The 10 Best Video Marketing Agencies in 2024

Michelle Martin
Contributing Writer
Published12 Sep, 2023

What do you do when you know 90% of people make buying decisions from video—including over a third of Gen Z who say social and streaming video ads influence them most—but you can’t keep up with video in-house? You hire a video marketing agency to get your strategy out of the boardroom and in front of eyeballs.

Good, fast and cheap. The video marketing trifecta, right? As the old saying goes: Good and fast ain’t cheap, and fast and cheap ain’t good. Not to fear: You can have it all with the right video marketing agency partner.

What if you only need a bit of help with video? Or, you want to scale up quickly without overwhelming your in-house team? Or you want to outsource absolutely everything and get wicked awesome finished videos delivered to your inbox?

You’ve got two choices: A traditional video marketing agency or a Creative-as-a-Service.

Traditional video marketing agencies are often slow and tackle each project end-to-end, wasting budget for things your in-house team could do. A big deal since 93% of marketers say the only thing preventing them from increasing video usage is moolah.

Enter: The new model for video marketing agencies, Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS). This model offers as much, or as little, creative help as you want, from full on location shooting to polished editing or any combination of steps in between—all with predictable monthly costs and turnaround times up to 70% faster.

Which model is right for you? Read on to find out.

What to Look for in a Video Marketing Agency

How do you get from a written strategy document to your leads clicking play on YouTube or your website? We think it comes down to finding a video marketing agency that embodies these five values:

1. Flexibility

Traditional agencies offer a wide range of creative services, but often require weeks of lead time before they can even start small projects. If you need to rapidly test and pivot ad campaigns, you can’t wait that long for new assets without risking lost conversions and wasted ad spend.

Working with your in-house team can be just as much of a battle. You need creative assets, but design’s backed up so your campaign either runs less effectively than it could be, or stays paused until you get the assets, and repeat…

Ideally, your video marketing agency partner should include a dedicated brand team who can respond to new requests with flexibility and agility.

2. Transparency

You need to know, in real-time, where your budget is being used and what's left in order to decide how best to use it.

With a CaaS video marketing agency, your monthly budget stays the same, so instead of worrying about numbers, you can focus on choosing the right mix of creative services you need each month.

Leveling up your YouTube channel? Go all in with video hours that month. Slower video needs, or bringing some production in-house for awhile? With Superside and other CaaS agencies, you can use your hours across various design services so you always get the maximum value from your budget, every month.

3. Versatility

Jack of all trades, master of none, right? Not true with CaaS agencies. At Superside, we have world-class talent across all skillsets, so you can scale up your A-team whenever you need it, for any design service you need: Video, graphics, web design, social media and more.

It would be impossible to build a comparable in-house team of specialized experts for the same cost as a CaaS subscription. In fact, working with Superside achieved a 50% lower cost per asset for Amazon and a 600% faster turnaround time for Bolt, compared to their in-house teams.

4. Reliability

Your marketing calendar deadlines don’t budge and facing an unexpected asset bottleneck can throw a stressful wrench in your plans. Quelle nightmare.

Mixing and matching multiple, skill-specific freelancers or agencies and trying to align them all to a common deadline is about the same as herding a dozen cats without having a bag of treats to shake, right?

Instead of bolting upright in a cold sweat yelling about channel-specific assets at four am, sleep tight with a Creative-as-a-Service subscription for confident outsourcing all in one place.

5. Scalability

Traditional marketing agencies like to deliver complete solutions for each project. Sounds good, until you realize that means every single video project needs a kickoff, a brand audit, a concept presentation… oh, look, there goes three weeks…

Who knows when a new social platform will pop up, or the next big TikTok trend will hit? When these inevitable things happen, you need to be ready.

Working with a CaaS agency is like extending your in-house team with hundreds of the best specialized professionals ready to go whenever you need them, and not costing you money when you don’t.

