150 Award-Winning Logos for Inspiration & Design Ideas in 2024

Roger Match
Content Marketer
PublishedFeb 5
150 Award-Winning Logos for Inspiration & Design Ideas in 2024

Finding logo design inspiration is not easy. Sometimes you simply don’t know where to look or how to get started, but that's about to change. In this post, Superside will show you the latest logo design ideas for 2024, including places where you can find inspiration and logo examples that will make you want to become a Superside customer to achieve the greatness these award-winning logo ideas have brought to their respective brands.

Coming up with a charming and timeless logo design is not an easy task. You need great logo design inspiration, a defined strategy and professionals ready to help you make your dreams come true.

Not to worry–we already have you covered on the last two points–Superside is here to help you in every step of the logo design process.

Now, for the inspiration, I have gathered these 150+ logo design ideas. Each one is an award winner, sure to help jump-start the inspiration for your next project.

The ABCs of Logo Design

We all know what a logo is–it’s a unique graphic symbol or emblem that represents a company, product, service or brand. It serves as a visual identifier, enabling audiences to recognize and distinguish a brand at a glance.

A well-designed logo communicates the essence of the brand, conveying its values, mission, and personality. That’s why collecting logo design inspiration ideas is so important–a good logo stays in the minds of your customers, reminding them of your business wherever they go.

Logos are a fundamental part of branding and your brand identity as a whole, which creates the need to come up with the perfect logo design in order to make your company standout among thousands of businesses.

3 Key Elements of an Effective Logo

There are different types of logos that provide an overview of your brand to the world, and professional designers need to consider all elements (typography, color, shapes, and more) before creating a new logo that infuses the concept of a company. Before the design process even starts, the majority of creatives make logos inspired by the following three elements.

See The Quality You Can Create With Superside
See The Quality You Can Create With Superside

See The Quality You Can Create With Superside

See how our world-class design teams have helped some of the world’s top brands create sensational campaigns at the speed of light.

Fuel Your Imagination: How to Find Logo Design Inspiration

We know that logo design can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you're staring at a blank canvas waiting for the perfect idea to emerge.

While inspiration might not always strike immediately, there are proactive steps you can take to gather ideas and spark your creativity–let’s see some helpful suggestions and tips to get started!

  • Influence on color schemes and shapes: Natural elements such as plants, animals, landscapes, and weather phenomena often influence the color palettes and forms used in logo design. Some designers develop logos using earthy tones, vibrant greens, or flowing shapes to evoke a sense of harmony, growth, and sustainability, mirroring the beauty and intricacies of the natural world.
  • Drawing inspiration from historical art movements: Designers frequently search for inspiration from historical art movements like minimalism, abstract art, and art deco for inspiration. These movements provide a rich repository of styles, themes, and techniques that can inform logo design.
  • The role of fonts and lettering in logo design: Typography is a crucial element in logo design, with the choice of fonts and lettering styles significantly impacting the logo's overall look and feel. Designers often experiment with various typographic styles to enhance readability, convey brand personality, and ensure the logo stands out. Whether using classic serif fonts or modern sans-serif styles, typography can become the central design feature of a logo.
  • Current logo design trends: Staying updated with current trends is essential for creating contemporary and relevant logos. Trends such as flat design, gradients and hand-drawn elements reflect the evolving tastes and preferences of audiences.
Superside's Design Capabilities
Superside's Design Capabilities

Superside's Design Capabilities

Explore Superside's full range of design capabilities with creative examples of our work for clients, like Amazon, Salesforce and Puma.

5 Best Places to Discover Unique Logo Design Ideas

To create new logos that resonate with your clients, brand or work, you need to find a place where your mind feels comfortable to explore. Let’s pick 5 different websites that you can browse to find plenty of detailed logo ideas before continuing your creative journey.

1. Logo Moose

Logo Moose is an online community where you can check professional logo designs from around the world. It provides a platform for designers to submit their own logos for feedback and critique, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas can be shared and refined.

2. LogoLounge

LogoLounge boasts a massive library of over 400,000 logo related designs, serving as an efficient reference resource for designers. The platform also facilitates discussions and the exchange of ideas among peers and clients, making it a valuable tool for inspiration and collaboration.

