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15+ Infographic Resume Ideas with Free Templates

Team Superside
Team Superside9 min read
15+ Infographic Resume Ideas with Free Templates - Superside

Until recently, the popular belief has been that infographic resumes are meant just for graphic designers, social media gurus or creative professionals. The assumption is that most business professionals do not take them seriously and consider them either too flashy, or too garish.

However, if done right, the infographic resume can be a great asset in a pool of job seekers that is getting more and more crowded. We have gathered some examples that show infographic resumes done right.

Whether you are a business consultant or a project manager, a little design can definitely help your resume.

How Effective are Infographic Resumes?

If you have been asking yourself how effective an infographic resume really is, try picturing it as visual storytelling – an engaging, appealing and easy-to-understand way of presenting your professional experience. Who wouldn’t want their next job application to be perceived like that?

According to an infographic (coincidence or not) from Fast Company, visual elements are not only processed faster, but also retained better. While we only remember 20% of what we read, we tend to remember up to 80% of what we see. With this unbeatable data in mind, we can all agree on the importance of a visual resume.

Infographic resumes are great for professionals who have a long work history or lots of achievements to show. This type of visual resume helps summarize the information in a way that is easy to follow and that highlights all the important aspects of a career trajectory.

The infographic approach is also a great option for professionals who have lots of data to show in their resumes. Whether you are a sales professional, a business consultant, a project manager or even a product owner, numbers probably say more than words in your resume, so adding infographics to helps draw attention to your biggest accomplishments.

Best Infographic Resume Examples

These examples show how business professionals who mean serious business can also use this new trend in their favor to influence recruiters and stand out from the crowd.

Data-Driven Infographic Resume

Have big numbers that show off your achievements? We suggest you go for something like this to highlight those milestones. After all, who doesn't enjoy data?


Infographic Resume for Marketeers

A lot of professionals hesitate to go for visual CVs because they have a lot to say and assume that a single page can't possibly hold that much information. This example is the perfect blend of visual elements and writing – check out how much you can say with just one well-designed visual CV!


Animated Infographic Resume

Have skills that speak for themselves? Here is a great gamified resume example that will blow your mind. Presenting the information in a game-like manner is an extremely clever and innovative way to show off your skills. Definitely check this one out!


Check out the full website here: Robby Leonardi

Infographic Resume for Consultants/Project Managers

This is a great resume example that breaks the stereotype and shows us how business professionals, like consultants and project managers, can opt for visual resumes. We love the use of timelines, logos and graphs!


Creative Infographic Resume

How can we have a conversation about infographic resumes without talking about the playful and interactive resumes you’ll see trending on social media? These are some of the examples we loved.



Visual Resumes for Inspiration

Talking about visual resumes that mean business, we found this resume designed for Marissa Mayer. If she can pull of a single-page Infographic resume, with her impressive career path, so can you!


Minimalist Visual Resume

Not ready to try out those bold colors and in-your-face designs? Here is an example of a minimalist infographic resume that speaks through its thoughtful use of business icons and simple design elements while still maintaining that traditional-resume feel.


No-Nonsense Infographic Resume

If you believe that you need to go all out with a non-conventional visual resume, this example will prove you wrong. With minimal use of color and subtle hints of design in its layout, this understated resume really stands out.


Visual Resume Perfect for Business Professionals

This is a great example of how business professionals can use visual CVs. A perfect combination of colors, graphic elements and the unconventional horizontal layout is what makes this one perfect.


Simple Infographic Resume

Still feel like sticking with your old-school resume? This is a very simple way to make it appear more appealing, without bringing too much change to it. We particularly like how the display of the candidate’s strengths has a visual impact, from the first glance.


Infographic Resume for Newbies

Just starting off your career and you still don’t have much to write about? Don’t worry; infographic resumes are not only for senior professionals and top executives. You can still play it cool and highlight a bunch of unique aspects of yourself while showing off your aesthetic eye. Here are a couple of well-designed infographic resumes to inspire you.


