdWords-ready and mobile friendly.

  • Flashbannernow


    For professional-looking flash banner ads, use Flash Banner Now and follow three simple steps to create an amazing ad campaign. This tool also offers a free HTML5 or PNG backup banner to make the banner ad customizable for mobile phones and tablets.

  • Campaign Kit

    Campaign Kit

    Campaign Kit boasts thousands of AdWords banner ad templates for visually appealing digital marketing ads. This easy-to-use tool offers design features that make creating and editing images simple and professional-looking.

  • FlashVortex


    FlashVortex offers various templates to choose from to create banner ads within minutes using Flash animation.

  • Postermywall


    Choose from the thousands of templates and free downloads that Postermywall offers for creating gorgeous display ads and animated banner ads. With the various categories, creating a banner ad for any campaign or promotion is simple.

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark

    If you have no prior design skills, you can use the trusted Adobe brand and it's free banner maker called Spark. It requires only four simple steps to create stand out banner ads. You can also create banner ads on the go with the Spark Post mobile app.

  • Canva


    Canva offers a variety of web ad templates for users to create personalized ads for free. Users can choose from templates for Facebook ads, large rectangles, leaderboards, wide skyscrapers, and medium rectangles to achieve the perfect display ad and drive traffic to their online campaign.

  • Desygner


    Desygner invites beginners and amateur ad designers to create professional-looking display ads for free with its simple drag and drop features and stunning templates. With thousands of templates and the ability to resize an ad in seconds, Desygner’s banner ads can be used for any platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google ads.

  • Banner Designer Pro

    Banner Designer Pro

    Available for both Windows and Mac devices, this Banner Designer Pro is the banner software to have, with over 300 ready-to-use templates and transition effects. No experience or skill is needed, and Banner Designer Pro can create display ads for platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook, and ads compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

  • Design Wizard

    Design Wizard

    Design Wizard an all-in-one content creation tool with free, premium and business plans. It includes an image editor, video editor, premium templates and a free stock image and video library. From posters and social media posts, to advertisements and thank you cards, Design Wizard offers a wide range of templates and tools to quickly create customizable designs.

  • Anvsoft


    By downloading AnvSoft, users can create professional-looking flash ads and banner ads for free. With various effects and text styles to choose from, this flash banner generator can help create amazing animated banners within minutes.

  • EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro

    EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro

    The EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro offers stunning prebuilt banner templates for users to design high-quality display ads for their campaign. Users can choose from over 400 templates to create effective banner ads for free by using this banner software.

Pros and Cons of Banner Ads

The concept and purpose of banner advertising is relatively simple to grasp. But what are the benefits and downsides to using this popular form of online advertising?

  • Banner ad design only requires basic skills to achieve the necessary fundamentals needed to attract viewer attention.
  • Web banners are one of the least intrusive methods of advertising. When visitors browse websites or social media, they are accustomed to seeing banner ads placed throughout the page. Therefore, the banner ads on the web page are far less likely to spark a negative reaction from users like with pop-ups.
  • Banner ads are accepted universally by all ad server solutions. Since companies are accustomed to handling this form of advertising and the formats, there is typically already a set price in motion.

While these benefits may make banner ads quite appealing, there are also downsides to using this form of advertising.

  • Internet goers have become almost too accustomed to them. This creates an immunity of sorts to banner ads, which may result in a lower click rate for the advertisement.
  • Banner ads that consist of too much blinking and movements can irritate website viewers, resulting in a lower click rate.

While banner ads are incredibly easy to work with, creators should strive to make them unique and stand out to viewers.

At Superside, we understand the significance of banner ads to digital marketing. If you are curious about how other brands use display ad marketing, check out the 25 YouTube banners that have proven successful. As Facebook is undeniably one of the most successful social platforms today, you may also enjoy learning about the latest Facebook banner trends for inspiration.

If you feel stuck or uninspired when creating your ideal banner ad, browse the design services that Superside offers to achieve your ideal design. With skilled project managers available 24/7, Superside is committed to taking your ideas and bringing them to life.

Before you go ahead and create your own banner ad, check out these best practices from Experts:

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