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How Kins' 1-¼ person marketing team improves conversion rates without an in-house design team
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We spoke to Paul Worrell, Growth Manager at Kins, a physical therapy company, about his team's approach to design. This case study walks through how he builds brand trust and empowers his team, all while increasing ad CTR ⁠by 200% and website conversion by over 40%—all with smart design. Check out how Kins is maximizing its momentum on their way to changing the way we recover.


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Training the Brand-Building Muscle

Leading change in any industry is never easy, but that's exactly with Kins is doing.

They're making physical therapy more accessible and effective for everyone by introducing a hybrid model of in-person and virtual care, consequently changing the lens through which we approach recovery.

But re-imagining the “way we’ve always done things” is difficult—especially for a new player entering the healthcare landscape. Kins had to establish a strong, trustworthy brand that stood out in a place where people might not expect, nor want…

We talked to Paul Worrell, Growth Lead at Kins, about its incredibly lean marketing team and how he cultivated a strong emphasis on testing and continuous improvement, on top of being a wearer of many hats.

Kins Design by Superside

Kins needs to be efficient in operating as a micro company with ambitious goals. With less than 10 full-time people making up team Kins, their marketing muscle is a one-and-a-quarter-person team led by Paul and 25% of Keenan Walsh’s bandwidth, Kins’ Director of Product, to help with positioning and messaging.

With big plans, Kins needed a solution to help them keep up the pace their marketing needed to sustain.


Humanizing Digital Designs to Establish Trust

Establishing a new brand is hard enough. It's even trickier with a novel business model your target market doesn't know they need…yet. Doubly difficult in the healthcare industry which heavily relies on a high level of trust in institutionalized processes that have existed for a very long time. It becomes easy to see that Kins had their work cut out for them.

Paul Worrel

People weren’t connecting with the brand. They were interpreting it as potentially fake, disingenuous–not legitimate. We needed to humanize the brand and make it more relatable, so we experimented with using pictures of real people.

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

Empowering Your Team With Access to Design

Kins was introduced to Superside through Redesign Health, a venture capital company that invests in healthcare innovation. After working with Superside on some smaller design lifts, Kins decided to invest in their own account.

At this point, as with every new Superside customer, Kins underwent two complimentary onboarding sessions. The first 45-minute kick-off is used to introduce them to their own dedicated team, provide an opportunity to ask questions, and most importantly, get both parties aligned with the customer’s goals and expectations.

Everything was very clear and concise–from the initial pitchdecks to the onboarding where they encouraged us to put our goals onto paper, and we worked together to understand what we actually wanted to accomplish as a brand.

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

This onboarding process helps the Superside team breathe more life and depth into Kins’ briefs empowered with a contextual understanding of the overarching objectives of the brand.

Setting the tone also results in projects hitting the mark much faster than a freelancer who may not take or have the time to dedicate to a single client. This means faster turnarounds and because it's always on brand, you can spend more time on bigger projects.

Throughout the relationship, Superside really understood our vision, and it’s evident in the output. To date, we’ve kept revisions on our initial request pretty minimal”

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

Disrupting an Industry and Building Trust

Understanding the vision and building trust was important in establishing the approach Kins’ Superside team took when tackling their overarching objectives. Paul was able to come up with a dozen creatives through Superside to test his hypothesis through A/B tests on Facebook to better establish their presence in the industry.

Kins designs by Superside

Early insight showed the more human-centric creatives performed and converted better, increasing conversion rates from 1-2% to up to 4%

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

As if a 200% increase in CTR wasn't impressive enough, the changes they saw in on-site conversions were an even bigger win from that experiment. In Kins’ case, this is the number of people checking therapist availability in their area.

We saw a big jump in performance, with our cost-per-result dropping by 20-40%!

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

By establishing a solid DesignOps culture at Kins, Paul is also able to dedicate time to experimentation and optimization, not busy work revisions on small projects.

Kins Design by Superside

“We were able to test out more personalized advertisements through persona-specific landing pages, like ones geared towards avid runners–with specific creative and more relevant value propositions,” Worrell explains. In addition to these landing pages, Paul is also developing 30 location-based pages with Superside that support their SEO strategy.

Creating new, more personalized landing pages, figuring out how we could re-format and optimize them–that was one of the most impactful experiments we’ve run.

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

Persona Landing Page for Avid Runners

The effect of this design and production capability is two-fold for Kins, who:

  1. Take the learnings and insights from these landing pages to increase similar pages’ conversion rates
  2. Take those same learnings and develop them into building blocks that make up their core web pages, like their homepage.

Kins homepage

The ability to experiment and optimize creates a homepage with a strong, clear brand that confidently plants its disruptive flag in the antiquated physiotherapy space, enabled by proactive exploration, experimentation, and iteration with Superside.

Aside from empowering their team to learn and iterate more independently, Superside’s DesignOps approach makes design more accessible to Paul (and anyone on the Kins team), which ultimately allows them to launch marketing designs faster.

A big part of this included working with Paul to centralize design submissions, reviews, and edits on Figma. “[Working in Figma] streamlines the revision process and also allows us to quickly switch up copy for different audiences by ourselves, without using excess Superside hours” Worrell says.

Working right in Figma streamlines feedback and editing on both sides.

Superside believes creatives shouldn’t gatekeep great design; they should empower you and give you more confidence to market and sell your solution.

Maximizing Momentum

The access to design at scale gives Kins confidence in their brand that trickles down into the opportunities they can explore—beyond editing copy or tweaking margins. The range of skills at Kins’ disposal and the world-class expertise means they can pursue out-of-the-box ideas and bigger concepts.

Having a dedicated creative team, as opposed to an individual freelancer or the exorbitant cost of an agency, means their ideas have a place to flourish and multiply.

“In one of the first ideation sessions with Superside we chatted through our social strategy and what we might be able to do with our Instagram grid. And we don’t have a social media manager. We’re not heavy on building organic social, but we pursued the initiative through a more brand-building perspective,” Worrell says.

Superside came to us with some ideas and mock-ups, we expanded the groundwork, tweaked the color palette, and even added some educational posts in the mix. It was a super quick and easy process.

Paul Worrel
Paul WorrelGrowth Lead at Kins

You can find Kins on Instagram @ptbykins

With in-person events gaining traction and the early wins of location-based advertising, Kins also has its eyes set on its promotional strategy for sporting events and local advertising. The team plans to use Superside to produce retractable banners, flyers with QR codes, and other promotional materials.

Prioritizing great design puts learning first. Ad creatives, landing page experiments, and every little design project all ladders up to a brand that resonates with your target market. Doing it right makes a difference. In a company that's quickly scaling and still finding its footing, it can be a pivotal step (😉) to honing your brand and driving the growth investors want to see.

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