What These 21+ Best Consulting Presentations from McKinsey, KPMG & Deloitte Teach You

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Published3 Sep, 2018


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A wonderful way to learn is by example -- in this case, see how the world’s top consulting giants do presentations. These 25 PowerPoint presentations share their best-in-class approaches.

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McKinsey Consulting Presentations

1) Digital globalization: The new era of global flows

This presentation is great because of the kind of value it adds through data not easily found elsewhere. They highlight trends clearly, with cool infographics.

2) McKinsey Global Institute Report - A labor market that works: Connecting talent and opportunity in the digital age

This consulting slide deck is thoughtful because if you look at slides 30 - 33, it gives an actionable plan and recommendations for each unique stakeholder. This makes the messaging very personalized, and it is more memorable because it appears at the end.

3) McKinsey Quarterly 50th Anniversary Highlights

Although you wouldn’t expect a company’s anniversary to make for an example-worthy PowerPoint presentation, the way they have incorporated the human touch is a key takeaway from this consulting slide deck.

4) From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do

This consulting slide deck is amazing because of how it presents information as a list, making it easy for the audiences to follow. The use of illustrations also helps the audience to grasp the content more effectively, since our brain processes images much faster than words.

KPMG Consulting Presentations

5) How to use WEFLIVE 2017

This excellent PowerPoint presentation has already been viewed over 11,900 times, just four months after it was uploaded. Screenshots help existing and potential customers easily understand the KPMG system. This is a win-win strategy for any business because it is so scalable (multiple users can self-learn in their own pace and time) and cost efficient (reduces the need for chat support or account management).

6) Global Construction Survey | 2016

Here is another great PowerPoint presentation, simply because of its natural storytelling tone, especially in the first half of the deck. Bullet points also keep it clear and interesting.

7) Global Automotive Executive Survey 2015

This presentation is pure gold in terms of investing in design. Each slide has been designed to make it consistently visually appealing. Extra effort shines through in presenting data via objects (such as cars on tracks) that is relevant to the industry (automobile).

8) Getting ready for IFRS 16

Simple. Clean. Neat. This consulting slide deck is a delight to the eyes because of its clean white background. It prevents the readers from distractions to read the key points. Further, the use of icons helps effectively deliver the content that the speaker wants to provide.

9) European Family Business Trends: Modern Times?

This consulting slide deck makes the list for a simple reason: they included all their contacts and office locations on slide 15. You’d be surprised how many people miss including their particulars so that potential clients or partners can contact them easily.

Deloitte Consulting Presentations

10) TMT Outlook 2017: A new wave of advances offer opportunities and challenges

Management consultant Deloitte provides another great PowerPoint presentation that directly interacts with the audience. Several times in the deck, they’ve asked the audience to take part, with polls. This ensures the audience stays tuned in during the entire presentation.

11) Findings on health information technology and electronic health records

This consulting slide deck is better than many generic PowerPoint presentation examples because it highlights key takeaways and does not overload viewers with too much information. The important highlights on each slide are in bold.

12) 4 approaches to automate work using cognitive technologies

Sneak previews -- they do not just work for movies, but for PowerPoint presentations as well. This presentation uses a smart technique to give an educational solution it is their target audience.

13) Moving digital transformation forward: Findings from the 2016 digital business global executive study and research report

This consulting slide deck is another design and storytelling win. If you observe carefully, the content is presented to its audience as a journey from the start (slide 7) to the end (slide 21). The information is shown with an infographic, but focuses and explains each component, so that the reader can easily absorb the information.

PWC Consulting Presentations

14) Putting digital technology and data to work for Tech CMO's

This gem is another brilliant presentation example. Not only does it provide a step-by-step actionable recommendation (slides 15-18), but it gives a real case study afterwards. Many presentations supply data and recommendations without showing how they apply. Remember, success stories and testimonies boost your credibility.

15) PwC Trends in the workforce

Something fresh is always great. This consulting slide deck made our list because of the layout it uses on the left-hand side. Having a consistent, simple visual element (like a table of contents) helps engage the audience.

16) World Economic Forum: The power of analytics for better and faster decisions by Dan DiFilippo

It is difficult to retain information from presentations. This consulting slide deck is a notable example because it gives the audience a summary (slide 19) to ensure that the important learning points are not forgotten.

17) Business Pulse - Dual perspectives on the top 10 risks and opportunities 2013 and beyond

Whether you are giving a sales presentation or simply sharing information, speak to your audience. This exceptional consulting deck asks questions of the audience that are creative and intelligently crafted. Check out slides 2, 3 and 7.

18) How fit is your capital allocation strategy?

You don’t have to include everything. You can provide high-value additional content at the end of your presentation. Help your audience know what’s next.

19) The evolving value chain in life sciences

This is a good PowerPoint presentation example because it uses the company’s template and has the logo on every slide. Although it sounds like a small detail, including your logo on every slide increases familiarity and brand affinity, especially if your company is new.

20) The new revenue recognition standard for life sciences companies

What we can learn from this consulting slide deck (slide 3) is to remember to introduce yourselves... especially if you are presenting to a new group of people! Providing your particulars also enable you to network easily afterwards and boost your professional connections.

21) Cultural Times - The first global map of cultural and creative industries

Literary techniques can go beyond poems or plays. Use acronyms, alliteration, similes, and metaphors when presenting. In this PowerPoint presentation example, the speaker used 4Ds to help its audience remember the key points. Brilliant.

Secrets of Professional Consultant Presentations

Here is the secret from professional consultant presentations: there is no secret. Presentations succeed because they use the same basic rules, whether for a consulting giant or a one-person start-up.

Use these tips to take your presentation to the next level:

  • Keep your audience in mind.
  • Be creative, but do not veer too far off topic or your brand.
  • Be thoughtful. Make information easy to digest.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our post on Best Pitch Decks. But if you're looking to stand out, we recommend getting a professional pitch deck designed for you.

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