How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint (Detailed Guide with Tips)

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Team Superside
Jul 18, 2018 | 5 min read
Ways  to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

When it comes to adding content to a PowerPoint presentation, the second most important aspect (after the content itself) is the font used. Fonts can make or break a presentation, so here are some rules to follow:

  • Choose the right font and size of your lettering.
  • Don’t use more than three different fonts throughout your presentation.
  • Step outside the box and try different fonts to surprise the audience and stir their interest and curiosity.

Unique fonts or visually appealing font combinations are bound to excite the audience and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.

How to Find Fonts for PowerPoint?

There are several ways to find fonts for PowerPoint:

1. Use the fonts you already have in PowerPoint

There are two options:

a. Click on the slide where you want to add text, or select the text you want to edit. In the Home menu, click on the font drop-down menu and select the font you want to use.

Selecting font on the Home menu in PowerPoint

b. Under the Design tab, go to Fonts. A drop-down menu with Theme Fonts will open. Select the one you want to use.

A theme font includes two font settings, one for headings and one for body.

Selecting Theme Font

2. Install new fonts into your operating system

Download any free or paid font from the internet (UrbanFonts, 1001freefonts, dafont, etc.) and install it into your operating system. It will become available throughout the entire the Microsoft Office suite.

a. Choose the font you want to download from the internet. You will download it in a .zip file.

Select and download desired fonts

b. Unzip the font files.

Unzip the downloaded fonts

Select the location for the unzipped fonts

c. Open the font file you want to install and click the Install button.

Open the font file

d. Now, if you open your PowerPoint presentation and search for the font you installed, it will show up in the font drop-down menu. The font will be available to use in all Microsoft Office programs.

Search and select the installed fonts

3. Have a custom font created by a designer

Our graphic design professionals can help you build your corporate branding by creating a custom typography design. Afterward, you can install it by following the same process as with any other new font.

Embedding Fonts for PowerPoint

Custom, new fonts are not embedded by default in PowerPoint, so to make them available on any computer, they need to be embedded, or the custom fonts will be automatically replaced with classic fonts to make the presentation readable.

Before embedding a font, you need to make sure it can be embedded:

  • Go to Control Panel, then Fonts.
  • Select the font you want to use, click right and go to Properties.

Fonts under Control Panel

  • In the General tab, make sure the box for Read-only is not checked, and click Ok.

Fonts dialog box, General tab

  • Go to the Details tab and make sure the Font Embeddability is set to Installable or Editable. Otherwise, the font cannot be embedded.

Fonts dialog box, Details tab

Embeddable Fonts

Only TrueType fonts can be embedded. TrueType is an outline font developed by Apple and Microsoft and the most common format for fonts. Other benefits of this font format are readability and scalability. The easiest way to recognize a TrueType font is through its TTF file extension.

How to embed fonts for PowerPoint 2007:

  • Go to the PowerPoint presentation and click File.
  • Select Save As and in the dialog box click Tools, near the Save button.

File Tab, Save As options

  • Select Save Options from the Tools drop-down menu.

Save As dialog box

  • Under the Save option, select Embed fonts in the file. Here, you have two options:
    • Embed only the characters used in the presentation—this is good if you want to keep the file size to a minimum.
    • Embed all the characters—this is good if others want to edit the presentation too.

Preview of the Save options box

Preview after selecting Embed Fonts

How to embed fonts for PowerPoint 2010 and later:

  • Go to the PowerPoint presentation and click File.

Preview of File Tab

  • Select Options from the drop-down menu and then click on Save in the box that opens.

Save As dialog box

  • In the Save options check the box for Embed fonts in the file. Here, you have two options:
    • Embed only the characters used in the presentation—this is good if you want to keep the file size to a minimum.
    • Embed all the characters—this is good if others want to edit the presentation too.

Preview of Save box options

Preview of the Embed Fonts option checked

  • Click Ok and then save the presentation.

How to embed fonts on Mac:

Mac versions of PowerPoint don’t have an embedding option and cannot use fonts embedded by a Windows version of PowerPoint. The only option available at the moment is this font embedding app for Mac users.

How to Share PowerPoints with Custom Fonts So that They don’t Change

If you want to share a PowerPoint presentation with custom fonts and make sure they don’t change, you have two options:

  • Embed the fonts in the presentation
  • Save the presentation as a PDF and send it in this format.

If you need any help improving your PowerPoint presentation, or you need one created from scratch, we are here 24/7. Just click here to start a project.

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