50+ DIY Infographic Maker Tools

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50+ DIY Infographic Maker Tools - Superside

"Infographic" is no longer a buzzword. Recently, infographics have gained traction as people from all walks of life are discovering their usability. Infographic production increases by 1% every day. Whether you're crafting an infographic resume in search of that dream job, putting together a sales presentation, or working on your next marketing blog post, infographics can be useful, visually-compelling tools. Infographics simplify communication, have the potential to go viral, and are great for SEO purposes.

There are lots of free and paid online infographic-making tools, so choosing the right infographic maker website can be quite daunting. That's where our insights will come in handy! To make your choice easier, we've picked and categorized the best tools for every type of infographic.

1. DIY Infographic Tools

Depending on the purpose, budget, and complexity of your infographic, choosing the most suitable online infographic maker is essential. Although most of these options are free, depending on the complexity of the final product, the price may increase. Check out the best infographic maker websites:

  • cf9a5e5fe90699914a9c93c0c34818f13ff61950



    Easy to use with simple drag-and-drop design and limited colors and templates to choose from. This tool is free if the user uploads his/her own photos, but the tool also has a vast selection of free photos with some priced at $1.

  • 9a73b96f6e4107b50b83a07caefed01b4aa1790a


    Free (basic); from $19-49/mo for Premium and Business

    Reliable application that can be used to convert data and processes into infographics that create more memorable content. Tailored more to data presentation with customizable templates.

  • abd29edfac56cab3f32aa21e9168bb57fec99323



    Provides a collaborative platform where teams and individuals work together. Can be used as a web-based or offline tool. Visme analytics also track traffic to projects posted online through this tool.

  • e5a50c3b22da35fa24652d550f7c446b2a0a296e


    Free (basic); from $15/mo (Lite)

    Geared toward users who want stunning graphics, including ready to use images, charts, high-resolution downloads and design flexibility. Best for posters or reports. Cohesive posting to social media.

  • acbf46fa17d9547a752cc620968e7be12ae0d28c


    Free (basic); from $19/mo (Pro)

    Easily import data from cloud services or spreadsheets and choose from 20 ready-made and easily customizable design themes to present data. Offers a drag and drop editor that is easy to use.

  • 887b241256db46b4bc779a12421611828531a293


    Paid, from $5.99/mo

    Photo editing software most used by bloggers and Instagram users. Simple to use alternative to Photoshop. Strong text features and photo editing options such as graphic overlays and frames.

  • 5ee9c2eca2d629b26d090d0b873e2434d01acbce


    Free (Starter); $10/mo (Pro)

    Cloud-based graphics editor that supports collaboration among team members. Provides many free graphics and connects with the social media accounts of users to share graphics instantly or at later times.

  • 90dffa33d3da6815614ebdc5cd787e2a0cbff42f

    Mind the Graph

    Free (basic); $5-9/mo (Pro)

    Geared towards science infographics with exclusively science content, over 3,000 scientific illustrations and easy to use, customizable templates. Offers student and researcher pricing and packages.

  • 666f2e7ecc08e9985fe48e3728f90dcbb814bb6d


    Free (basic); $3/mo (Pro)

    Easy to use, web-based tool that allows users to create timelines, flowcharts, maps and other images to show visual information. Customizable templates and the ability to share projects with colleagues are a plus.

  • 15094596530b9522794c7118ac32f6b986db39fb


    Paid, from $39/mo

    Icon to word matching finds icons and generative templates that build themselves to match or replace your text. Switch with ease between templates to view information within different template options.

  • aac36c0413504cf29255925779e06bba9c628572


    Free (basic); $4.95/mo(BeFunky Plus)

    Photo editor and collage creator that provides many tools to make photos. Over 10 million monthly users. User-friendly interface produces stunning photos, greeting cards and designs with many editing tools.

  • 0ff2ee2958e161008755c32b85d8d1729ab6795d


    Paid, start from $5-40/mo

    Geared toward information publishing such as newsletters and brochures. Cloud-based with revision history and ability to reverse changes. Easy to import text and files and easy to export to many different file types.

  • e43d1bfbf9566f9f27abb1ab70f4ad0ff6e2cd23


    Paid, from $5.95-9/mo

    Alternative to Visio to create flowcharts, organization charts or schematics with thousands of templates and symbols for quick design. Allows for collaboration and works seamlessly with Microsoft software.

  • 281b844ac53e2609f86b73c112f256dd94acb2ee


    Free 30-day trial; $69-149

    Available offline as well as online. One-time payment only. Provides thousands of customizable templates with drag-and-drop as well as ability to export to multiple file types including .ppt for future editing.

  • a23cc9a8aad8bf082c4c5fa10097c76f5a2a5052


    Paid, start from $4.95-15/mo

    Geared toward technical presentations. Provides many customizable templates such as UML, wire diagrams, network diagrams and flowcharts. Cloud-based and supports real-time collaboration.

