How Superside Makes Delivering Feedback on Creative Effortless

Laurella Jose
Sr. Content Marketing Specialist
Published15 Nov, 2022
How Superside Makes Delivering Feedback on Creative Effortless

Introducing A Better Way to do Design Feedback with Superside

The process of gathering and sharing effective feedback on creative assets seems like it should be straightforward, but anyone who has been part of it knows it can quickly become a nightmare.

What we'll cover:

Imagine the following:

Your teammate just asked you for feedback on new social media ads. After about 15 minutes of scrolling through threads, you find the file (it’s not the right file, it’s an outdated version from two rounds of feedback ago but you don’t know that). You start compiling a list of bullet points. In the middle of your fifth bullet, you realize it might be a bit confusing to explain without a visual reference. You open a new Powerpoint, stick a few screenshots on it and continue the rest of your feedback using arrows and red circles. "That oughta do it!" you think, and drop it into the feedback thread.

After a tsunami of messages, the designer schedules another meeting because she couldn’t understand the feedback delivered to them on 4 different platforms in 5 emails, 3 crackly voice notes, and 2 blurry photos of post-it notes.

The social media ads launch about a week late with a spelling error pointed out in one of the public comments. Ugh, huge L. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Superside makes creative collaboration on almost every type of creative easy and efficient. Whether it's on a social ad, landing page or anything in between, effortlessly get all the key stakeholders to provide feedback in one place and ensure they’re working on the right version. Feedback can even be attached to a specific place on the asset so it’s clear what you’re referring to.

Let’s get into how Superside can help with our new collaborative commenting and versioning capabilities.

Using Superside to Collaboratively Provide Feedback on a Design Draft

After submitting a creative project in Superside, you’ll receive an email or Slack message to alert you that a new design is ready for your review. Clicking through, you’ll land in Projects where you can see the latest asset that needs your review. With Superside, you can easily:

  • Get the right eyes on the right assets by inviting stakeholders to provide feedback.
  • Centralize feedback directly on the design asset.
  • Facilitate discussion on the designs with @mentions, replies, and resolve comments.
  • Toggle between versions.

Get the right eyes on the right assets by inviting stakeholders to provide feedback

Oftentimes the creative feedback loop hits a snag right out of the gate. Getting your design files in front of the right people can be as big a hurdle as getting them to leave the feedback.

In Superside, you can give stakeholders access to your project by adding them as collaborators by adding their email to the project or sharing the project link with them. This effectively gives them access to the brief and every version of your project’s design files. More importantly, directing stakeholders to deliver all their feedback in one place ensures nothing falls through the cracks and that there is a transparent conversation around the progress of the project.

Easily add teammates as collaborators in the Superside platform.

Provide feedback on the project file in Superside

Clear feedback is contextual. When giving feedback on Superside, you can leave general comments or marked comments that allow you to pin your comments on the exact spot on the asset you’re referring to. Using marked comments help you avoid confusion when you're giving more granular feedback on a design.

You can even reply with images by pasting, dropping or attaching image files into the comment box, making it even easier for you to communicate ideas and changes to your design team.

Get granular with marked comments and image attachements in the Superside platform.

Have a conversation and then finalize your feedback

If you’re asking for clarification or a question in your feedback, @mention specific teammates who can address your questions by directly replying to your comment. A simple tag will kickstart the conversations that move your project forward.

When you’re ready to share feedback with the Superside design team, you can resolve comments that aren’t needed to help your project move forward. Leaving designers clear, concise feedback is easy and it saves designers time–less time decoding feedback and more time actually improving your designs.

Reply and resolve comments in the Superside platform to keep feedback clear and focused.

Never provide feedback on the wrong version with Superside

Superside makes version management easy with version visibility on the in-app document viewer so you always have access to the latest designs as well as all its previous iterations. This makes any changes more transparent and avoids feedback on outdated files.

Toggle between file versions quickly in the Superside platform.

Empowering The Team to Leave Effective Feedback in Superside

To a degree, our ability to deliver useful feedback depends on having the right tools we have to do so. Superside makes collaborating on feedback easy and streamlined. Here are a few tips for providing the most effective feedback:

  • Mention the things you like about the design as well as elements to change. This will ensure you keep the best parts and in the long run, this will help designers move even faster.
  • Describe the problem rather than offer solutions. This empowers designers to think of creative solutions that you might not have considered, resulting in the best quality work.
  • Be direct with what you don’t like or needs to be changed, especially on the first few projects. Oh, and try to avoid vague feedback (like “make it pop” 👀)

Design should be fun and inspiring. Superside makes the feedback process what it should be: collaborative, efficient, and effective so you can get creative that works for you quickly and reliably.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Creative Project Manager for assistance.

Laurella Jose
Laurella JoseSr. Content Marketing Specialist

Laurella is a Product Marketing Specialist at Superside. With a background in B2B SaaS and a penchant for mind maps, she’s written content tackling everything from gender-biased design to partnership strategy. At Superside, she helps unearth nuggets of customer insights and makes them shine in case studies and articles. As a pandemic graduate, she finds the idea of watercooler-slack-channels scary but is always eager to send you a well-crafted meme. Connect with her on Linkedin.

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