Top 10 Video Marketing Agencies

The five aspects above highlight the differences between traditional and Creative-as-a-Service video marketing agencies. The CaaS model is the best fit for most companies, but there are situations where traditional agency partnerships make more sense.

For that reason, this list starts with CaaS agencies and ends with traditional video marketing agencies.

1. Superside (CaaS)


Best for: Hassle-free video marketing at scale.

Established companies with a high-volume, ongoing need for video, who want to increase efficiency and output without long lead times. Get a dedicated team who understands your brand and a flexible approach to handle everything from full production to filling specific gaps—all for a predictable monthly budget.

Services offered:

  • Customizable video marketing packages (from full-service, on-location production to simple edits and everything in between)
  • Multiple video styles, including documentary, UGC content, commercials, series, case studies and more
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Social media content
  • Ideation and strategy
  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Access to other full-service design needs, including branding, ads, graphic, web and print design

OK, obvious bias here, but here at Superside, our hassle-free video marketing services really do give our clients the ultimate trifecta: Better, faster, and cheaper creative assets.

Creative-as-a-Service video complements your in-house team’s skills and capacity, like TransACT, who aligned 13 sub-brands and expanded design capacity by 70X. Or grow rapidly without any in-house team at all, like Brio who needed a new brand, website, packaging and marketing materials ASAP to establish themselves as a trustworthy industry leader during the pandemic.

We were on a time crunch. Superside does a really good job of balancing high-touch involvement without overwhelming me.

Kiana Nicio,
Kiana Nicio,Director of Marketing at Brio

Most traditional agencies move too slow for your monthly video marketing to maintain momentum in the real world. And, most freelancers don’t have all the skills you need, resulting in a lot of time wasted managing multiple contractors without a cohesive communication strategy.

With Superside, you get the best of both worlds: The top-tier talent, strategic guidance and ideation traditional agencies are known for and the speed of having a single point of contact and laser focus on your projects, like hiring a contractor or freelancer.

The result is video marketing that seamlessly fits into your marketing strategy and connects to your brand, social media and growth goals.

Still not sure? A Superside subscription costs 50% less and is 20 times faster than hiring in-house.

Pricing: Starts at $5,000/month and ranges to $45,000/month plus, depending on your needs. Budget can be used across all Superside design services for a fully managed creative outsourcing solution. Learn more about our subscription plans here.

Get a helping hand or full-stack video team
Get a helping hand or full-stack video team

Get a helping hand or full-stack video team

Customize the exact video services you need and get it all on time, on budget and on brand.

2. Kimp (CaaS)


Best for: Ongoing need for explainer videos.

Services offered:

  • Animated explainer videos
  • Editing existing footage
  • FAQ videos
  • Demo videos
  • GIFs and motion graphics
  • Audiograms
  • Print and web graphic design (add-on service)

Kimp doesn’t offer on-location or custom video filming services, so they’re a good fit for those who already have a lot of existing footage they want to repurpose, or who produce content in-house and just need a post-production editing partner.

As a CaaS agency, you get unlimited projects and revisions within your monthly subscription’s budget. Kimp’s services don’t include additional skills like the copywriting, concepting and strategy Superside offers, so you’ll need to bring your own clear strategic direction and creative briefs.

One thing to note is their original animated videos are limited to two minutes long, and edits of your footage are limited to 15 minutes max.

If you’re primarily using video for social media, this will be fine for you, but you may want to consider another option if you’re looking to start or grow a YouTube channel, or other longer-form video strategy.

Pricing: Starts at $599/month. See how Kimp stacks up to Superside.

3. Shuttlerock (CaaS)

Source: Shuttlerock

Best for: Repurposing static product images into ads.

Services offered:

  • Video ads
  • Motion design (turning static photos into short-form videos)
  • Static web ads
  • AR filters for Meta, TikTok and Snapchat (add-on service)

Shuttlerock is a good fit for new and emerging e-commerce brands to quickly develop social media video ads. They turn product photos into short, creative videos to use for organic or paid social media campaigns or e-commerce websites.

