Superside Update: Motion Graphics Studio is Out of Beta

Ben Myhre
Content Marketing Manager
Published17 Jun, 2020
Superside Update: Motion Graphics Studio is Now Out of Beta

We’ve always been in the business of great design. Powerpoint presentations, brand identities, email templates and more—when you need design at scale, we’re here for you. But there’s been one type of creative that keeps coming up that we haven't officially offered until now, and that’s motion design.

Really, this should come as no surprise. Motion adds visual interest, grabs attention and makes your content stand out. In this digital age, most top companies even have animated logos to help make their brand feel more alive and give it some personality.

What is motion design and why is it so popular?

Motion design is a type of animation that involves moving graphics.

Though it’s sometimes referred to simply as animation, any technique that adds motion to static objects or images is animation. So whether that’s anime, claymation, hand-drawn cartoons, or motion graphics. It’s important to note that these categories vary a ton, and should not be seen as mutually exclusive.

Motion graphics are shown to improve digital ad performance and increase engagement on social media. In a study run by Facebook, they found that on average, brands using both still ads and video ads saw a 17% higher rate of conversions compared to brands using only still ads. Similarly, Twitter found that in a study of 3.7 million accounts, Tweets with a GIF gained 55% more engagement than those without.

It’s clear that smart marketers, product leaders and sales teams know that motion graphics can take the design of a website, ad, presentation, report or product onboarding from an 8, to a 10.

Superside’s Motion Graphics Studio is Out of Beta

We’re super excited to finally launch motion as a new category offering! We’ve been tackling motion design projects for brands like Puma, Twitch Prime and Toyota, but now it’s official.

We’ve been quietly prepping in the background for months so that we can better support our customers with this style of animation. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ve been up to:

  • Hired on new Senior Motion Designers and a Design Director, coming from agencies and companies like DDB, Sancho BBDO, McCann Worldgroup and The Acid House. You can check out a few of their portfolios here: Ivan Jaimes, Gerone Perez, Mauricio Mazuera and Derick Botha.
  • Held company-wide motion graphics sessions that cover anything from the principles of motion graphic design, to what a motion project lifecycle looks like.
  • We even built out a specific training program for our designers to become better equipped with the skills they need to create stunning motion visuals.

Below is a little teaser showcasing some of the motion design our team has worked on.

Motion Design Sub-Categories

To help our customers better understand what motion design projects we can currently execute on, we outlined a few motion sub-categories.

  1. Animated Presentations
  2. Animated Digital Advertising Graphics
  3. Animated Social Media Graphics
  4. Video Editing
  5. Animated Explainer Videos
  6. Animated Logo Builds and Reveals

There’s lots more information on our Motion Design service page, so definitely check that out if you want to learn more. If you’ve got any questions at all shoot us a message at, or set up a 15-demo with a member of our team.

Ben Myhre
Ben MyhreContent Marketing Manager
Ben Myhre is the Global Creative Director at Superside. When he's not leading our team of 80+ designers and working on strategic partnerships, he's often traveling around Scandinavia with his wife and daughter while trying to name every font along the way. Find him on Behance, LinkedIn and elsewhere: /benmyhre.
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