  • bc8cb6d36c27946d4633b8d574b1cabb03296823



    Beginner-friendly software that supports collaboration and integrated Google Image searching. Supports collaboration with ability to reverse changes. Users can export projects as .pdf or .svg file.

  • 26761cfcbdee532959614d1f8b0e5f8f76259183


    Free (limited); $7.5-67/mo

    Ready made graphic resources that allow for text editing and swapping or adding elements. Geared toward advertisers and merchandise sellers with comprehensive library of vector diagrams and images.

  • d589daab01aafe6dfbab121435f984d5f7e45ff9


    Free (basic); $39-49/mo (Pro)

    Quick and easy to design infographics with keyword search for images and ability to create infographics in under 60 seconds that can be downloaded in jpeg, png, pdf and cool WebP formats.

  • cdc3ad31566ff5cc42057ba0177f35c36d5671b4



    Standard infographic design tool with limited library of templates and drag-and-drop editing. Allows for import of data from spreadsheets and ability to download to .pdf, .png and .jpeg formats.

  • 494f9d0201ae420924af49cc82b5572d9739229d



    Powerful diagramming tool geared toward architects, interior designers and engineers with ability to create presentations using diagrams and blueprints as well as graphs and charts. Compatible with Visio.

  • b091658bbfe10f6092f79e532be6b966c4f08fdf



    Free, downloadable poster creation software with well-designed but limited templates. Offers special text editing options such as arc text and produces easy-to-print posters, banners and signs.

  • 0080a6275215c0f3179f6862a074763fdecebcf6


    Free (limited feature); $25-65/yr

    Wordpress plugin infographic and list creator geared towards WordPress web designers and editors. Creates graphic lists from regular text with iList plugin and with ability to import charts and graphs.

2. For Infographic Resume


The popular misconception that infographic resumes are only suitable for creative professions is fading. The truth is, if done right, an infographic resume is a great asset that will make you look professional and stand out in an over-saturated pool of candidates.

These online infographic resume makers are great tools that will help you create an attention-grabbing resume, and the best part is that they’re free:

  • 5fc2593f46220edc7c33b3956de2b057e53e25f5



    Online infographic resume tool with themes, language maps, experience timeline graphics, pictograms and skills bubble charts. Ability to link to LinkedIn and download or print to .png or .pdf formats.

  • 3d4534705a1874c8a03c4a00978501dac6ab1211



    Users can create online infographic resumes quickly and easily using a powerful wizard. Business owners can create an employer landing page with job postings starting at $25 USD per posting.

  • acb6ad27a0c64d92ad908e462a7afdd70e2aa8f4


    Free (basic); $6-8/mo (Pro)

    Provides templates to create infographic and traditional resumes. Site also contains comprehensive enterprise support, job search platform and provides career planning support.

3. For Data Heavy Infographics


Infographics are a great way of presenting data-heavy information, as they make numbers easier to understand and remember through visual elements, such as charts, graphics, and maps. These are the best online tools for data-heavy infographics:

  • a3eaefe5d054e268f4f5e307a277cfa662266fdb


    Free trial; $35-70/mo

    Powerful data analysis and visualization tool which allows for import from many sources without coding knowledge. Users can change data and see results of changes in graphics in real-time. Easy and safe to share data with others in tableau.

  • 394d3af9efae9a9c2bd8330a94d4d0c8298a0763


    High-end, powerful charting online with ability to make D3 charts without coding. Options for private cloud or on-premise servers. Offers extensive data science, developer support and business intelligence solutions.

  • dbf9fbea562ef573154be7c5b77a36013310702e

    Google Chart

    Free online charting which is simple to use and integrates with the Google Suite of products. Limited chart templates available and basic coding knowledge is required to customize the chart templates.

  • 567b3358707944c3ae6c14952a5c81f74594c4c1

    Google Developers

    Focused on app creation and enhancement along with a community for developers to share ideas. Developer tools available for multiple ways to grow businesses including app creation and enhancement.

  • df9f742d9825e5a01c66bb6b79c4d4df261f1dda


    Users can create interactive data visualization without coding and copy and paste HTML code to websites or blogs easily or embed into social media websites. Used by media outlets such as The Huffington Post.

  • 2c3f1ae49908c07245c8b83b0fb7e41d37429220


    Free (basic); $8-65/mo (Pro)

    Easy to import data, even from live data feeds and create interactive charts with dynamic or scheduled data updates. Charts are easily customizable and can be rendered as D3 vector diagrams.

  • c54a1d4cc8fb393e83cda008cf99c26ff15cd5a1



    Data visualization package for Java programming language. The prefuse flare toolkit provides visualization and animation tools for ActionScript and the Adobe Flash Player. Advanced programming knowledge required.