Of course, Superside can create world-class video ads for you too, though Shuttlerock’s services may be better aligned if you only need to outsource ad creation, and prefer to handle the rest of your marketing asset creation in-house.

Shuttlerock offers editing services only, so you also need to supply the strategy, brand assets and video/photo footage ready for post-production. The good news is you can start with just a few product photos, so you don’t even need to shoot any video to start experimenting with paid ads.

Pricing: Starts at $6,000/month with a maximum of two concurrent projects at a time. See how Shuttlerock compares to Superside.

4. UnicornGO (CaaS)

Source: UnicornGO

Best for: Small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Services offered:

  • Video editing, including YouTube videos, interview editing, tutorials, and more
  • Content writing and editing
  • Web content
  • Social media posts
  • Web and print graphics

UnicornGO is an editing-only Creative-as-a-Service provider, meaning they don’t coordinate or provide full video production services, like on-location shoots, strategic direction or project management. But if you film content in-house and are on a tight budget, UnicornGO may be a good fit for you.

Their monthly subscription plans are ideal for small companies without an established video marketing budget. Outsource YouTube video editing, experiment with social media ads or just create more social media and blog content.

However, there are some trade-offs: You can only have one active project at a time on their lowest subscription plan and video editing projects typically take two to three days or more to complete. Larger companies will want to look elsewhere for more capacity, though this schedule would still work well for solo creators or small businesses.

Pricing: Starts at $399/month for one active project and ranges to $999/month for three active projects.

5. 90 Seconds

Source: 90 Seconds

Best for: Single projects or infrequent video marketing needs.

Services offered:

  • Event video coverage
  • Brand/company stories
  • On-location video shooting
  • Video editing and post-production
  • Video ads
  • Live streaming and live event production

If you have a specific, large-scale video project in mind already, 90 Seconds is worth a look. Their website is set up like a contractor marketplace: Enter the type of video you’re looking for, the location you need it shot, then choose from a variety of vetted 90 Seconds contractors.

If you don’t already have a network of preferred contractors to tap when you need a video project, you may feel more comfortable choosing a pre-qualified 90 Seconds’ contractor.

The downside of using 90 Seconds and similar agencies is that video is productized into pre-defined, inflexible packages. If you need to outsource the entire video project, this makes sense. But if you have capacity for some work in-house, a productized approach may not be the best use of your budget.

90 Seconds does offer custom project quotes, although again, this is best for one-off or infrequent needs. If you have ongoing, monthly video marketing needs, check out one of the Creative-as-a-Service agencies above instead.

Pricing: Project-based, with video editing ranging from $1,000 and up to full, on-location shoots with finished videos for $12,000 or more.

6. Quickframe

Source: Quickframe

Best for: Building out a big campaign.

Services offered:

  • On-location video shooting
  • Video editing
  • Contractor matching
  • Project management

Quickframe is another marketplace style video agency where pre-approved independent contractors bid on your projects, allowing you to select the right fit and quickly build out content from a diverse global talent pool. They also offer subscription plans for ongoing needs, however they only offer video services.

Importantly, you need to have clear ideas, concepts and scripts prepared ahead of time, as Quickframe doesn't offer these services. Well-written creative briefs are essential for getting the video you want when working with remote contractors.

If you know what you need and have capacity to manage a range of contractors, Quickframe can help connect you to the right fit for your campaign. Though for ongoing video marketing, we’d recommend sticking with a dedicated team.

Pricing: After posting your creative brief, vetted contractors bid on your project.

7. Video Supply

Source: Video Supply

Best for: A YouTube channel on autopilot.

Services offered:

  • YouTube marketing, including editing, publishing and SEO
  • Online course videos
  • Video scripting and strategy
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Product/e-commerce videos
  • Social media ads
  • Custom projects

Video Supply offers video project packages as well as custom production work. Their packages, like for YouTube marketing, are helpful to outsource ongoing, specific parts of your overall video marketing. For example, if you’ve already got a good groove for filming your own YouTube content, you can expand capacity by outsourcing the editing and even publishing to Video Supply.

