20+ Free Gantt Chart Templates for Excel, PPT & Word

Published 12 Dec, 2018
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Project management has a reputation for being overwhelming because of the plethora of assignments and deadlines to manage concurrently. Without proper and efficient project scheduling, a successful product result and the satisfaction of the client is at risk. That's why project managers and their teams use Gantt chart templates to visually outline and properly convey the step-by-step process of a project.

Gantt chart templates have proven highly effective as project management tools, and we have your guide on what the Gantt chart is and the many benefits it offers.

What is a Gantt Chart?

Despite the popularity of Gantt charts in project management, there are few people who actually know what a Gantt project is. Gantt is a visual overview of project tasks that are scheduled over a period of time, displaying deadlines and project milestones in a simple visual display. A Gantt chart consists of various elements to make project management processes easier. The elements viewable on a Gantt chart include the project start date, project tasks descriptions, the assignee and the date in which tasks begin and finish. Other elements of a Gantt chart include the length of time required to complete each task, how the various tasks are grouped together, and the overall end date of the project.

So, why do many teams and project managers insist on using Gantt charts in their projects? Gantt charts provide clarification for stakeholders who want to see the project progress and the project team to visualize their tasks and the assignment in one place. Gantt charts are also beneficial for time tracking. They allow team members to visually recognize the impact that a delay would have on the overall project. By having the ability to see the deadline and timeline for each task, Gantt charts encourage better time management. Lastly, Gantt promotes accountability among team members. If the project begins to experience delays or issues, Gantt shows where the hiccup is occurring in the timeline.

Free Gantt Chart Templates (Designed by Superside)

With the impressive benefits that Gantt chart templates offer for project management and scheduling, it may be time to consider using this innovative software in your projects. Superside has designed several high-quality, free Gantt templates for you to download. Browse through to discover which one will guarantee your project success.

1. Research Project Gantt Chart Template


This Gantt chart template is ideal for research projects. The research project template has a weekly view of the project’s timeline from start to proposed end date. It also points out various milestones the research team should meet. In the far left column, team members will see their full name and know they are assigned to the task they are responsible for. The team members and their designated activities are divided into color-coordinated phases.

Download here

2. Wedding Planner Gantt Chart Template


This next Gantt chart template attests to the notion that Gantt chart software can truly be used for any occasion or type of project management. The stylish Wedding Planner template takes the stress out of wedding planning with its visually appealing design and easy-to-read elements. On the left column, the activities are clearly listed and organized into their various phases and planning order. The days leading up to the wedding are marked on the bottom axis, and the phases are established throughout the chart with color-coding for further clarification.

Download here

3. Blue Gantt Chart Template


For projects consisting of two sectors, this Blue Gantt Chart template is great for visualizing the project progress of both sectors simultaneously over the course of the project timeline. The sectors are divided with the first sector’s progress displayed above the panel illustrating the weeks, and the second sector below it. On the left, each assignee is listed along with the corresponding activity they are responsible for. This is a clear, efficient way of seeing the project progress from both sectors at the same time, start to finish.

Download here

4. Rainbow Gantt Chart Template


This vibrant Gantt chart template will reduce the stress of project management with its appealing elements. Ideal for long-term projects, the chart allows the years to be displayed above on the timeline with clear milestone markers. Below the timeline, on the left, are the color-coded phases of the project. Underneath each phase, the activities are colored to match their designated phase. This is a wonderful, easy-to-read Gantt chart to visualize a project over a longer period of time.

Download here

5. Night Sky Gantt Chart Template


Another visually appealing theme, this chart is great at tracking the overall progress of a project’s activities and phases. On the left side, the activities are listed in the order they must be completed. The timeline provides the days of the project from start to finish with milestones indicated along the way. The number of days designated to each activity are displayed above the activity’s bar. The phases of the project are also visible on the chart for the utmost organization.

Download here

6. Project Timeline Gantt Chart Template


This efficient Gantt template lists the steps of the project in order and is color-coded to display the percentage of work that is completed out of the estimated duration for that step. The exact dates of the estimated time spent are clearly labeled next to the color-coded bars. The months are displayed on the top of the Gantt chart, and the milestones are detailed underneath. This is perfect for projects when you need to more closely visualize the current, up-to-date progress of each step within the project.

Download here

7. Production Timeline Gantt Chart Template


This minimalist Production Timeline Gantt chart template is quite easy to follow with its color-coded stages of each task within the project. The design, development, and testing phases of each task are clearly designed and indicate the length of time expected to be devoted to each phase, as well as where exactly the team member is in that phase. This is easy and efficient to follow for those who want to clearly visualize the team members’ progress at any given moment.

