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Los Angeles, California


Tech (IoT)


2022 - Present


Drowning in a Sea of Navy Blue

“Help! I’m drowning in a sea of navy blue!” Doodle Lab’s Vice President of Marketing, Amol Parikh, thought to himself at an industry trade show a few years ago.

Every brand at the event, including his own, was blending into the landscape. At this moment, he realized he wanted Doodle Labs to define itself as a disruptor brand—by coloring outside lines, especially with colors other than navy blue.

An animated infographic shows how Doodle Lab's technology transforms communication between people and devices in key verticles, like warehouses, construction and emergency services centers.

For the 2023 trade show season, Superside helped Doodle Labs transform their infographic into a 3D demo video.


It’s Doodle Labs Inside

Amol Parikh

Our radio components work inside some of the coolest technology, but our brand didn’t reflect this. Instead, it faded into the background. We knew we wanted to create an emotional connection, just like how Intel made a name for itself inside personal computers.

Amol Parikh
Amol ParikhVP Marketing, Doodle Labs

Acting on the recommendation of a friend and industry colleague and unwilling to remain awash in a cerulean netherland, Parikh reached out to Superside to help Doodle labs forge the foundations of its brilliant new brand.

More than a sea change, Parikh also wanted the brand to emulate the success of Intel and its “Intel Inside” campaign that made it a household name—creating an emotional connection to Doodle Labs' technology.

Before and After Doodle Labs logo

No longer suffering from a case of the blues, the new Doodle Labs logo features a vibrant color spectrum that grows larger as it’s amplified across the middle letters of the company’s name.


Where To Start When You Need To Stand Out

My previous experience with outsourced creative was really just Upwork or freelancers and it felt like we were starting over every time. With Superside, I have a deeply involved team that’s aware of my brand, my strategy and my needs, which helps us go further and produce faster.

Amol Parikh
Amol ParikhVP Marketing, Doodle Labs

Starting with an onboarding session focused on learning about Doodle Labs and their needs, Superside sprang into action—developing a plan to evolve the existing Doodle Labs logo, which was basically a wordmark with an all-blue color palette, into a fully functional and cutting-edge visual identity system.

A showcase of pages from the Doodle Labs brand guidelines.

Through close collaboration with its dedicated Superside team, Doodle Labs added a modern logo and favicon, custom color palette and gradients, sophisticated iconography and illustration and overarching usage guidelines to its challenger brand arsenal.

From Brand Guidelines to a Website Refresh

During the time the brand identity and guidelines were being developed, Doodle Labs was also working with Superside to reimagine the company’s primary conversion tool, its website. Many of the elements created within the brand guidelines were developed in parallel with refining the storytelling for the home and product pages.

For instance, the Doodle Labs logo now easily stands out against a solid background or an image. Iconography creates consistency, directing the user to either of the three main use cases. And a mix of static and animated infographics, provided as lightweight Lottie files for faster loading times, helps make complex concepts crystal clear.

How iconography was used to help make the website more visual and easier to navigate.

Icon, illustrations and color palette development went hand-in-hand with the storytelling for the Doodle Labs home page and website


Challenge Transmitted and Message Received

I was just on a call with a partner the other day. As we were going through the website and exploring the navigation, his comment was, ‘That’s slick.’

Amol Parikh
Amol ParikhVP of Marketing, Doodle Labs

At the time of this interview and case study, Doodle Labs had just launched its new website and rebrand. They also debuted their prismatic new brand at a trade show, earning rave results and unprecedented engagement. People were drawn to the booth, just to see what the excitement was about. They were signing up to learn more and loved the swag with the new brand.

“Now we have all this hard work in the market, it feels like we’ve leveled up. We’ve also got a really solid foundation for storytelling,” says Parikh. “I also want to come out and say that we really enjoy working with Superside. Our team has been fantastic and we’re looking forward to what’s next.” (The Superside team would like to add that they feel exactly the same way.)

See more examples of the Doodle Labs brand foundation and 3D work.

Moving forward will be so much easier because we have all the components we need along with the direction on how to use them. Now we can retweak instead of reinventing.

Nate Lipka
Nate LipkaSenior Marketing Manager, Doodle Labs
Be a Challenger Brand and Skip the Bottlnecks
Be a Challenger Brand and Skip the Bottlnecks

Be a Challenger Brand and Skip the Bottlnecks

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Improve your marketing performance

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