3. Behance

Behance is an extensive online gallery for designers, featuring a vast array of design projects, including high-quality logos, corporate brand design and more. Founded in 2005 and acquired by Adobe in 2012, Behance showcases a wide range of creative works, making it a treasure trove of inspiration for designers seeking fresh ideas and innovative approaches.

4. Logo Design Love

Created by graphic designer David Airey, Logo Design Love features both contemporary and classic logo designs. The platform offers insights, opinions and news on logo design, providing a balanced perspective that celebrates past masterpieces and where designers can learn more to shape their logo art.

5. Logospire

Logospire offers a minimalist platform to showcase logos, emphasizing simplicity and clarity. The site features a continuous scroll of logo designs, each linked to the designer’s website, making it a streamlined source of inspiration free from distractions.

Let Superside Turn Your Logo Ideas into Reality

Getting inspired by logos that captivate your thoughts is a great way to get started in logo design, but most times, you’ll need help from logo design experts who know how to deliver.

Superside is your AI-powered solution for logo design, and we are much more than an AI logo generator. We are a subscription service that includes all your creative needs under one umbrella. With our branding services, we create custom logo designs by combining our wide expertise, talented designers, and the latest AI advancements. This differentiates our service from the rest and brings you the results you are looking for.

If you want to have an award-winning logo for yourself, then book a call with us and discover what we can do for your ongoing creative needs.

Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done
Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done

Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done

Plug a fully-stacked design team into your business to create unforgettable branding

150 Award-Winning Logos for Inspiration & Ideas

I’m sure you’ll find the following 150 logos astonishing and beautiful enough to captivate your eyes and spark the creative inspiration you need to continue your logo creation journey. Without further ado, it’s time to get inspired by logos!

Love Simplicity


Fish Food

Shop Wise

Love Clip

Yondr Studio


Giant Owl









Union of Moscow Architects



Bird & Worm Creative Agency

Half Badger



Cook Finder

My Indian Closet

Horror Films

Rocket Golf


Barknews Media

Killed Productions


Subtle Yoga



Artists United

Girls Talking Smack

Cook Eat Love

On Wine

Cycling Association




Martini House

Elena Alexeeva


Ed's Electric

Wiesinger Music Piano Service


Centro Books


Page Fold

Green Labs


Paper Clip

Spartan Golf Club


Invasione Creativa

Space Settings





Water Drop




Music Dog





Ludlow Ventures

Porter Mason


Tejidos Paloma Blanca



Dream On





Matson & Ridley Safaris




Skate Temple

Infinity Natural Beeswax


Scale Stalker

Music Deals

Nefeli Hotel

Oasis Analytics

Protein Dynamix

Infiniti Custom Jewellery

Valero Energy

Lighthouse Consulting

Loud Monkey

Art Jam

Doha Triple Crown

Swiss Credit


Fox Stevenson


Huti’s 5

Campo D’Oglio

The Morton

Hotel Sorrento


Orleans + Winder

The Center—A Contemporary Event Space

World Trade Center


Little Urbanites Preschool



The Honey Paw



Catherine’s Butterflies

Brownie and Madam

Flour + Co

Black Ink

Dō Baked Goods

Fetcham Park

Dallas Comedy House

Austin Parks Foundation


Jigsaw Production



Well Rounded Sound

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts

The Jade Hotel

Lichty Guitars

Corpus Callosum

The Pelican House Multimedia Campaign

Unlock Tampa Bay

Crop Salon

Kanga Multimedia

STEM Scouts

International Architects Atelier

Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Whiskey Design


Black Powder Tavern



Paradiso Productions

Booth Custom Jewelry

Blackdeer Capital

HUMBEE Partners


DM2 Architecture

Coffee Cultures


Bail Bond Brothers

Beyond the Beat

Biota Aquariums

Blue Plate Restaurant Co.

Lift Exercise

Stop TB

Drive Electric Minnesota

Franklin Press



Andrews Property Group



JUX Law Firm

Kalamaki Greek Street Food




The Superside Method for Award-Winning Logo Design

Did you like some of the award-winning logo inspirations you just saw? What if I told you that you could have a logo like this for yourself?

Our extensive experience working with over 500 ambitious brands over the years is exactly what you need to revamp your company’s branding, starting with a logo that no one will ever forget. Book a call with Superside and let us show you what we can do for you.

Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done
Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Creative-as-a-Service: The New Way to Get Design Done

Get a dedicated design team that scales with your vision. Want to learn more?

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