Download here

8. Project Timeline Gantt Chart Template


This Project Timeline will surely boost spirits throughout the project progress, with a milestone marker at the end of each phase’s completion. Tasks are marked when a phase is complete and show the new phase being worked on. The chart does this by filling in the bars to the point the given phase is complete. The exact dates are provided alongside each phase to indicate the start date and end date of that phase.

Download here

9. Project Timeline Gantt Chart Template


Another Project Timeline template that color-codes the tasks and labels the subtasks underneath. To the right side of each subtask, you will find a bar that stretches the length of time it takes to complete each subtask. The dates and milestones are clearly labeled to efficiently track the project’s progress in this stylish template.

Download here

10. Product Development Roadmap Gantt Chart Template


The Product Development Roadmap template is more detailed than some of the other charts. The top panel labels the year with the first, second, third and fourth quarters displayed underneath each year. Underneath each quarter of the year, the months are labeled as well. This offers a general overview of the project timeline and narrows in on the specific months of the year. Each task is labeled on the left side, and the phases of that task are displayed on the right beneath the color-coded dates that indicate if it is in the design phase, the development phase or the testing phase.

Download here

Other Gantt Chart Examples

If you are excited about these free Gantt templates and you're curious to explore more options, here is a list of free PowerPoint Gantt charts that will improve your team’s project management.

1. The PowerPoint Gantt Chart


This PowerPoint Gantt Chart is a free template that properly conveys the project overview to audiences who are accustomed to being presented information through PowerPoint. This PowerPoint Gantt chart template is ideal for presenting the project progress to the audience in an easy-to-read manner, that may later be edited or reused for other presentations, as it is a PowerPoint.

2. Gantt Chart Project Template for PowerPoint


The Gantt Chart Project Template for PowerPoint will perfectly organize and schedule your project with an overview of the entire annual plan and milestones. This free chart will make visualizing your team’s progress and deadlines easier than ever through PowerPoint.

3. Gantt Chart for PowerPoint


The Gantt Chart for PowerPoint is the ideal customizable template to see your project through to the end. With its two unique slides featuring both a light and dark layout, this free template will establish organization and efficiency when planning your project.

4. Simple Gantt Template for PowerPoint


If your team is in need of a basic template, this Simple Gantt Template for PowerPoint is great. It is easy to customize and will provide you with a complete overview of your project with just one glance.

5. Free Gantt Chart Template for PowerPoint


This Free Gantt Chart Template for PowerPoint offers four high-quality, pre-designed slides to ensure organized scheduling and completion of project tasks. You will have access to editable graphics and a tutorial to ensure you get the most out of your the template.

6. Gantt Chart Template PowerPoint


Enjoy the high-quality slides that this Gantt Chart Template PowerPoint offers, perfect for project management throughout every project stage. This customizable template will make project scheduling and overall project progress run smoothly.

7. PowerPoint Gantt Chart


This PowerPoint Gantt Chart is incredibly easy to use with its color-coded bands along the axis, dividing the tasks and timing. The vertical axis displays the different work streams and goals. It also displays the percentage of completion of each task and is customizable to fit any preferred style or purpose.

8. Gantt Chart PPT Project Management


This multipurpose PPT Project Management chart effectively displays all stages of a project, boasting editable and printable slides. It is easy-to-use and high-quality.

9. Hourly Gantt Chart


Download this free Hourly Gantt Chart for a detailed plan and schedule on an hourly basis. While many schedules are often intended to display the long-term plan and goals, this chart will breakdown and track daily tasks required to ensure the project’s overall success.

10. IT Project Management Gantt Chart


The IT Project Management template is the ideal Gantt chart for IT stakeholders to get a firm understanding of the project’s plan and schedule. It is both visual and simple for the audience's comprehension of any IT service being deployed.

Once you have downloaded your Gantt chart of choice, you will reap the many benefits of this effective project management organization tool.

How to Create a Gantt Chart Yourself

If the above templates aren't the perfect fit for you, you may want to create your own Gantt template. You will need to know the steps and tasks involved, who will be assigned to the projects and what the delivery time is to get started. Then watch this video to discover how easy it is to create a Gantt chart for your team.

For help making a custom Gantt chart template to organize your projects from start to finish, or other assistance with high-end professional design services, Superside offers 24/7 design services. Our reliable project managers ensure timely delivery so you can keep the ball rolling on your project’s timeline.

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