15 Free & Easily Customizable Business Holiday Card Templates

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Published19 Dec, 2018
15 Free Business Holiday Card Templates

It’s the time of year to spread good cheer. The most popular way to do that is through the giving of corporate holiday cards. Sending season’s greetings is a great way to let your clients, partners, and employees know that you’re thankful for and thinking of them. When we look back over the year, it is clear how impactful the people were who brought in business, invested, and worked tirelessly to ensure the success of your business. Connecting via cheerful seasonal cards is a fantastic way to say thank you, send good wishes for the holidays, and remind everyone you’re thinking of them.

Holiday greeting cards for businesses need to be professional and branded to your company’s brand, so choosing which ones to send can be daunting. Superside’s professional graphic designers and writers have designed a set of free holiday card templates that can be customized to fit your needs. Keep scrolling to gain access to them, add your logo and colors, and mail them. It’s that easy!

5 Reasons to Send Custom Business Holiday Cards?

Sending personalized business holiday cards is good for many reasons. They add value for your clients, partners, and employees in these five ways:

  • Offer goodwill. Your season’s greeting card is an excellent way to contact stakeholders in a sincere, non-sales manner, so they know you truly value them.
  • Deepen brand awareness and loyalty. A branded business Christmas card can remind people of your company and reinforce their faith in you.
  • Jog the memory of old clients. Sending holiday cards to clients you haven’t heard from in a while, can be a great way to remind them it’s time to contact you for your services again.
  • Say thanks. The holidays are a time to reflect on the year and say thanks to those who made a difference, and that includes all your stakeholders whose dedication to your business keeps it running.
  • Make direct contact. Holiday cards generally receive positive reactions and are opened at higher rates than other mailing campaigns.

When you send holiday cards to friends and family, they often hang or display them in their house. A beautifully crafted business card can earn its place on the mantle, table, or wall too. The good cheer you send can spark a conversation that leads to word-of-mouth advertising. So though you’re not sending it for that, it is simple to see that any connection with the people vital to your company has its benefits.

Free Holiday Card Templates (Easily Customize in PowerPoint)

Below you’ll find our 15 free holiday business card templates that are our gift to you! Each card has its own theme and is completely customizable to add your brand details. We have included the Superside logo as a placeholder and you can replace it with your own logo. We have a card type for every style - minimalist, contemporary, whimsical, and elegant. Just take your pick and personalize to your preferences.

1. Giving and gifting

Remind yourself and your stakeholders about the joy of giving with this festive card. The unseasonal colors are perfect for a company that wants to stand out.

Download Here

2. Merry Christmas

This classic beauty is decorated with holly berries and poinsettia flowers, two timeless symbols of the Christmas season.

Download Here

3. Merry Christmas

Nature lovers will adore this take on the fall foliage still crunching beneath our feet when Christmas arrives.

Download Here

4. Merry Christmas

Emulating the festal ornament in a clean, attractive watercolor, this card is for a company wanting to pass on whimsical holiday cheer.

Download Here

5. Joy to the world

You’ll spread the joy with this card that reminds people of the popular holiday song and their impact on you this year.

Download Here

6. 'Tis the season to be grateful

Let your stakeholders know how remarkable you think they are with this simple, minimalist card.

Download Here

7. Happy Holidays

This cream and gold holiday business card is elegant and classy. Perfect for any high-class company wanting to reach out this season.

Download Here

8. Feliz Navidad

Para sus clientes hispanohablantes, empleados y socios, esta tarjeta de vacaciones y fiestas en español es la opción correcta. (For your Spanish-speaking clients, employees, and partners, this festive holiday card in Spanish is the right choice.)

Download Here

9. Happy Holidays

The imagery and wording on this card remind your stakeholders to reflect on the year past as you look forward to the future together.

Download Here

10. Happy Holidays

Contemporary and clean, this bright red chic card is sure to be a holiday favorite.

Download Here

11. Happy Holidays

The holiday’s most famous symbol adorns this sleek, modern card that will send your holiday wishes and your sincerest gratitude.

Download Here

12. Season’s Greetings

Another whimsical choice, the illustration on this season’s greetings card are reminiscent of snuggle snow days drinking hot chocolate and building snowmen.

Download Here

13. Happy New Year

Refined and stylish, these happy New Year greeting cards for businesses is like a black-tie party on paper.

Download Here

14. Happy New Year

This Happy New Year card explodes with color and liveliness as it brings the optimism of a fresh start to your stakeholders.

Download Here

15. Thank you for 2018

Making sure they know how thankful you are for what they’ve given to your company is the goal of this holiday card.

Download Here

Whatever your plans for this holiday season, make it a priority to reach out to your clients, employees, and partners, so they know how important they are to your business. You may also want to send cards to vendors, rewards members, and investors! You can mix-and-match from this collection or send everyone the same one. They are optimized for print and email, so you can decide how you want to send them. And, because we are giving you the direct file, you can customize these cards to your brand easily and quickly!

Superside is available all season long to assist you with your freelancing needs. If you want a Christmas card you don’t see here and have something in mind, we can design specifically for you. Our content writers are standing by to help you craft the right wording too. Or, simply reach out to us to make your holiday season easier. We’re standing by 24/7.

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