Video Marketing Statistics To Inspire Your 2024 Campaigns

Michelle Martin
Contributing Writer
Published1 Dec, 2023

Video marketing statistics help us see how our strategy stacks up. So, we surveyed 357 marketers and creatives on how they’re using video right now, including challenges, trends and opportunities. Keep reading to see how your peers are tackling video—and where there's room for you to standout.

Video is the best. You’ve got to do more video marketing. Post 7,000 Reels a week…


You’ve heard a million times how important video marketing is for your business, but how are companies actually using video? What’s a realistic publishing cadence? What types of videos are companies focusing on? And is anyone else struggling with video production?

These are some of the questions we set out to answer with our video marketing statistics survey. Here's what we found out:

Video Marketing Survey Statistics

1. 90% of video marketers say their channels could be better

New to video marketing? You’re in good company. Over a third (34.5%) of respondents described their video channels as “newborn.” Cute, right? But even those with established channels could amp up their video marketing efforts. A sizable 29.4% of respondents called their video channels “quiet,” while 13% went with “tired” or “hungry.”

(To the 9.5% that described their channels as “hyped,” kudos to you for being the exception!)

Whether you’re just starting out or further along with your strategy, your videos must create an emotional connection with people in order to land well. True for video marketers of all levels, of course, but especially for newbies.

Evoking an emotional response doesn’t only mean making people scroll TikTok and cry into their bowl of Doritos. Emotional responses are also joy, laughter, feeling seen, empathy, surprise and so much more.

How do you do that? Start here:

2. Knock, knock, who’s there? Shh video strategies are sleeping

Emojis are a language in their own right, so we asked marketers to describe their video strategy with one and the results were a bit… sleepy. As in, the majority of respondents (30.20%) said their strategy was 💤.

Whether that means “asleep,” “tired” or “boring” to you, it’s clear most people think their strategy could use more energy.

One in five (20.6%) said 💬 suggesting a work in progress, while 18.1% are sweating it 😅 and 17.5% don’t have a strategy at all 🙅.

Only 13.6% of people said their video strategy is 🚀, like a rocketship taking off. If that’s you, nice. If not, give your video strategy some CPR with our complete guide to video marketing. (Yes, it’s long and yes, it’s really does cover everything you need to know, but no, it’s not boring!)

3. Lights, camera… 38.7% respondents aren’t rolling

Hard truth: Consistency is just as important to your video marketing success as making good videos.

Yet 38.7% of respondents shared they don’t have a current video project on the go. Of those who are rolling, the video projects varied: 20.2% are preparing for a launch, 10.6% are refreshing comms, 7.3% are spicing up ads and 3.4% are working on ‘other’ video projects.

At the same time, it was great to see how many respondents (19.9%) have 10 or more video projects in the works. It goes to show, there’s an endless need for video across marketing (and sales… and customer success… and human resources… and you get the point).

If your head is spinning from all the video projects on your plate or you wish you could create 10 more videos this month, it may be worth considering a video marketing agency partner, like Superside.

Unlike traditional agencies, Superside’s Creative-as-a-Service model is flexible, scalable and hassle-free. Simply put, you can get as much or as little video support you need, whether that’s 10 more videos produced from start to finish or help with a specific step, say strategy, shooting or editing.

Get Hassle-Free Video on Your Terms
Get Hassle-Free Video on Your Terms

Get Hassle-Free Video on Your Terms

Customize the exact video services you need with Superside and scale production with ease.

4. 30.8% of respondents struggle with video production

Video skills are in high demand (and low supply). When we asked what parts of video production people are good at, most respondents (30.8%) said none of the above. In all likelihood, these folks don’t have dedicated in-house video talent, which explains why production may be a struggle.

Of those who answered with a top skill, concepting won by a landslide.

  • Concepting: 26.9%
  • Strategy: 12.3%
  • Editing: 10.4%
  • Shooting: 10.4%

Given the wealth of ideas most marketers and creatives come to work with and the more specialized skills on the board, this breakdown makes perfect sense. Meanwhile, a lucky few (9.2%) felt they excelled in all areas of video production.

But one can never have too many good ideas, right? Keep a running list of video concepts on your phone or in a notebook and don’t censor yourself. You never know which ideas will perform—these B2B video ads are proof.

5. Half of video marketers want to outsource all video production

Most of you could use a hand with every step of video production. And I get it! Making videos takes a lot of talent, time, energy, equipment, steps… it’s a lot. So, it’s no surprise over half (51.3%) respondents said they could use help with the full production process, from concepting all the way through to editing.

The individual skills video marketers want to outsource the most are:

  • Editing: 29.7%
  • Shooting: 26.9%
  • Strategy: 26.9%
  • Concepting: 25.2%

Only 2.5% of respondents—nine people—said they didn’t need help with any part of their video workflow. These lucky ducks must have fully stacked video teams.

