25 Click-Worthy Explainer Videos from Big Brands

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Published1 Mar, 2018
25 Click-Worthy Explainer Videos from Big Brands - Superside

When it comes to video marketing, the numbers have been skyrocketed in 2017 and predictions look even better for 2018 and the years to come. You can create many types of video to promote and market your business, but one of the most versatile and effective is the explainer video or the animated video for business. Data backs up its versatility, as 97% of businesses agree that explainer videos have helped their users better understand the business.

What is an Explainer Video?

The explainer video definition is pretty simple – think of it as an animated video for business, or a short video meant to quickly and efficiently explain a product, an idea or a concept. Instead of having to scroll through tons of text and images, your customers will be able to watch a quick 1-2 minute explainer video online and get a grasp of what you want to convey.

Depending on your brand image, what you want to describe and your target audience, an explainer video can be done in many forms, from animated explainer videos to whiteboard explainer videos. They can be clear and concise startup videos, colorful animated videos for business, or a black-and-white, but complex, whiteboard animation video.

When do Businesses Use Explainer Videos?

An explainer video can be used in both B2B and B2C contexts, whether you are addressing your customers, potential business partners or investors. Here are some of the purposes for which businesses use our explainer video services for:

  • Video ads – instead of sending your client to a landing page full of text, a short explainer video will better summarize the whole purpose of your business, product or service.
  • Social media – statistics show that people on social media are more likely to share videos than other forms of content, so posting an explainer video on social media can be a great method of increasing content distribution.
  • Investors’ pitch – the main reason investors love explainer videos is because video present a large amount of information in a very short time. In only a few minutes, you can help an investor get a feel for your brand personality or show off your creativity, but most importantly, you can present the actual market context, how your product or service can impact it and be the solution to a current problem.
  • Kickstarter campaign – the main purpose of an explainer video is to gain new audiences. It can be a very effective means of communication on a platform like Kickstarter, since it is a powerful visual tool, it makes information much easier to understand and it can easily generate interest.
  • Trainings – animated explainer videos or whiteboard explainer videos can be a great tool to inform and train your team. They can be used in presentations, to launch a new product feature or to introduce a new process or procedure.

When it comes to actually making your video, coming up with the concept and finding the best way to implement it can be difficult. To get your creative wheels turning and help you find inspiration, we have gathered some of the best explainer videos, created by well-known brands like Facebook or Google.

25 Best Explainer Videos by Well-known Brands

1. DocuSign animated explainer video – A fast and secure solution to making decisions and approvals digital

This animated explainer video from DocuSign uses characters and an easy-to-follow storyline, managing to present a current problem and the solution their product brings, together with its applicability in many industries and situations. And all in less than two minutes! They definitely aced it!

2. Crazy Egg explainer video – A presentation of their product

This is an excellent example of how to nail your product or service presentation. The character used in this animated video and the way the information is presented add a light, fun element that only makes the information better stick in the viewer’s mind, without distracting them from the tool and its many useful features.

3. Waze explainer video – 'Get to know Waze'

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to use an app in 44 seconds? Waze definitely made their customers happy with this short but super helpful and effective explainer video. They definitely succeed at making their app look super intuitive and easy to use. Ending the video with an animated logo helps viewers remember them.

4. Intercom explainer video – Bringing back the personal relationship between businesses and their customers, online

This is the perfect example of explainer video with a problem-solution approach. Intercom presents the problem, why they are the solution and how they product works. Ending the video with a call to action is also an important tip you can incorporate to help increase conversion rate.

5. Walmart motion graphics explainer video – Helping supplier reach customers

This is a great example of how to incorporate your brand’s personality into an explainer video. In this video designed for their suppliers, Walmart keeps the color scheme similar to the one they have on their website and manages to incorporate their logo several times in the video, strengthening their image in the viewer’s mind. The different effects between the video frames keep the viewer engaged and interested throughout the presentation.

6. Dropbox explainer video – 'What is Dropbox?'

Dropbox puts great emphasis on simplicity and promotes itself as a useful, safe and easy-to-use tool that is meant to simplify things and that anybody can use. The script of this explainer video manages to convey this message perfectly. The text is light, fun and keeps the viewer’s interest piqued until the end. This is a great example of how more startup videos should look like.

7. Slack animated explainer video – 'Work, Simplified'

Unlike the videos we’re reviewed so far, this animated explainer video from Slack uses no words. Even so, after 59 seconds, when the video ends, you’re left with the feeling that you too need Slack in your life. The video is split in two, presenting life before and after Slack. The video identifies one of the problems of today’s society and emphasizes it long enough to transmit emotion and help the viewer identify themself with the characters in the video.

8. Berkshire Hathway explainer video – Travel protection

In less than two minutes, Berkshire Hathway manages to position itself as a trusty service provider that has a solution to any protection-related problem you may encounter during your travels. It manages to address all its key audiences, offering them a solution.

9. LastPass explainer video – Take control of your family's online life

LastPass makes it easier for viewers to recognize their brand, as they are consistent with their website fonts and colors and keep a uniform brand identity. Again, ending the video with a call to action, as they do, is a great way to send potential clients to your website and increase the conversion rate.

