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Unigloves Accelerates Time-To-Market With AI-Driven Imagery

Unigloves & Superside: Transforming Product Imagery with AI
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Unigloves' Strategic Expansion with Derma Shield

Unigloves, a leading hand protection manufacturer, recently expanded its portfolio by acquiring Derma Shield, a product designed to prevent irritant contact dermatitis. Derma Shield provides an invisible, non-greasy, non-toxic barrier protecting all skin areas.

The expansion aligns with Unigloves' growth strategy to offer a broader range of hand and arm protection solutions.


Picture Perfect: Redefining Derma Shield's Visual Identity

Derma Shield lacked visual assets for marketing, and Unigloves had no budget allocated for photography. They strived to develop a new product image and create a lifestyle image library showcasing Derma Shield in various professional settings to highlight its versatility and effectiveness.

Our guidance

We proposed leveraging AI technology to overcome the lack of imagery and budget constraints. The streamlined production would expedite the product launch and equip Unigloves with a broad set of high-quality visuals that would resonate with Unigloves' diverse target audience.

The woRK

Product Visualization With AI at the Helm

We generated custom product images depicting Derma Shield in action across five distinct scenarios:

  1. A tattoo artist in a studio applying the product.
  2. A British firefighter preparing for duty.
  3. A mechanic in a garage cleaning their hands.
  4. A scientist in a lab ensuring personal safety.
  5. A make-up artist prepping for a session.
AI tools
  • Midjourney
  • Adobe Firefly
  • Adobe Photoshop

Superside AI experts crafted humans with remarkably accurate hands, overcoming a well-known AI challenge that differentiates the true AI wizards from the crowd.

Tattoo artist
Lab worker
Make-up artist

The Tangible Benefits of AI Creativity

Unigloves managed to create a custom photo library with photoshoot-quality assets at a fraction of the cost.

Customized content

Superside generated 250 unique images, giving Unigloves multiple options to convey Derma Shield's visual narrative.

Cost efficiency

Unigloves saved time and money by leveraging AI capabilities. The team estimated 57% of design hours saved compared with traditional design approaches.

Speed to market

The rapid production of a comprehensive image library accelerated Derma Shield's go-to-market timeline. The customer was so happy that they decided to start other image generation projects!

"Thank you, team! I look forward to working with you again!"

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Superside: The New Way to Get Creative Done

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Improve your marketing performance

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Elevate your team

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Save time & be more cost-efficient

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