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Challenging category norms

With an identity that had not changed since its inception, Collabera was ripe for a shake up that would reflect the forward-thinking, fresh approach of the company, particularly in a competitive landscape with little differentiation. We began by interpreting Collabera’s track record and ethos into a powerful positioning statement and tagline, ‘In pursuit of greatness,’ speaking to the 
high-level of service Collabera offers clients, and the spirit in which its people 
go about their work. This line became the creative foundation of our branding exploration, and the north star for Collabera as a business. Using the golden ratio and nature-based imagery, we created a fresh brand language and visual system. Even the logo typeface was customized, ensuring that every aspect of Collabera’s new visual identity was truly unique. In a very close collaboration with our customer team, Superside delivered an extensive range of elements, including a full corporate identity, presentation templates, social media templates, a 90-page brochure as well as a website, print and video - all in 3 months.



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Grow your business with strategic design
Grow your business with strategic design

Grow your business with strategic design

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