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How Satair Uses Superside to Maintain Brand Consistency at Scale

How Satair Uses Superside to Maintain Brand Consistency at Scale

Satair is a massive aircraft component and service company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With over 1,200 employees across the globe, they’ve got a ton of creative needs—particularly presentation design. The issue? No one person on their team was leading the charge, and there was a lot of design work to get done. That all changed when Hardeep Kaur was tasked with whipping their external branding into shape. The partnership between Satair and Superside has since grown over the past four years, with Superside becoming a true extension of their marketing team.




Aviation &





The Background

Satair is a truly global company and world leader in the commercial aerospace aftermarket. The company supports the complete life cycle of the aircraft with a full and integrated portfolio of flexible, value adding material management products, services and tailored support modules.

This allows customers to concentrate on their core business; the safe and cost effective operation of their aircraft.

Satair is a stand-alone company and 100% Airbus subsidiary with more than 1,200 employees and ten locations worldwide.

As one can imagine, a company of this size and stature requires a lot of design work to be done at scale. And when it comes to design, they need a lot of it!

That’s where Hardeep Kaur comes in.


Hardeep is a marketing project manager at Satair who’s in charge of brand management, among many other things. She works to develop the corporate identity through the creation of branding guidelines, templates and more, resulting in an improved branding perception world-wide.

One of Hardeep’s goals is to ensure all external communication, including presentation designs, best reflect the Satair brand. This means everything needs to be high quality, but most importantly, look and feel consistent across the board.

“My day to day is honestly ensuring that our brand is consistent, worldwide,” says Hardeep.

Being a global company, Satair has employees all over the world and in various time zones. “The most important thing for me has been to make brand guidelines. That way whenever we’re not there—like when we're sleeping and the team in Singapore is up—they can easily access these brand guides and follow the rules.”


The Challenge

With a company of Satair’s size and caliber, there’s a ton of presentation design needs—trade shows, customer meetings, sales pitches and more. Looking back a few years, the team noticed that there wasn't enough brand consistency in their PowerPoint designs. But more importantly, they also realized that their marketing department wasn't able to fulfill all of the internal design needs. And though they’d been working with Superside since 2016, no one person on their team was leading the charge.

To add another layer of complexity, in 2014, after Satair’s 2011 acquisition by Airbus, they also went through a long winded brand refresh. This naturally made it even harder on the marketing team to keep the entire company aligned on their brand through its evolution.

At the same time, Superside (formerly Konsus) was just in the early days of its existence. With an influx of customers and the challenge of growing a world class remote design team, there was a lot to be learned on both sides of this budding partnership. When Satair first began working with Superside, many team members from across the organization would submit presentation design requests without following any strict guidelines. Though the final designs were always high quality, this ultimately resulted in a lot of different looking designs—a brand steward’s nightmare!

Clearly, there were a lot of moving parts here.

For this partnership to really work, and for Satair to keep up with the increase in internal design requests, something had to change.



Average NPS score on Superside projects



When Satair started with Superside

The Solution

As Satair evolved, giving Hardeep the lead on standardizing and controlling the quality of presentation designs seemed like the logical next step.

“Around 2 years ago we found out that we didn't really have anybody internally leading design with you guys [Superside]. There wasn't a lot of a consistency in the designs, but that was on us,” says Hardeep.

“From our internal point of view, we felt like we needed a single source of truth—someone who could take the lead on how our presentations should be developed. I was appointed to take on that challenge and somehow became a super user of Superside along the way.”

After working out the kinks with her direct Superside project manager, along with creating more clear brand guidelines and rules, Satair’s presentation design has really turned around.

“Having Superside as a creative partner has really supported Satair's branding consistency, freeing up much more time for me to focus on other key tasks.”

The Results

From knowing their brand inside and out, to being available around the clock with speedy turnarounds, Superside has become a consistent creative partner to Satair over the past four years. It’s almost like a well oiled machine at this point!

“I feel like the Superside team really listens to our needs. They're so great at communicating and answering any questions right away,” says Hardeep. For a global team across multiple time zones, this is key. It makes scaling design that much easier.



Number of designs



Total design hours


24–48 hr

Average turnaround

Now, there’s very little back and forth on projects, freeing up time for Hardeep and the rest of the marketing team to go about their many other tasks. “My direct Superside project manager does a lot of the heavy lifting and quality control—it’s a really lovely experience. I never have to worry about designs not being done on-time or to our standards.”

Over the years, Superside has become a true extension of the Satair marketing team—adapting to their needs as the brand has evolved, and adjusting to the ebb and flow of their design needs. With a dedicated project manager, handpicked design team and even an art director, Hardeep has been able to help improve Satair's presentation designs and create brand consistency across the board.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, many companies have been affected—including Satair. With the goal of preserving cash-flow, they've decided to reduce the number of PowerPoint designs temporarily. But, they hope that in the future when the market goes back to normal that they can again work on even more design work with Superside.

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