Launching 12-Hour Delivery!

Mascot and Creative Champion
Published24 May, 2018
Launching 12 Hour Turnaround Time For Creative Design

After more than two years of building the necessary scale, tech and operational processes, we are finally ready for 12-hour delivery to all our customers.

With this initiative, we are laying claim to the title “The Fastest Online Outsourcing Solution.” Anyone can now submit a project request on Superside website and have their project completed in 12 hours. Nobody else on the internet is able to do this -- not even close.

We have also launched a revamped Project Wizard that makes it easier than ever to submit new projects.

New Project Wizard

12-Hour Delivery is Available for the Following Services:

  • Graphic Design
  • PowerPoint
  • Content Writing

Most web design, research and data entry projects take longer than 12 hours, but should such a project require less time, we might be able to turn it around, in certain cases.

Launching 12-hour delivery has been a huge challenge. Some of the things we have put in place to be able to do it:

  • Team Member Availability. With more scale, Superside becomes a better service. We need to ensure 24/7 availability across all time zones for all of our services. With 24-hour delivery, we could allow a couple of hours delay in the kickoff phase, but with 12-hour delivery, we need to get going instantly. We have finally reached a scale where this is possible.
  • Incentives. Working on a 12-hour delivery project is taxing for our team members. It often requires working 12 hours straight, often through the night, and being available for revisions. To compensate for these circumstances, our team members earn significantly more on 12-hour projects.
  • Automation. Meeting short deadlines while getting the most out of the time available requires that almost all aspects of administrative project work are automated. We’ve simplified -- and to a large extent, fully automated -- invoicing, client information, staffing and much more during the last year. Doing so reduces cost and allows faster project turnaround.
  • Project Management Tech. Currently, Superside is managing about 150 concurrent projects. Coordinating such a large number of deadlines, revisions and QC processes at the same time is challenging. Our tech team has built a complete internal project management software that takes care of project information, time tracking, file management and more. The system integrates with both client communication and inte­­rnal communication platforms, and significantly reduces the chance of errors while increasing efficiency.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on the 12-hour delivery. We look forward to receiving your first 12-hour project.

Shmoon Mascot and Creative Champion
My fellow Supersiders and I enable and elevate ambitious marketers and creative teams—breaking through bottlenecks and scaling creative. There is a better way to get design done. We chase the sun to bring you the "Shmoon"— that's me :)
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Improve your marketing performance

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Be more agile & responsive

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Elevate your team

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Save time & be more cost-efficient

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