Superside Launches Social Video Ads Helping Brands Scale their Advertising with Consistent Production

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Published4 Jul, 2022
We Launched Social Video Ads To Help Brands Scale their Ads

Stop avoiding the elephant in the boardroom. You've read the reports. You know video and social media are channels you need to use, but how?

Your audience wants entertainment with short-form engaging videos—that's how you win on social media today. But when all you have are copywriters and graphic designers, every new social ad idea starts to look like a stock image carousel with generic quotes overlayed—and you wonder why you're not converting.

You want video, so you set objectives, gather ideas, write scripts, hire a team—"...wait, who's acting in this thing anyway?"

We get it. It's intimidating. Advertising video production is demanding work requiring a thorough understanding of the various platforms, their formats, and aspect ratios—and it all needs to follow a strategy, use best practices, and ultimately drive results.

But what if you could unlock all your video marketing needs with a turnkey solution that requires no hiring, where you can test fresh ideas, learn and iterate on your experiments, and finally see tangible results with video. All with a team of video experts who seamlessly plug into your marketing workflow.

Start hanging out where the algorithms are, where your audience is spending hours scrolling with their eyes glued to the screen, where they could be learning about your service and buying your product.

Much like our other creative solutions, all you need is a subscription, and you can start creating click-worthy social media ads at scale and launching the campaign of your dreams—all with one partner.

Superside is pleased to present our Social Video Ads solution to help your brand produce quality videos at scale that drive conversions and build awareness of your brand.

Social Video Ads | Advertising Video Production

The challenges, from GDPR, and compliance requirements, to market competition to be the “most” private, mean the days of harvesting data are converging to a clear endpoint.

For performance marketers, that means testing ad variations to see what works are more reliable than superficial audience targeting.

Don't let the evaporation of key metrics hurt your ROAS or CAC. You need variations for A/B testing to uncover what resonates and drives clicks. You need to consistently engage your audience and maintain that momentum to build brand awareness.

Superside's Social Video Ads solution provides you a steady stream of engaging video advertisements on a monthly basis that drives sales, product demos, and understanding of your service.

You can repurpose UGC (one of the most potent ad formats) and spin up variations for testing in all aspect ratios so you can be on all the channels where your target audience hangs out.

This is a purpose-built team with skills across the entire video lifecycle, including:

  • Conceptual work
  • Project management
  • Strategy and optimization tactics
  • Scriptwriting
  • Producing
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Motion design work

And you get so much more than a simple video production crew. Superside gives you social media strategists who are optimizing for your success on the channels you want to scale, from Instagram and Facebook to YouTube and TikTok.

Your Superside team helps you generate copy, provides the talent to lift the script off the page, gives you hair & makeup, so the actors look great on screen, a studio for quiet, props for fun, and always-on remote support.

"Sounds great! How does it work?"

We begin the work with a social audit that analyzes the current performance of your social advertising and make recommendations to generate more business.

We'll ask questions, understand the motivations behind your brand, and build trust together. From there, we'll create a strategy and give you access to a rapid concept development team that easily plugs into your existing workflow and brings fresh, new perspectives for video ad creative.

Your dedicated Superside crew runs production—planning the day's agenda, booking the space, sourcing the right gear—before hopping into the edit suite creating videos for you to review, provide feedback, and access the final files for distribution. Then, the process starts again to ensure you have new video content ready for next month's campaign.

Don't settle for a repurposed cobbled-together film crew to shoot for social. They're more concerned with making their agency look good and landing the next client than your helping your performance metrics on social media.

It's time to forgo the budget constraints, speed up your approval processes, and ditch the back and forth with busy timelines that miss deadlines. Superside's subscription model is linear with no purchase orders, no need to run through finance—just consistent social video content optimized for social media success.


Using a human in Superside's Social Video Ads reduced the cost-per-click

Who it's for: Brand, content, and performance marketing teams that want to find success in social media advertising.

What you get:

  • Micro-crew of 2-4 multi-talented content creators and producers
  • Social media wizards who optimize your video content for your goals
  • An actor to lift the script off the page (no need for an internal police lineup to identify your "best bet")
  • Monthly video content for paid advertising and version testing
  • Weekly video slices of fresh content optimized for your business goals
  • Up to 10 minutes of edited footage for level 1 plan (stackable if you need more).


  • $14,000 per month for 10 minutes of high-quality video every month that can be edited to different lengths (15, 30, 60-second clips), aspect ratios (16x9, 9x16, 4x5, etc.), and optimized for the platform.
  • For new or existing Superside customers, you can get this plan on its own or stacked onto your current plan with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Ready, Set, Subscribe

Buyers' mindsets and behaviors are changing. They want products and services that match their wants and needs, as well as their ambitions, values, and ethics.

They want to see humans in their digital communities who can help them make a decision in a crowded marketplace—you get that with video.

And now, you get video with Superside.

The best part? You don't need to be a YouTube expert or TikTok star. All you need to know is your business and your customers–we'll handle the workload.

We're giving you the Social Video Ads solution you need to find success among the 84% of people who say videos have been effective in convincing them to become customers.

Want video in your marketing mix? Just Superside it!

Team Superside
Team SupersideAn extension of your in-house team

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Improve your marketing performance

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Be more agile & responsive

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Elevate your team

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Save time & be more cost-efficient

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