6. Most brands produce 2-5 videos per month

This one is an interesting split: Almost a three-way tie for the average number of videos produced each month. Most of you are making 2-5 videos per month (27.4%), closely followed by 5-10 and 1-2 videos per month—23.8% and 22.6%, respectively.

14.3% said they’re not making any videos regularly right now, and 11.9% of you make more than 10 videos per month. (Could these ones be Superside customers? 😎)

The question didn’t ask the length of the videos you’re making, but I’d assume a mix of long form, YouTube channel videos and social media shorts, right? Which brings us to…

7. 75.6% of marketers want to make social media shorts

Short form video is still the hottest video trend, even though the definition of “short” keeps getting longer and longer. TikTok, which revolutionized the way we consume and produce short form videos, went from 60 seconds, to three minutes, and as of 2022, allows videos up to 10 minutes long.

Everyone else soon followed suit, with Instagram now testing out 10 minute videos. Are 10 minute shorts the new 30 minute TV show?

Whether you view short form social media videos as being a minute, less or up to a full 10 minutes, 75.6% of marketers say social media shorts are on their video wish list.

I say keep betting on shorts. Instagram engagement data shows Reels still get 45% more views than regular videos.

Ads and explainer videos took the next top spots while, surprisingly, user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing videos were in last place, with only 29.7% of marketers interested in these. However, in another survey, 49% of marketers said influencer videos were the most effective content marketing format, so this could be an opportunity for those who know.

What I really wanted to know was what videos the 4.2% of people who said ‘other’ are making. Snooping through the data, it turns out many of these ‘others’ fall into the training or courses video category.

As for where these videos are going, YouTube is still top for video, according to Statista, with 90% of video marketers using the platform, followed by Facebook (86%) and LinkedIn (79%). Surprisingly, TikTok came in 7th with 35%.

8. Freelancers are still the most popular video outsourcing solution

When video marketers need help, they’re most likely to turn to freelancers first. 44.3% said they’d already tried freelancers, followed by 38.4% who said they hired in-house, 21% used an agency and 8.4% did things the smart way with a Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS) agency like Superside.

21.8% said “other,” and in most instances, these respondents specified they hadn’t tried any solutions to produce video yet or they’re doing it all themselves.

9. In an ideal world, most people want their video strategy to engage and delight

Engagement is still the goal of the game, with 42.1% of respondents saying it’s their top video marketing priority. Hot tip: Optimize for mobile, since the majority of audiences watch video on their smartphones.

20.2% said “get up and running,” indicating they’re still in that newborn phase. 14% want to scale, 12.4% are focused on launches and 11.2% cite boosting creativity as their main video goal.

10. Most video marketers are struggling with vision or scaling

According to the overall survey results, most people need a clearer vision (27.5%) or more velocity (26.6%), as in more resources and speed, to get their video marketing where they want it to be.

These results echo a recent study that found the top two biggest challenges video marketers faced were not maximizing their current potential and lack of in-house skills.

For help developing a vision, copy a page—or all the pages—from Shopify’s video marketing playbook, including the 15 types of marketing videos you can, and should, be making. As for scaling, well, you already know Superside can help with our hassle-free video marketing where you can outsource as much, or as little, of your video workflow as you need. Right?

BONUS: Most people want Wonder Woman on their video team

Asked which superhero they’d pick for their video team, most respondents (34.2%) said they’d want Wonder Woman. A wise choice, as she’s known for authenticity, compassion, her warrior spirit and accomplishing any task she takes on. William Moulton Marston, the original creator of Wonder Woman, once said his inspiration for her was as a model of “a new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world.”

I’m a bit worried about 9% of you who chose Magneto, one of Marvel Comics’ most famous villains who believes himself to be superior to humans. Stan Lee said he never thought of Magneto as a simple villain. Instead, a more complex figure who’s heart was in the right place but ultimately, chose the wrong path in pursuit of vengeance, not altruistic change.

Remember: do video marketing good, not video marketing evil.

Unlock Your Video Superpower
Unlock Your Video Superpower

Unlock Your Video Superpower

88% of companies aren’t using video to its full potential. Are you one of them? Get specific advice to improve your video marketing in less than two minutes.

Do You See Yourself in These Video Marketing Statistics?

Do you feel seen? Know that you're not the only one trying to get a channel off the ground, breathe new life into a strategy or develop a consistent video production and publishing cadence.

You can do it. I believe in you! And Superside is here for you, if you need a hand or you’d rather have us do all your video, super fast. 😉

Michelle Martin
Michelle MartinContributing Writer

Michelle is a SaaS expert who loves digging into the technical side of creativity. She’s worn many hats during her decade in agencies, from project manager to brand strategist, copywriter and social media strategist, and worked across a wide variety of clients (though tech is her jam!). She loves to put the sass into SaaS content… and now CaaS. Connect with her on LinkedIn and send her a pic of your dog (really, she’ll love it).

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