6 Strategies for Finding the Right Creative Agency

Alex Kinsella
Contributing Writer
Published2 Nov, 2023

Finding the right creative agency for your business can be a game-changer. But where do you start? From online searches and review sites to networking and events, this article walks you through six simple tactics you can use to explore your options.

Understanding the types of services that can deliver on your design requirements is a critical first step toward choosing a creative agency. Once you have this nailed down, your next step is actually finding the right design partner for your business.

And it’s worth doing some digging to get this just right. More than creating great-looking visuals, the right design partner will understand your brand’s voice, tone and visual language to communicate your values and connect with your target audience.

A creative agency that truly understands your brand will help you deliver a consistent and compelling narrative across every touchpoint, from your website and social media graphics to swag and event materials.

6 Ways to Find, Review and Compare Creative Agencies

Searching for a creative agency can be a daunting process, especially since there’s no Tinder for design agencies—yet.

But there are resources and they’re close at hand, maybe even closer than you think.

You can also use a checklist for your search—and apply this criteria in conjunction with your search results to create a detailed comparison.

1. Leverage your network (ask colleagues and friends). This is the most straightforward way to find an agency. Simply ask colleagues, mentors and friends for their recommendations. Someone in your network—or even a second level connection on LinkedIn—will have experience working with a range of different design agencies.

2. Use search engines and social media. You probably got here by searching for a creative agency (hooray, SEO!). Search engines, like Google, and social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Instagram, are fantastic places to start. (If you want to see how an agency approaches video, head to TikTok and YouTube.)

3. Check out portfolio sites and design blogs. Where do designers and agencies show off their work? Check out sites like Dribbble, Behance and Smashing Magazine to discover designers and agencies whose work stands out to you. These aren’t your only options either. If you have a design style in mind, you’ll likely find it has its own site or blog.

4. Explore directory sites and agency lists. An extension of online searches, using phrases like “directory of creative agencies” or “top creative agencies in [city/region]” will give you results that include both directory sites, like Clutch, and list-style blog posts.

5. Attend a design event. Seeing is one thing. Experiencing is another. If you can, try attending an industry event like Adobe MAX or South by Southwest (SXSW) to meet potential design agency partners IRL. Watch for speakers or panelists whose design philosophies align with your brand’s vision. Time or travel budget a bit tight? Many of these events also offer online passes and they’ll all share recordings of speaker sessions.

6. Take a look at testimonials and case studies. Many agencies will have case studies built into their websites. Not only will they help you understand what each agency does, you’ll get a feel for their approach. There will also likely be customer quotes throughout each agency’s website, but you can also check review sites like Trustpilot and G2. For more local agencies, you can check with the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau.

Read the Entire Series
Read the Entire Series

Read the Entire Series

This article is part of a series on choosing the right design company or partner. Click below to go to the start.

The Benefits of Finding the Right Creative Agency

Once you’ve found an agency partner that’s the right fit, you’ll quickly see why it was worth the time and effort you invested into your search. Acting as an extension of your team, your creative agency will help you:

  • Create consistent brand experiences. A design parter who understands your brand will ensure that your projects and campaigns further amplify your brand itself.
  • Get to market faster. Marketing moves at lightspeed. Your customers are moving even quicker. The right design agency delivers the quality you need—when you need it—to meet your goals.
  • Think outside the box. If two heads are better than one, then your team, plus the right design agency, can help bring insights and innovative thinking to your creative.
  • Be more nimble. Using a design agency gives you time to focus on your core business activities, making your team more efficient and hopefully closer to hitting those quarterly OKRs.

Your Brand Deserves the Best Design

Look in the mirror and repeat, “My brand deserves the best design.” You’re looking for a design agency that will be there for the long run, not just a one-off project. Be sure to ask questions and reach out to the agencies themselves to learn more.

Discover the Better Way to Get Design Done
Discover the Better Way to Get Design Done

Discover the Better Way to Get Design Done

Choose Superside as your design partner and get access to flexible, world-class creative services, on demand, on budget and at scale.

Discover the Better Way to Get Design Done
Alex Kinsella
Alex KinsellaContributing Writer

Alex is a freelance writer and newsletter aficionado based in Waterloo, Ontario. When he’s not writing for clients, he’s putting together TL;WR, a weekly culture and events newsletter his mom says is excellent. Alex has worked with some of Canada’s largest tech companies in PR, marketing and communication roles. Connect with him on LinkedIn to chat or get ideas on what to do this weekend in Waterloo.

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