  • 58d9f83fa32848ae227ef022698a448bc8c53ff8

    Chart Tool


    Free program with very basic gallery of templates for charts. Most basic and least customizable of all tools in this list. Geared towards students and educators for simple charts.

  • 2621087a7b96c9840fbbf7cbbd194fca9919e3bd



    Has been acquired by tableau and is now part of their platform.

  • f2341fbc1235a909f57b82790786c8d36e90a2b5


    Service which creates interactive and dynamic charts from stock market data. Subscription based. Clients can draw trendlines, place comments on charts and save for future access.

  • 8d2e1523e4437a0db57d8e89f1db92413a31edde


    JavaScript charts and maps with programming libraries for data visualization. Advanced knowledge of JavaScript required. License is required.

  • 87c059b50ef261ef411e840139c2321f145bd00b

    Hohli Charts


    Compatible with Google Charts API. Requires knowledge of JavaScript and website markets their services for those users who are not familiar with JavaScript. Last update to website was 2016.

4. For Mind Maps


Mind maps can be useful tools for organizing ideas and concepts. They take the form of diagrams and are a great asset when brainstorming, structuring and analyzing information. These online mind map creators will help you come up with great visual thinking products:

  • 6390bb023325218d63184f5c60effed47f15cbd8


    Free (basic); $4.91/mo (Premium)

    Web-based mind map creator with collaboration capabilities. Templates are quite simple in design and mind maps can be saved as images and shared with others through their one-click presentation tool.

  • 5e040e34aa73906ea566a00d832044a4e7cd2bb1


    Free mind-mapping application with limited and simple templates. Tool website difficult to navigate and does not provide much information.

  • 9402a8e9d5a9667de932497ef598cf3bcba2a53c


    Free (basic); €36-142/6mo (Premium)

    Best of the mind map tools listed here. Integrates with MS Office, exports into multiple formats, supports audio and video uploads to presentation, targeted at students and teachers.

5. For Geo Map Infographics


Did you ever wonder how you can create geo map infographics? It all starts with one of these awesome world map infographic creators that offer different features including: custom designs, adding map points and links, and creating icons, game graphics, and more:

  • 93ed8fb699d2e2b31b66418f81b9671b73d6823c


    Free (basic); $19-34/mo (Premium)

    Users can create 3D maps, infographics or isometric drawings from templates and isometric base of icons or create their design from scratch. Vector diagrams and .png files can be edited in high quality.

  • 64dcaea7691be445ef2619d870672b3f4dbce3a6



    User-friendly tool which creates interactive maps and charts in a single view for interactive data visualization. Supports import of large datasets and map files. Used by widely-known, large organizations.

  • 7f440ae48bf66ed20c4dc2aa018a205926e6fecf



    Parent company of StatPlanet.

  • 136c4ae4ad9db4aba2ca96af3ae700d1f5ba1a2c



    Searchable archive of community contributed datasets as GeoJSON stored in Github and available to preview, download or explore in ArcGIS.com. Users need to know what they are looking for and have knowledge of ArcGIS.

6. For Word Clouds


Word clouds can be used for several purposes from education purposes to identifying and analyzing SEO terms to quickly analyzing customer feedback in bulk.

With these tools, you can create word clouds from a text you provide, and then edit it in terms of layout, font, and color scheme.

  • 0830dc8f1d799cda199c9f505b7d4dac0a269b16



    Requires Silverlight installation. Not compatible with Chrome. Only works on Desktop or laptop. Puts words into picture shapes as well as clusters.

7. Mobile Apps for Infographics


With the increasing number of digital nomads and on-the-go business people, possessing the necessary tools and apps on a mobile device is vital. Imagine creating infographics using your touchscreen anytime, anywhere. Thanks to these mobile apps for infographics, that is a reality:

  • f45ab2340f10b9429b4e793cceb6f7f1b1229f91



    Free powerful photo editor that allows users to quickly crop, filter and fine-tune any picture. Easy to use. Available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

  • 36ab40996d0f0701e933913c17cbf641a1b0cf76



    Old iPhone app which is no longer available.

8. Keep it Simple


If you prefer keeping things simple and your go-to tool is still the ‘good old’ Microsoft Office, you’ll be happy to hear that you can create an infographic template in PowerPoint and Word. Our Superside team has put together this useful tutorial on creating an infographic in PowerPoint. Feel free to check it out!

9. Superside

If you still have doubts about which tool to use, or you feel like an expert's eye could make the difference, you can always go the Superside way! Our graphic design specialists are always up for a challenge and ready to draft awesome infographics. Whether you need a how-to infographic, a timeline, a flow chart, or any other type of infographic, we've got the right people for the job! We will listen to your needs and adapt to your brand, style, audience, and purpose to create the best result.

It's no longer under debate whether infographics are here to stay. It's clear that this marketing trend isn't going anywhere, so the sooner you embrace it and start making the most out of it, the better!

Published: Apr 30, 2018
Team Superside
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