Create the Perfect Explainer Video Using These 24 Solutions

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24 Solutions To Create the Perfect Explainer Video

We’ve featured some of our favorite brand’s explainer videos and we’ve given you some amazing DIY tools for creating your own, but now we’re taking our explainer video madness to the next level. It’s easy to push off creating your explainer video even though the use of video content in your marketing mix can increase your click-through rate by 200-300%. Superside can help take this off your plate. View our video production services today to find out how Superside can help you by creating the perfect explainer video for your brand.


Upgrade your videos with a plugged-in team

With Superside, you get a team of illustrators, motion designers or video experts to level up your videos with more creativity to reinforce your brand and help you stand out in the mix. Book a call to find out how Superside can work for your team.

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No need to partner with an agency or hire a pro. Superside will give you the external support you need to create an inspired demo video for your brand.

Video-Making Services/Agencies that Create Explainer Videos

Below is a broader list of companies out there who provide these types of services should you wish to compare service offering and review agency portfolios to find a style match for your brand. Ask questions to find a team that delivers on quality, budget and timeline.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_u4b7bbMdUzme6V9bLRvtnOCl

    Yum Yum Videos

    Produces all styles of marketing videos. Their most popular styles of explainer videos are cartoon animation, motion graphics and whiteboard video production. The price range for an animated video is $7,000-$12,000.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_jwYRa781oC5wGf3NZUmZ2cgQ

    The Draw Shop

    Produces animated whiteboard, cartoon and virtual reality videos for presentations, sales, training and other marketing-related activities. Costs vary, though an initial “pow-wow” is free.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_Ypt5xqDYoiXLtnHSjyRjAeOZ

    Videos Ninja

    Produces 2D and 3D character, motion graphics and modeling animations, along with a variety of other live action and animated videos for explainer videos, product demos, app demos and logo launches. Price quote available via email.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_LJFoMQx14fYx2f2pQ4qrOdnS

    Bode Animation

    Offers whiteboard, typography, animation, stop motion, video scribing, live action and other video formats for demo and explainer videos. Choose Kick Star, Rock Star or Super Star production levels, with pricing available upon request.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_FJfDOfCKRwUvExGrq830qVfA


    Full-service animation studio that produces animated explainer videos. DemoFlick also produces videos for social media, live action, website screencasts, mobile app demos and more. Pricing available after a 10-minute phone consultation.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_Czu2XRT3RvWqmZ1iUkXDvDXp

    Video Pandas

    Offers whiteboard, cartoon, spokespeople and photography-based videos. Whiteboard videos start at $100, with other styles priced higher. Order directly or contact them for a quote.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_6BtFAePE5SHZoncRpB0lnIfz


    Video professionals who produce 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation and motion graphics. Their approach emphasizes story and character. Contact firm for pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_p4tCN28BFb3h3aw8TeHSNTa0


    Explainer video styles include 2D animation, whiteboard, animation over real photos, text based, screen cast and stock photos. Versatile and professional results across marketing mixes. Email for pricing.


    Reptile FX

    Offers custom live action, 2D and 3D animation video production. Pricing starts at $700 for 2D animation, but email for specific quote.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_1pzx4JuExhlBHdt8dWc1kTpx


    Creative studio that produces professional animation and live action videos, with special focus on B2B. Free download of an explainer video guide. Complete an online form for pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_KibhC3vrRbM8RKBVkMuM8M8a

    Demo Duck

    Produces a variety of videos for home pages, tutorials, educational content, customer testimonials and more. Depending on the style and complexity, an explainer video typically costs $10,000-$20,000.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_qEjtV0xmHLQ0SHeDSnC9Oxe5


    Produces animated, personalized videos for marketing pieces such as insurance quotes Site includes a free whitepaper on how to use personalized video. Pricing available upon request.


    Video Explainers

    Their explainer video styles include 2D cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, kinetic typography, infographics and cut-out animation. Browse an extensive portfolio of sample work. Email or call for pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_OGrIu5tDAuiiOYVkMElTlD22

    Switch Video

    Specialists in producing explainer and corporate videos in animated, whiteboard and motion graphic styles. The company website offers a free e-book guide to explainer videos. Contact for pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_scht1jP52yYq7MvEUpZTnEzb

    Again Studios

    Creates fresh, animated explainer videos in styles that include whiteboard animation, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, kinetic typography and flat style. Contact for pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_kOCL3s0i5ya0P1bXgz8ea2M6

    Epic Video Factory

    Creates professional animated and whiteboard explainer videos, with special emphasis on the tech and financial industries. Clear “How it Works” section on website, which features an extensive portfolio. Contact for pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_j7ipUqKZpoJ4Bqo8EMG488Pg

    Explainer Mojo

    Video styles include cartoon animation, kinetic typography, whiteboard animation and motion graphics. Videos available in multiple languages. Complete an online form for pricing; the website FAQs cite $12-25,000 for an animated video.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_M4rAqGrBXVEXbeNmCnvl17As


    Boasts video styles that go beyond older-style cartoon character videos. They promote infokinetic, live action, 3D, screen animation and hybrid approaches. Complete an online form to set up phone consultation and determine pricing.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_MKbeeesmkSckA745fuM6mDr7

    Top Explainers

    Produces simple, clear whiteboard and animated videos in approximately seven to 10 days. A 30-second animated video starts at a promotional price of $197.00 because the company is new.


Upgrade your videos with a plugged-in team

With Superside, you get a team of illustrators, motion designers or video experts to level up your videos with more creativity to reinforce your brand and help you stand out in the mix. Book a call to find out how Superside can work for your team.

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Hire a Video Maker for Your Explainer Video

If you aren’t quite ready to create an explainer video on your own but don’t need all the power of an agency, you might want to hire a freelance video maker, or leverage Superside's motion design studio or video production services! Freelance marketplaces offer various formats to find the talent you seek. In all cases, ask questions to clarify project scope, process and pricing.



    Fiverr lets you filter by delivery time, price range, animation type (whiteboard, 2D animation, kinetic typograph)and freelancer experience level and language. You then communicate with them directly. Pricing starts at $5.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_xATGNB2vvz6fHHnLmgOFHpoy

    Creative Circle

    One of the most successful sites for creatives, Creative Circle matches you with one of its pre-screened team members. Pricing varies depending on project scope and level. Projects usually start immediately.


    Hire an Artist

    Hire an Artist showcases professional animators who work in styles that include 2D and 3D animation and stop motion. Browse artists and create a list of your favorites. Hire an Artist then collects and delivers quotes back to you.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_J6IogyIhW8SGlN47NgE4mIHv


    You submit your project and interested professionals bid on it. You then choose the bid that’s best for you, based on talent, portfolio and production cost. Generally, explainer videos run from $1,500 to $25,000.

  • mPGVFLZuiO9N_kfWHzLxVPiyIfvJqU7vL6wpP

    Animated Jobs

    A job board-style site where you can post jobs and browse the resumes of available talent. Browse according to job types or categories such as 2D or 3D animator, motion graphics, storyboard artist or character design.

Published: Mar 7, 2018
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