10. Google explainer video - Meet your Google Assistant, your own personal Google

This is definitely one of best video explainers out there. After the first few seconds, we can easily recognize Google’s trademarks – colors, style, simplicity and a clear, airy look. The product is very clearly explained, yet stirs the viewer’s curiosity to find out more.

11. Verizon explainer video – Total mobile protection from Verizon

If this is not the first Verizon explainer video you've seen, you'll probably noticed how they do their best to stay consistent throughout their video materials. What we like about it is how they keep things sleek and clean. They opt for a modern, flat design and count on their script to create emotion.

12. Zendesk explainer video – An omnichannel approach

As short this video is, it is powerful and explanatory it is. We really like the modern, clean design and the script. Zendesk explains their services by associating them with common elements and activities, like coffee or cooking, making Zendesk feel more approachable and accessible to anyone. The last line is meant to reinforce the brand’s image and name in the viewer’s mind.

13. HubSpot explainer video – 'The Death of Email: Is it Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?'

HubSpot is known for offering their audience lots of relevant data in a way that stirs the interest and informs, without being boring or too technical. This goes for all of their content, and this explainer video is no exception. They also maintain the same design style, colors and fonts they usually use and cleverly integrate their logo throughout the video so that the brand remains top of mind.

14. Shopify animated explainer video – Hire Kit, your digital marketing expert

Why is this one of the best explainer videos we’ve seen online? Because Shopify knows its target audience and, most importantly, knows how to address it. They have, very ingeniously, created an animated character that not only represents their target customers, but also makes it easier for them to explain what their new product does.

15. Upwork animated explainer video – 'Hey World!'

This explainer video might be only 15 seconds long, but these are 15 very well-used seconds. It is quick, to the point and with a fun twist that makes this add hard to forget. This is how an animated explainer video can nail a sales pitch.

16. Hootsuite explainer video – Introduction to Hootsuite Ads

This video is very rich in information, but does a great job explaining one of the Hootsuite services in less than three minutes, saving their clients lots of reading and internet surfing. Again, the design is modern, the script and visuals make it easy to follow the information throughout the video, and the style and colors stay consistent with their brand identity.

17. PayPal explainer video – Benefits of a PayPal Business Account

This PayPal explainer video keeps the main style lines used in previous videos, but adds new elements to keep the viewer from getting bored. Their design is modern, sleek and in line with their brand identity. Their script is easy to follow and they cleverly create a character for their customers to identify with, triggering an emotional response.

18. Lyft explainer video – 'The Story of Lyft'

Lyft definitely knows how to tell its story in an attention-grabbing, fun kind of way. This time not only do we see characters created to better picture the story, but the characters are actively involved and tell part of the story.

19. Ikea explainer video – Even lower prices

Ikea chose to drop the color and go for a black-and-white explainer video. This way, all the focus shift to the message and the information transmitted in the video. The script is created to address the client in an honest voice that triggers trust but also positive emotions.

20. Amazon explainer video – Introduction to Amazon RDS for Aurora

With this explainer video, Amazon follows the classic recipe and nails it: they have created a character that impersonates the target client, they present the client’s problem in an empathic way, and then they offer the client the solution and explain how this will help change things for the better. The video ends with a call to action, while the logo is displayed for a few seconds, to increase brand retention. It’s simple, clever and on point!

21. Whole Foods explainer video – 'Share the Buzz'

This educational video from Whole Foods brings a new and ingenious element to the table, succeeding in catching viewers' attention – unlike other explainer videos; they use a child’s voice to narrate the script, triggering an emotional reaction from viewers.

22. Starbucks explainer video - 'More Ways to Collect Starbucks Rewards Stars Down the Grocery Aisle'

When it comes to Starbucks, we like the modern, clean look of the video, and how they cleverly feature their products and logo throughout the entire video, facilitating brand retention and also reminding their clients of the variety of products they offer.

23. TripAdvisor explainer video – How reviews work

In this explainer video, the message, script and design are all in line with each other and send a unified message – one of trust. Without becoming too technical and with the help of visual elements, this video manages to offer customers transparency and a clear look behind the scenes.

24. Facebook explainer video – How does Facebook News Feed ranking work?

A great way to increase trust and authority when it comes to explainer videos such as this one, which addresses the clients, is to add a human presence and have one of the team members tell the story. In this case, we love how familiar and friendly Adam is; he gives us his first name, he tells us what he does at Facebook but without fancy job names, and then he explains news feeds using simple examples in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. Definitely an example worth learning from!

25. Ancestry DNA explainer video – Canada DNA infographic

This is what an infographic would looks like as a video. And you know us, we love infographics. It’s always tricky when the information presented has lots of numbers and data, but Ancestry DNA managed to present it in a very engaging way. They added a fun, gleeful tune, and presented the information using day-to-day situations anyone could relate to. Clever and well done!

Are you excited to give explainer video production a try and start with a demo video? Which one of the online explainer videos above inspired you? We would love to hear from you! Also, check out our DIY tools for making your own demo video and our own services to create an explainer video for you.

Whether you want to use them inside the company, to better explain your services to your customers, for a sales pitch, or maybe for that super-important meeting with a potential investor, creating video explainers is definitely a great idea! You can always contact our account managers, who are available 24/7, and get a helping hand in crafting the perfect script from our content writing team, get assistance from our motion design services or even try our video production services for something more custom.

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