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How to Make Your Content Stand Out & Drive Growth 🚀

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Craving a brand that's truly invincible? This dynamic session master's the art of crafting compelling content that taps into emotions, alters perspectives, and skyrockets business outcomes.

Guided by Devin Reed - a trailblazer in content strategy - this interactive event will answer burning questions that content marketers are thinking of. Unleash your brand's potential!

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Devin Reed
Devin ReedDirector, Content & Thought Leadership, Clari
Session agenda

What you'll learn during this powerhouse session 🧠

From making your content strategy pay off to getting buy-in from the C-suite, Devin Reed shares a roadmap to success in this session. Here's a closer look at what you'll learn:

Content marketing vs. content strategy

Content marketing vs. content strategy

Think content marketing and content strategy are the same? Think again. These functions are complementary, but you need to know the difference to make your content strategy pay off.

How to make your content stand out (for real)

How to make your content stand out (for real)

Crack the code to being different and grab attention without gimmicks. Get a 3-step formula to creating content that stands out (for real) and learn where emotion and visuals come into play.

Get buy-in to expand your content strategy

Get buy-in to expand your content strategy

Make your CEO into a content believer. Find out how to present a strong content game plan to the C-suite and get the green light to expand your strategy and dominate your category.

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Kate ErwinHead of Content, Contractbook
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Maggie GriffinCreative Director , Four Columns
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Danielle GirouxCreative Director, Clio
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