Free Online Infographic Resume Makers

With infographic resumes and infographics in general being so popular and on demand lately, there are lots of websites job hunters can use to create their own awesome resume, without any design skills whatsoever. To save you the time and hassle, we’ve browsed through most of them and compiled a list of the best out there:

Top 5 Infographic Resume Builders

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_lISu7g9abK1cc0Q3sqMFgEhN


    is definitely one of the most popular design websites with templates of all kind, size and shape. They have lots of customizable infographic and resume templates, many of which are free to edit and download.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_ULVzuwVsqOgLnFmihtB8DEpl


    is very user-friendly and gives you the opportunity to create an infographic resume with the touch of only a few buttons. You can log in with your Linkedin profile and ResumUP pulls up all the relevant information from there, leaving you with only a few minor edits to make before the resume is complete. They have a basic version, for free, and a paid version for more detailed and complex resumes.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_sPlK7wE9fwTG9mtsAwrO5vAi


    also lets you connect with LinkedIn and takes all the information from there, but then lets you edit everything from content to colors, background, fonts, and even the theme, as they have several infographic options.



    offers users two options: to start from scratch or to use one of their templates. Everything is editable here, from colors, fonts, and backgrounds to the order of sections in an infographic. They also have a vast collection of charts and icons for any topic or industry.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_2t9r3VjtI7WtUqbSarxNZDxv


    is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that enables users with no design experience to create visually attractive resumes. Their infographic templates are fully editable, so every user can tailor their resume to their own needs, style and preference.

Other Visual Resume Builder tools worth checking out:

Free Infographic Resume Templates (MS Word)

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_qauyxpy77N6WIjCPsWa37Fft


    Pick from one of the 17 free Infographic templates that are editable in your very own MS word. The templates are simple but professional, perfect for people who want to keep it understated.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_pDhISwiqDNCTOxEjfna58EHd


    Find 35 more MS Word templates here to create your visual resume. These templates are perfect if you want to stick to the traditional resume standards but still add that little extra flare with some design touches.

Free Infographic Resume Templates (PowerPoint)

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_ijvJ20p1BmTlwTL4RKZ2KeYU


    This website is a real find, filled with a bunch of free editable PowerPoint templates for beautiful infographic resumes. Each template comes in a variety of colors and very clear details on how to customize them.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_282R5mqPptdes5DVL0l46Wp5


    Pretty similar to Rezumeet, this website also has a nice collection of editable visual CV PowerPoint templates.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_WPxNkrjgF4bT2LrgMqrPjZlK

    Mike Taylor

    This cool visual CV template is also available to download and edit in a simple PowerPoint format. We love how versatile it is and how it can be used for a variety of profiles.

Infographic Resume Tips

Before you go ahead and get started, here are some quick tips to guide you:

  • First, think of the most important information that you want to highlight and what can be showcased visually. You can add a few infographic elements here and there to better communicate the more critical information.
  • Substance matters most, so use your infographic resume as a tool to better highlight your value, expertise and skills. After the visual elements attract the reader’s attention, the content is still what needs to make a difference.
  • Choose the colors wisely and stick to the color scheme throughout the entire resume. Some of the best color choices are shades of blue, since it’s a business-related color that conveys trust, or combinations of greys or black and white with one or two brighter colors.
  • Select the type of template that makes sense for your experience level. If, for example, you’re at the beginning of your career, choosing an infographic template that focuses on numbers might not be the best idea.
  • Use a call to action. Link your professional accounts, LinkedIn profile or website so that anyone reviewing your resume can find out even more about your experience and knowhow.

So, are you ready to give your own visual resume a shot? Which of the above examples caught your eye and might be right for you? Check them out and please let us know if you found them helpful.

If you feel like you need a professional’s eye and experience in creating an infographic resume, our Superside graphic design service and content writing specialists are here 24/7 to provide excellent work and to take care of things for you. Our top-talent team also includes infographic design specialists who can help you with your resume or any infographics you need for your organization, whether a timeline, flow chart or data visualization.

Contact us today and let’s take the next steps towards your dream job together!

Don’t forget to check out the Superside blog for more pointers related to business visuals, including how to create stunning infographics in PowerPoint and how to find the best GIF makers.

Published: Feb 19, 2018
Team Superside
Written by
Team Superside
Team Superside is comprised of writers from all over the globe. We love making stuff, telling stories and sharing fun, nerdy ideas with the world.

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