/ OPA campaign
Project Summary


Despite being a fun gifting mobile app that lets users send everyday eats to family and friends. Opa! faced an identity crisis. Their visual presence resembled that of a fintech entity. ​​​​​​​Recognizing the urgency for a refreshed brand image, our aim was to align their visual identity with the irresistible appeal of their product offering through a complete rebrand and the creation of various social media assets. We anchored our campaign on the insight that people love to celebrate everyday moments, This became our rallying cry: “Celebrate Everything”. This line resonated across multiple demographics and occasions, providing our campaign with a distinct visual personality and copy tone. We created a campaign that didn't just serve up fun, but was also seasoned with cleverness, smarts, and an irresistibly charming flair. Every bite-sized piece of content, from the visuals to the copy, had to carry this mouthwatering spirit, enticing audiences to savor the celebration.

 Facing a challenge with client-provided images, we turned to AI to generate mouth-watering food shots with a consistent background using MidJourney. Further enhancements were 
made in Photoshop, ensuring we had the perfect visuals.
We played with variations, experimenting with colors and
camera angles to maintain freshness and brand consistency.​​​​​​​