Introducing Superchat: A Better Way to Deliver Feedback in Superside

Chris Long
Chris Long
January 29 | 3 min read

With great design comes great communication. It’s hard to have one without the other, particularly when you’re working with teams outside of your organization. Do both parties align on the project brief? Are the deadlines clear? There’s a lot to nail down, and it doesn’t come without proper planning and structure.

We took this thinking and applied it to our Superside client workflow. We know that communication is the key to getting your design project delivered on time. That’s why we’re introducing a more seamless way for you to stay in touch with your Superside design team.

Superchat window

How Does Superchat Work?

With the recent launch of Superchat—a fast and easy way to deliver feedback and get updates on your projects—you can now communicate directly in the app. All you have to do is:

  1. Type your review comments or questions into Superchat
  2. Wait for our reply (we'll be on the other end, ready to respond)

It’s that simple. So simple, the process probably didn’t need to be described in steps! Below is a quick video that highlights how the new feature works within the app.

We’re making the review process simpler too: Now, you’ll be able to view your project files in Superchat on mobile or desktop. All your feedback is contained in one easy-to-follow place. It’s a much more dynamic communication experience, designed to expedite the delivery of your projects.

Say Hello to Our New Customer Advisory Program

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do here at Superside without you, our customers and community. That’s why we’re also introducing a new Customer Advisory Program. As an advisor, you’ll be able to provide feedback directly to our product  team, and get a sneak preview of the changes we’re working on.

If you’re interested in becoming an advisor, you can schedule a quick call with Chris Long, our VP of Product at Superside.

We look forward to making your experience with Superside as smooth as can be! Please let us know if you have any difficulty using Superchat or, better yet, if you have any ideas on how we can improve the system—we’d love to hear them. Just send a note to

Chris Long
Written by
Chris Long
Chris is the VP of Product at Superside, living in Oslo, Norway. He's passionate about building amazing products, cooking great meals, and discovering the coolest coffee spots.

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