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Project Summary


Gelato, a print-on-demand company that allows global creators to design, print and distribute merchandise, briefed Superside to deliver a paid media video ad to grow brand awareness while educating their audience on their services. To deliver our concept ‘The Journey of an Idea’ Superside coordinated our biggest production to date. Arranging a massive studio, set design, actors, crew (from all around the world) and client was a herculean effort that involved careful coordination of many moving parts. The resulting 2.05 min video plus cutdowns delivered record results, with a 42% completed watchthrough rate on YouTube and 843k views in just 6 days. In addition, the customer briefed us on more video work, inspired by our successful collaboration.
Return on investment

843 000 views in 6 days

Dan Birdwhistell
Dan BirdwhistellGrowth Consultant at PointCard, POINTCARD
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