These types of predefined packages work well for routine work, though Creative-as-a-Service providers (like Superside) are more flexible, as you have access to their full range of services within your subscription. It’s easier to pivot if your needs or goals change and maximize your budget toward the tasks you need in the moment.

That said, if you want to run a YouTube channel as hands-off as possible, Video Supply could be a great option for you.

Pricing: Upon contact.

8. Vidsy

Source: Vidsy

Best for: Social media video ads creation.

Services offered:

  • Original video ad creation
  • Streamlined influencer marketing management
  • Social media content

Similar to Quickframe and other creator marketplaces, Vidsy connects content creators around the world with brands who need product-focused social media video. However, Vidsy is unique in that for each creative brief you submit, you get multiple creators working on your project and therefore, a wider range of content options.

Instead of you choosing the creator, like with Quickframe, Vidsy handles this for you and ensures you get multiple options for every campaign. This is helpful for new product launches, for example, to easily build out plenty of social media ads.

Importantly, Vidsy’s creators focus on social media content creation, so the videos you get are optimized for Instagram Reels, TikTok and more— complete with app-specific editing features, caption styles, etc. Having platform-optimized video is vital for long-term success, compared to trying to make the same video fit multiple audiences, formats and “vibes” across all the platforms. (It’s all about the vibes, honestly.)

Pricing: Upon contact.

9. Vidico

Source: Vidico

Best for: Brand story or commercial video production.

Services offered:

  • Studio and on-location filming
  • Commercial talent and live-action videos
  • Brand story videos
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Concepting and scripting
  • Explainer and how-to videos

Based in Australia, Vidico works with clients all over the world on live-action commercial production for traditional or streaming TV services. Or, companies needing a brand story video for their website to quickly communicate what they do. Vidico also provides animation or motion graphic design to serve clients from e-commerce to electronics to software walkthroughs.

Vidico is the most “traditional agency-like” company on this list since they handle your entire project from ideation to post-production, though unlike regular agencies, they only offer video services—making them a true specialist.

For a completely outsourced experience, and for specific, larger budget video marketing projects like commercials, Vidico should be on your list if you want to create something TV-quality.

Pricing: Custom per project.

10. Yum Yum Videos

Best for: Full production of explainer or Kickstarter videos.

Services offered:

  • Animation
  • Live-action commercial filming
  • End-to-end production
  • Concepting and scripting
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs
  • Product features
  • Social media videos

Offering a mix of custom animation and live-action filming, Yum Yum creates on-brand explainer videos to attract Kickstarter backers, investors or communicate what you do to customers.

They also offer other video styles, including tutorials, social media content, whiteboard animation and more. Yum Yum handles everything from concept to post-production which is good if you don’t know exactly what you want in a video project yet, or you're looking to bounce ideas off an experienced team.

Pricing: Custom per project.

Hit the Ground Running With the Right Video Marketing Agency

Whether you’re getting into video for the first time, or scaling up an existing operation, the right video marketing agency can help you succeed.

With Superside, your consistent team deeply understands your brand and goals and can hit the ground running on any video project, big or small. You could say we’re… super on your side. 🤓

Let’s get rolling!
Let’s get rolling!

Let’s get rolling!

Book a free 20-minute demo to see exactly how Superside can help launch or scale your video marketing strategy.

Michelle Martin
Michelle MartinContributing Writer

Michelle is a SaaS expert who loves digging into the technical side of creativity. She’s worn many hats during her decade in agencies, from project manager to brand strategist, copywriter and social media strategist, and worked across a wide variety of clients (though tech is her jam!). She loves to put the sass into SaaS content… and now CaaS. Connect with her on LinkedIn and send her a pic of your dog (really, she’ll love it).

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